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July Wedding Recap - Cook & Valdez

So now that I’ve posted the bad vendor experience with this wedding, now on with the goods! The wedding rehearsal went well (besides… oh, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.) The large bridal party was there, the coordinator was great, the future sister-in-law and also an Event Planner was wonderful, the minister was happy and informative, the B&G were happy… what else could I ask for? I volunteered to go get the cake in the morning from Peter’s Bakery in San Jose as soon as they opened at 6 AM. But I needed the receipt in order to pick it up and it was at the B&G’s house in Campbell. To save me some time in the morning, I asked if I could go to their house now and pick up the receipt while they had their rehearsal dinner/BBQ. I was trusted with their key and to look through some paperwork looking for the wedding license. I found the receipt but no wedding license. Problematic? Nope, the bride found it. I dropped off their keys where they were having their rehearsal

Wedding Vendor Gone Bad

Whoooo, I am still tired. I haven’t started going back to the gym at 5 AM yet. I was hoping to do that today but I stayed up to watch movies last night. I have so much to recap so let’s start off with the wedding in Santa Clara on July 31st. Specifically: BAD VENDOR The wedding rehearsal was the night before and I followed up with the vendors I was in contact with that week. Everyone was great, quick to answer their phone and reply except for the DJ. I will state names of great vendors that I would love to work with again but I will not publicly display names of unacceptable vendors. Nor will I bad talk about them on Yelp . So anyways, I call the DJ to make sure he has all of his questions answered, knows the timeline, and has everything he needs to know. Three days before the wedding he wants to see the venue. Three days? Really? I told him that we will be at the venue the night before for the wedding rehearsal. If he cannot meet me then, then he has to figure out a time to

WinSpa, WinSalon & Big Product Shipment Arrived

9:30 AM - Wow! I received a HUGE box of Wellness International products last night and was most excited to start the WinSpa Collection and get on some of the best Omega3s on the market. Last night I used the Night Repair Cream and the Eyelift Cream. I never used a Night Cream before. The little gel container I used for my eyes was L'Oreal or something. My skin felt smooth this morning. I used the Hydra Therapie Cleanser in the shower this morning to remove excess make up and to wash my entire face. Then I used the Hydra Therapie Shampoo and Conditioner as well. My hair is still wet so I'll see how it is when it's fully dry. Unless I use a flatiron, my hair is not silky smooth. I also have a pretty dry scalp so perhaps this will help without my other special shampoo. I've only missed one day of taking Biolean and I still haven't gotten sick. I have been so busy with the wedding on the 31st, four concerts, planning my family reunion taking place this Sat

Show #42

O M G!!!  That must've been the BEST show last night.  On the ride home, Tasina and I could not stop repeating the words "awesome" and "OMG" and sighing to catch our breath.  My God, was last night fantastic!  I'll go more into detail later but they were just having a great time out there, it was a super long set, they were connecting more than usual with the crowd, the crowd was on their feet even during the first few songs, they eventually overtook the aisles and of course OBTB (the Bay Area chapter if you will of the La Onda Street Team for the Los Lonely Boys ) represented in the front…plus a few from SoCal. There was a total of 16 in our group.  We got a lot of love from JoJo and a girl was even crying during “Forgiven” and JoJo came down and gave her a hug and kiss.  SOOO sweet.  God, they're so good to their fans....  TWO people got up on stage to get some LLB love. One was a drunken dude that we could've done without but JoJo tried to kee