La Onda Shifts

"La Onda" means the wave. I am a part of the Bay Area 'chapter' if you will of the La Onda Street Team called Onda By The Bay and have been so for the past five years now. Although there have been changes to the La Onda team, Onda By The Bay remains intact but with some event changes I wanted to announce by now. We, and other chapters around the nation, were planning an exclusive promotional event for the Los Lonely Boys' new album 'Rockpango' with the help of Playing in Traffic. Due to a generous request, we have decided to not hold this event in the Bay Area and head down to Los Angeles for the weekend. The Boys will be playing at the Grammy Museum on Friday, March 25th. We'll be there!

If you're in Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Mexico or Los Angeles for Saturday, March 26th, and are interested in this exclusive special event, let me know! I'll try to get the details for you!

As part of Onda By The Bay, we have designed and printed 5000 postcards to post in restaurants, record stores, bulletin boards, etc. I will be posting a list of places that have the post cards.

Here is a corrected promotional pic. Can you tell the difference between this and an earlier post?

On a side note, I've had a rough morning today and they always remind me that they care and appreciate all that I/we do, even though months pass in between times we see them.


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