First Month Transition

It's been one month since I have left my position as Office Manager of a law firm. It was bitter sweet because I just love, love, LOVE my staff. I handpicked some wonderful people. I have created wonderful relationships and friendships with most of my clerks and it has been wonderful to see them go onto law school, or into completely different fields and succeed, move across the nation, travel and even get married and have children. Now I am back to working in San Francisco with a whole new crew with a whole new role.

My business partner and I have known each other for almost a decade and we have gotten thru some challenging situations. Based on our success of getting past the hard times, there's no doubt there will be more of them ahead, and once again, we'll pull through.

November 2006
Majority of the rest of the team is entirely new to me and it's refreshing. Of course, I miss my old staff. That is clear, communicated and reciprocated but I am also loving my team. Each one of them has unique, different backgrounds and brings something special to what we're creating. I love seeing them smile, making them laugh, and all of us working together with limited light, loud drilling or sparkling metal work going on behind us, or using large boxes of furniture as desks and tackling tasks we have never had been asked to do before.

"You want to get a quote from who to do what by when with what limitations?"

There's no whining about the task, we just get it done. If we can't do it ourselves, we find someone that can. The same amount of experience and new things I have learned since December 2013 was just crammed into a single month. It's challenging but oh so exciting!

Working with obtaining permits and licenses and the city have been incredibly interesting. Though there are many requirements and procedures to follow and approvals to obtain, the personnel is very pleasant to deal with. They have been helpful and patient and understanding. I wrongfully presumed they would be more like folks at the DMV. They definitely are not that.

I had the pleasure of meeting our extended staff yesterday and like our management team, each one has their own strengths and unique personality. I am looking forward to working with each one of them. I am seeing more of our construction crew on an almost daily basis and I love hearing the random musical notes that are belted from these men while they are walking down the halls or on top of a ladder. I have made a request for one of them to sing The Four Tops 'Bernadette.'

I have had more on-the-job interaction with people in just this one month than I have had in the past few years. I believe that is why I love the food and beverage industry. In a law firm, I was always at a desk, interacting with my vendors via the phone or email and rarely in person. I infrequently interacted with our clients. In this new venture, I have a larger personnel, am IN the great city of San Francisco, am bottom floor of a large, international social media, tech company and will have clientele that are locals and tourists. Every day is going to be different and I am looking forward to meeting a vast array of people. I am beyond ecstatic.

Thank you, SF Eater!

Thank you for reading and letting me share this journey with you.


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