"I'm a Zombie"

I'm sure you've seen it: the Sprint commercial with the zombie. 

"Cool, cool, cool, coo, coo."

"Whoa, let's not go puttin' labels on people."

*His ear falls off*

"I'm a zombie."

Just look at his facial expression when he says that last line and I crack up every single time. They've been playing it a lot but I still stop what I'm doing to watch it. Oh, it's so great. Even got some acknowledgement from Sprint via Twitter.

My roommate actually got me into The Walking Dead earlier this year. The first scene with the little girl zombie was awesome. I finished all the episodes available on Netflix and I can now watch them as they air on Sunday nights. This current season is intense already with only two episodes in. Catch it on AMC on Sunday nights at 9 pm.

Who's your favorite character? Mine is Daryl. He's one cool, soft spoken bad ass.


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