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Florence, Italy - Day 4 of 12

Well, it started in Rome. I woke up in the two twin beds pushed together with Court on hers, Roo on mine and myself in the middle towards the end. Roo had to bounce out of there and discovered his phone was missing. We looked all over the place, even in the trash can. It was no where to be found. I gave him our map and outlined where he lived as we rely on our phone so many things. As you or I would be, he was pretty upset and left without a farewell except a ' Later, ladies. ' We felt terrible. We had to catch a train to Florence that morning as well. We packed and had our continental breakfast. They served cake, pastries, toast, cheese and charcuterie, cereal, juice, tea, coffee and fresh fruit. I always had the fresh peaches. So good. I also had the succo which I believe was a blood orange but I'm not quite sure. Unfortunately, Marco, the gent at the concierge wasn't there that Monday morning and we didn't get to say goodbye. We paid our hotel taxes which was

Rome, Italy - Day 3 of 12

Day 3 of 12 It was our last full day in Rome and we had a 5-hour tour of the Colosseum, Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum scheduled starting at 11:30 AM. Court and I took a nap starting at 8 PM the night before and I woke up at 10 PM and started to write the previous posts. Court slept longer but was awake before I even realized. I was concentrating in the dark typing on my phone. I am now attempting to write this post with my laptop while now in Florence and a sleeping Courtney in the next bed over. With ending up writing and texting home until 3:30 AM, it was best that I went to bed. We had a long day ahead and we were going to make the most of it. I slept for 5.5 more hours and did some abs on the floor with Court. I am definitely sore today that it hurts to cough or sneeze. Then we got ready to go for our walk which we thought was going to take awhile. It didn't. We were making great time and seeing the high walls and arches of the Colosseum was exciting but still not enou