My Most Engaging Post Yet

Christmas is just days away. A storm in the Bay Area has passed. Two holiday parties were a success. But these past 18 hours have been a whirlwind for sure.

Yesterday evening, after dinner, in our home office discussing the home we are in process of purchasing, holding a gray box from The Shane Company, my boyfriend (wearing a black long sleeved shirt and his Adidas pants with white paint stains from painting the condo earlier this year, and I in jeans, my Toby Keith blue tank top from his Las Vegas “I Love This Bar” restaurant, my blue SFSU zipper up sweatshirt, and my brown childhood blanket draped over my lap) got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


I hugged him tight and kissed him repeatedly. He was shaking and said “I can’t believe you said ‘yes.” I couldn’t stop smiling and crying and saying “I love you.” And I couldn’t help but laugh when I called him my fiancĂ© for the first time. Wow, we’re really engaged!

Since we were in the process of negotiating buying our first home together, it was inevitable that our engagement was going to happen sooner or later. As stated in my blog posting about our anniversary trip to Yosemite, DB alerted me that he wasn’t going to propose this time, but assured me that he has a ring. He said he has had it for awhile but has decided that he wanted to get me something different. I was disappointed at first but then I thought it was really smart of him to let me know before we were on our way. But if that wolf attacked us in the middle of that open field, I sure wish he would’ve at least proposed. But the wolf kept his distance… Upon our return from Yosemite, Christy confirmed he indeed had a ring. She said he told her a long, long, LONG time ago that he had a ring for me. That was news to me. When we went to the East Coast to visit his family and went to New York City and tried engagement rings in the Diamond District and Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue, I may have put too much pressure on him as to what I wanted. None the less, my FIANCE did a spectacular job. The Cut, Carat and setting is exactly what I wanted. The Color and Clarity is fit for a queen. It is GORGEOUS! Don’t you agree?

My first call was to Christy. That girl works crazy hours and is so busy but she has been my rock for when I hit bottom and a friend I would do anything for. She didn’t answer and I didn’t leave a message but I texted her a photo of the ring and told her I loved her for being my rock (now showing off mine) and that I wanted her to be the first one to know.

My next call was to my sister. My first question to her was “How much do you like DB?” She loves him. Her husband, Dan, and DB get along so well. And just this past weekend while babysitting Brent, Brent definitely made it clear to DB that he loved him.

Then it was time to just rest and hang out with my new, beautiful, fiancĂ©. We ended up watching Pawn Stars and that Pickers show. I didn’t get done what I needed to that night but who cares?

One of the first things that DB mentioned the next morning (today) was his shock at why I haven’t changed my Facebook status or Twittered the big news. I can hear him saying “Mommy’s Twittering again!” I wanted to call people personally and tell them and not blast it over social networks. I did, and now I’m blogging about it. I didn’t want to forget such a wonderful moment in our lives.

One person I had to call was one of my long-time friends, Tara. We met in middle school and we’ve remained close through the years. I remember I was traveling doing radio remotes along the West Coast and was in Salt Lake City. I missed her call twice in one day. We may be close but we don’t talk every week, or maybe not even month. But when I missed her call twice in one day, I knew something was up. I was in my suite, sitting on the bed, at The Little America Hotel and thought, ‘Man, I gotta call this girl back! Something must be up.’ And she told me about the romantic proposal Kenny planned for her. And she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Uh, yeah! No question about it. So today I called her twice. She was working and left her a voicemail asking if she was in Utah and that she had to call me. She texted me back. And I texted her the photo I sent Christy. I got a call back.

On my way home today, I’ll be giving a call into my future parents-in-law to say how happy I am to be a part of their family. I LOVE his parents. I decided not to call on my way into work this morning because I knew I was going to cry.

Among this fantastic news, we ALSO received MORE fantastic news that the bank agreed to our counter offer and the house we’ve been wanting to purchase is OURS!!!! DB would occasionally post sweet things on FB that he has the car, the dog, and the girl and that life was good. I couldn’t possibly agree more right now. I have absolutely EVERYTHING right now and couldn’t be happier. I look forward to building our home together, growing old together, raising our kids (and dogs) together, and being the best wife to my loving husband. I love you, Baby.

For those of you inquiring about a wedding date or other info, that has yet to be determined. I foresee this Wedding Planner’s wedding to be small, simple and intimate… possibly beachy. *wink* *wink* Start racking up those air miles! (Maybe.) Our priority is getting our future home together in order, getting our Hayward condo ready to be rented out, etc…

Stay tuned for wedding and house warming party details.

Thanks for reading,
A Bride-to-Be



    So happy for you both!!! That makes 3 family members I know who are engaged to be married :) 2011 is going to be a wonderful year it seems!


  2. Yes! Congrats dear seester on the engagement and the house!

  3. Congrats again! This is what your twittered about!!! I'm back on the blog scene!



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