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632 reviews 57 first to review 908 photos 45 followers 517 friends 743 compliments 107 tips 5,000 check-ins 8 years of Yelp Elite status, now officially 7 I'm sad to say that I have been stripped of my 2015 Yelp Elite status due to now being a business owner . It's ok, I completely understand. It's been a fun road and I have met some cool people, been exposed to great products and was able to attend fun events . But it's time to move on and welcome my fellow Yelpers to my establishment. It will be great to see you, my friends. Just as I have done as a Yelper and Yelp Elite, I trust the reviews will be honest and creative. I wouldn't expect anything less. I look forward to meeting those I haven't yet had the pleasure. Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to me and/or let me know of any issues. I will personally address them. So goodbye, Yelp Elite status. I have motivated and encouraged many others to strive for t

First Month Transition

It's been one month since I have left my position as Office Manager of a law firm. It was bitter sweet because I just love, love, LOVE my staff. I handpicked some wonderful people. I have created wonderful relationships and friendships with most of my clerks and it has been wonderful to see them go onto law school, or into completely different fields and succeed, move across the nation, travel and even get married and have children. Now I am back to working in San Francisco with a whole new crew with a whole new role. My business partner and I have known each other for almost a decade and we have gotten thru some challenging situations. Based on our success of getting past the hard times, there's no doubt there will be more of them ahead, and once again, we'll pull through. November 2006 Majority of the rest of the team is entirely new to me and it's refreshing. Of course, I miss my old staff. That is clear, communicated and reciprocated but I am also loving