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Florence, Italy - Day 5

We had a room at the Meridiana and it was a bit farther from the good stuff in Florence so I feel like we did a lot of walking in this town. The room had three mini beds, only one power outlet that fit our converter plug and Court flooded the bathroom a little bit. After a night having dinner by myself and staying in a not so active part of town, I was ready to explore and see David. We missed the continental breakfast and walked until we found a spot, which was the Scudieri . There was space inside but we decided to sit under the covered dining area and take in the scenery. I was a big cold and tired so I had a coffee and I ordered an omelette. Service wasn't the greatest here. They'll take your order, have someone else run their food but completely not let you pay. You would think that they would want to turn the table over to gain more tips. Nope. We were seeing signs that said no cover. Apparently this is a per person cost that's added when dining there. Hmmm, no t

1700 Twitter Followers

Photo from the 2016 SF Auto Show I am having a pretty good month on this blog and just reached 1700 followers on Twitter . I was in the process of posting the above graphic on Instagram and joked with my non-Twitter-using bartender that I'm now getting a Maserati ! She adorably asked, ' Is that how that works?!? ' No, unfortunately 1700 Twitter followers does not get you a sexy, blue Maserati. Perhaps, if this blogging thing takes off, I'll have my property in Maui and a Maserati in my garage.  Thank you to all of my supporters, viewers, friends and of course my Twitter followers! I appreciate you! I do most of my Tweeting while on the cardio machine at the gym where I am reading and commenting on articles about San Francisco, food, dining, liquor, fitness, the entrepreneur and women-owned business world. If you are on Twitter, befriend me! @bappletree *** Advertise ***

Thank You - Biggest Month Ever!

Gelato in Florence, Italy. Thank you to each one of my visitors since 2009. It has been really fun seeing this current month's stats surpass my biggest month of all time. There are four days left in the month so I look forward to seeing where the final numbers land. I am enjoying blogging about my travels, fitness, fashion and more. I am hopefully motivating and empowering other girls and women thru my struggles, successes, failures but making the most out of this one life that we have.  Thank you so much! Bernadette *** Advertise! ***