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Maui 2016 - Day 2

I alerted Papa that I was going to go for a jog in the morning. While on vacation, I knew I was going to drink and eat unhealthy, and honestly, I haven't been happy with my body lately. I recently picked up running again. The 90 minutes of cardio I was going wasn't enough to burn some fat. Jogging was a challenge until I actually did it. I ran a 5K in my second attempt since not running since October 31st last year. I got up and used my stepmom's mini side purse for my phone as I forgot my arm band in a rush. The goal to run another 5K along the water. I turned on my JBoog Pandora station, started my Runkeeper tracker and got going. At 7:30 am, it was already warm. I should have gotten up earlier. Once I made that one turn, I saw the blue ocean and I knew I was definitely going to reach my goal. I would run as often as I could if I could run with that view.  Going down hill was hard on my knees and I was cautious so I think it added to my time. The last time I wa

Maui 2016 - Day 1

Over dinner in late June, my father and stepmom were talking about living on Maui and how every year for his birthday, they go to a restaurant called Longhi's in Lahaina. When he stepped away, I asked if I could surprise him for his birthday. She said yes! I missed going to the islands the entire year of 2015 and just love it so much. I am just so happy there. And what better reason to go than to celebrate my father's birthday. I had a 7 am Hawaiian Airlines flight out of Oakland and grabbed a pricey breakfast at the airport of eggs, salsa, cheese, potatoes and apple sausage. It was ok but I had to eat something. I was lucky enough to have no one sit next to me. I slept through the entire flight until they fed us breakfast and welcomed us to Hawaii with a Koloa Rum punch and Maui Onion kettle chips. My plan was to pick up a six-pack of his favorite Bikini Blonde beer by Maui Brewing Company and some balloons tired to it. When he opens

National Dog Day 2016

My Boston Terrier will be seven years old and I am just now seeing signs of him slowing down a bit. He has a lot of energy still but it takes him longer to recover. In celebration of National Dog Day, we went out for a PokemonGo walk around our neighborhood and he got special treats. Please follow Bevo on Instagram 'BevotheBoston' for many daily pictures of life as a dog.

#BernNCourtDoItalia - October 2016

Courtney and I are headed to Italy very soon! We are very excited and look forward to partying a little, being cleansed of those sins at The Vatican and getting an underground tour of the Colesseum in Rome. Though a mostly-straight twosome, we'll enjoy a romantic gondola ride in Venice. We will visit David and Michaelangelo in Florence and shop our brains out in Milan. We foresee a lot of wine and pasta and 'Ciao, Bello's' in our future. This will be our third trip together since we met in September. We have done Vegas, will have gone to Paso Robles for my birthday and then Italy.  Courtney and I are both in the food and beverage industry, love to party, enjoy fashion and shoes, all beverages, delicious food, trying new things, working out and can make friends anywhere because we're both outgoing and hilarious. We look forward to meeting new people. With that said, follow us via social media and our hashtag '#BernNCourtDoItalia' If you would

Veuve Clicquot Rich Events in San Francisco

Will you be joining us to taste the new Veuve Clicquot Rich this Sunday? Join us for hosted tastes, a special brunch menu by our new Executive Chef, Glen Schwartz, specialty cocktails, complimentary Benefit Cosmetics mascara minis with bottle purchases and a day of playing corn hole and jumbo Jenga. Veuve Clicquot Rich is the mixologists' champagne that is sweet and pairs well with citrus, tea and basil on the rocks. I personally enjoy it with pineapple. DW 's Bar Manager, Wes, has created special cocktails in the colors of the PRIDE flag and named after known neighborhoods in France for July's event and after San Francisco neighborhoods for the event this Sunday. Please join us! Sunday, August 28, 2016 11 AM - 3 PM Dirty Water 1355 Market Street (inside the Twitter Building) San Francisco, CA 94103 FACBEOOK EVENT PAGE Book your reservation via OpenTable Update Frisee Aux Lardon poached duck egg / bacon / shallots