632 reviews
57 first to review
908 photos
517 friends
743 compliments
107 tips
5,000 check-ins
8 years of Yelp Elite status, now officially 7

I'm sad to say that I have been stripped of my 2015 Yelp Elite status due to now being a business owner. It's ok, I completely understand.

It's been a fun road and I have met some cool people, been exposed to great products and was able to attend fun events. But it's time to move on and welcome my fellow Yelpers to my establishment. It will be great to see you, my friends. Just as I have done as a Yelper and Yelp Elite, I trust the reviews will be honest and creative. I wouldn't expect anything less. I look forward to meeting those I haven't yet had the pleasure. Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to me and/or let me know of any issues. I will personally address them.

So goodbye, Yelp Elite status. I have motivated and encouraged many others to strive for that title and badge and I will continue to do so. Yelp on, Yelpers! It's been Fun, Useful and Cool. 

I guess I'll go strive at Influenster a little bit more.

Do you Yelp?
Are you a Yelp Elite?
Do you find Yelp useful?


  1. At least you made it to Gold Status. That's almost like a graduation.


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