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The 10 Types Of Toxic People That Mentally Strong People Avoid

Say goodbye to those dark clouds. They're blocking out your sun. You really can't help those that don't help themselves. It's draining and exhausting. "If your life sucks, then guess what? It’s mostly, if not entirely, your fault." "You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice." - A Universal Paradox Avoid the unintelligent. It's "a result of continually making bad decisions and not learning from their mistakes for their entire lives." It's like, "Really? Again?" Thanks to a friend that posted this on Facebook. Read the below article as posted in Elite Daily . The 10 Types Of Toxic People That Mentally Strong People Avoid Other individuals affect us more than any other factor in the world. They are the most unpredictable, the most mysterious and the most exciting — at least, some are. There are other types of individuals, however. There are those who are more toxic than they

Thanks, But No Thanks

I am not a typical saleswoman and I have no desire to be one. What I am able to do is provide information to those that are receptive to it and allow them to make up their own mind on what to do with that information. My approach is to be casual and genuine but informative. I enjoy being a Stella & Dot Lead Stylist because the job is mainly sharing information, wearing the product and sharing the opportunity. It is easy, non-intrusive and the products really do sell themselves. I intend to continue to have the same approach with my current venture. I am open to tips on success, however it is very difficult to take one seriously when they themselves do not practice what they preach. Below is a recent response to a proposal by a self-proclaimed millionaire with some writing tips. sounds excited but I tell you though your proposals are sound as far as I can have to become more structured in your proposals to folks of experience like me or they will ignore you...

Happy New Year!

It has been so busy during the holidays and now we're half way thru January! And for most of you, today is even pay day and hump day. Half way there to the weekend, Folks! A lot has been going on! The Niners face the Seahawks for the third time this season in the NFC Championship game in Seattle. The game takes place this Sunday, January 19th at 3:30 PM PST. I am nervous but excited. We are in a #QuestForSix I had folks over for the Niners v. Cards game and that was fun! Thankfully they won. I missed the 2nd half of last weekend's game against the Panthers but we won that too! I had to finish my safety motorcycle class. I passed! I can't wait to ride my 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3. She's so pretty. A few of other graduates and I went to City Beach and grabbed a drink and free garlic fries. Two of us were definitely wearing some Niners gear. And it was so funny that a former coworker at The Bridges Golf Course was also in my class. Good thing he