Thanks, But No Thanks

I am not a typical saleswoman and I have no desire to be one. What I am able to do is provide information to those that are receptive to it and allow them to make up their own mind on what to do with that information. My approach is to be casual and genuine but informative. I enjoy being a Stella & Dot Lead Stylist because the job is mainly sharing information, wearing the product and sharing the opportunity. It is easy, non-intrusive and the products really do sell themselves. I intend to continue to have the same approach with my current venture.

I am open to tips on success, however it is very difficult to take one seriously when they themselves do not practice what they preach. Below is a recent response to a proposal by a self-proclaimed millionaire with some writing tips. sounds excited but I tell you though your proposals are sound as far as I can have to become more structured in your proposals to folks of experience like me or they will ignore you....never of ever ask anyone for something free - that kills your position of a business person 100% and you will be seen as a person of advantage...the reason why most folks do not become rich is that they lack that principal...I have 8 companies and they are all doing well and about to blow up over 100M.....if you can take time to put a few sentences together of the highest degree of finesse and ethics please do then I will invite you to participate with what I am doing...

After a day or so, I contemplated on how I would respond. Instead of replying with a marked up sheet in red ink with editing remarks, I plainly replied, "Thanks, but no thanks," and wished him luck. This business relationship wasn't meant to be and I did not want to waste anymore energy on it. Acknowledging that gives me the power to put my efforts elsewhere. Not to mention, proper punctuation is power too.

What was the best thing you have ever said "NO" to?


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