20 Minutes

In an English class in high school in Vancouver, Washington, the class would have a five or so minute period to free write every day. I would use it as a journal of what I did over the weekend, what my boyfriend and I were going thru and the like. It was a time to express yourself without being judged, caring about punctuation or your handwriting. It was just for you. Little did I know that I was supposed to turn it in after awhile. I was so embarrassed and hoped my male teacher didn't actually read every line. But he did. And made comments!

I was approached today by a popular job posting site about possibly writing a blog post about my first job and challenges I had to overcome. In a brief summary I submitted for my consideration, it brought me back to these free write sessions because it was a busy day and I was in denile that they would actually want me to write for them so prose was sent in. Regardless of what I wrote, it was the truth. And like my English teacher, the recipient will read it and possibly provide me comments. We shall see!

It's the end of 2015 and I thought I'd post something! So I thought I'd free write for 20 minutes and this is what is coming thru my thumbs on the screen of my iPhone5. I chose 20 minutes versus five because that is the same amount of time I am requiring myself to read every day for. I picked up "Whisk(e)y Distilled" by Heather Greene on Sunday because I need to improve my knowledge of this industry I am in. Plus, this book is written by a woman and I donated my hardcover of "Whiskey Women" as a raffle prize for our first Women Wednesday event at Dirty Water. 

Next will be Ashley Routson's book on craft beer and beer styles.

With just a few minutes left, I am ending this year with a whole of lot of positive changes made in all aspects of life in my opinion. From the blog postings I made this year, I covered quite a bit but there's so much more to tell. I look forward to having that opportunity and what 2016 has in store for me.

Wishing my readers, as Kristian would say, 'the best of everything!'


  1. I remember having those moments as well. I used to hate writing when I was in school. Who would have thought that years later, I would have my own blog and have done a couple of articles for a local paper. That's funny to me. BTW, did you ever get to write for that blog post?


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