My First Beer Log

To accompany my ongoing wine logs (2014 & 2015 Q1), a beer log is now needed. I have a new love for beer since my spontaneous trip to Boston with Christina last October. We toured the Samuel Adams brewery and met some great Canadians. From then, I have a greater appreciation and thirst for beer. I am sure this makes my business partner, Kristian, happy. He makes beer, grows his own hops and is no doubt a beer lover. When we first met in 2006, I didn’t really like wine or beer. Nine years later, I am finally on board with learning and drinking more beer. 

Kristian used to work at a popular spot in Downtown San Francisco. I asked if his establishment had room for one of my Legal Clerks to hold his birthday there. He definitely hooked it up and I have always been a big supporter of him so of course I wanted to bring him some business. That evening, Kristian brought me a bottle of beer to taste. He knows my taste and with a hesitant look on my face, he said, “Damnit, Dankle, just try it.” Yes, he has a unique and funny name for me. Everyone asks, “What’s a Dankle?” I’m a Dankle. Anyways…he was right. That beer was delicious. I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me but of course, it was an expensive bottle. Figures.

To avoid future forgetfulness of deliciousness (another Kristian word), here is my first Beer Log. Since beginning this fitness journey, I am trying not to drink alcohol as much. Keyword: trying. Enjoy!

And you might as well follow me on Yelp, because I'm an 8-time Yelp Elite (lol). My second Review of the Day goes to Alameda's tastiness that is Faction Brewing. Y-U-M. Actually, my first one was for Alameda's Burgermeister. Hmm, is that a sign that I should move to the Island(s)? Hawaii would be more like it. Someday.


Superior Rubia - March 2015
This was in our fridge in our rental in Playa Del Carmen. Had it while watching Coming to America en espanol.

Akumal - Porter - March 2015
Had a few of these at the Wah Wah Restaurant and Bar in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Tasty. This bar served their beer incredibly cold. Loved that.

Corona - March 2015
Everyone's heard and probably had a Corona. It's not my beer of choice but for $7 pesos and a shot of Mezcal in Carmen Del Playa, why the hell not?

Angry Boy Brown Ale - Baird Brewing Company
Had this while in Sebastopol, CA.

Drake's Brewing Company - 1500 Pale Ale
Met Christina for Game 1 of the Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals at Bijou in Hayward. I walked in and the bar was lined of only men. I was able convince a couple of them to scooch over so we could get our normal spot at the bar in front of Dave. One smelled like he was hiding something, or he accidentally dropped the whole bottle of cologne on himself. I already had a headache! Boy, did I need a beer. Dave always takes good care of us. Christina was close by but I went ahead and ordered a beer since he asked if I wanted anything. "Well, since you asked." I went with the $4 Drakes that was on happy hour til 7 pm. Drakes is in San Leandro, which is the next city over. I haven't been there. I should probably take care of that soon. The beer was hoppier than I expected. Weird, Christina ordered the same thing and hers was more like a wit beer but Dave said he definitely poured the right one, saying that beer batches can be slightly different. This was kind of a drastic difference but we continued to drink them. 

Full Sail Brewing Company - 26th Anniversary Cascade Pilsner
This was my second beer during Game 1 of the Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals with Christina at Bijou. I wasn't in love with the Drakes 1500 so I went with something with less bit and on the lighter side. I liked it. 

Back in September 2014, Christina and I sat in the same general area of Bijou and spontaneously booked flights to Boston. She had just gotten out of a relationship and my divorce was final. We needed to go have some fun. And fun was definitely had! I have yet to write about that trip. This happy hour, we did not book our spontaneous trip that we said we'd do every year but I think we have our hearts set on NOLA! Especially now that Southwest flies there. Stay tuned!

Mission Brewery - Hef, San Diego, CA
Had to allow myself one beer during SF Beer Week.


Faction Brewing - Alameda, CA

I usually get the Defcon II and recently tried ther Nykx too. Tasty! You can see the beautiful skyline of San Francisco on a gorgeous day. I highly recommend checking it out.
But it can be breezy and definitely bring your sunglasses. With my buddy, Alameda native, B-Irish.

Also tried their Imperial Stout that was served at Hog's Apothecary in Oakland, CA.

Tried something different than the Defcon II on a late May evening. I tried the Bad Touch IPA. 

It had more of a bite than this cutie pie. Kudos to Faction for being Puppy friendly.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company - Had their blonde ale at the Santa Cruz American Music Festival in Aptos, CA on Memorial Day weekend. I preferred this over the Kona Lager I started to drink that day. They did good job of marketing themselves with even the security wearing their caps. I have never heard of this brewery in Paso Robles, CA so I thought I'd give it a try.

Fort Point Kolsch - at The Tipsy Pig in San Francisco, CA

Friar Starter by Coronado Brewing Company in San Francisco, CA.
It's is a 4.8% Belgium Blonde I had a glass of at Fat Angel, also in San Francisco, CA. Met two gents at the bar and we started talking about beer and ended up splitting the 'small' kale salad with chicken and they gave me a taste of their San Franciscan beer which had a mango and passion fruit flavor.

Lagunitas Brewing Company - Petaluma, CA

Linden Street Brewery - Burning Oak Black Lager
The day was long and though tasty, the beer made me tired and my new memories of a tasty Burgermeister burger on National Burger Day was a disappointment. The meal definitely did not compliment the beer. I have been to the Oakland brewery back in October and it was quite a hidden gem. I'll have to go back. Hold the burger.

Moonlight Brewing - Death & Taxes
Tried this at Lanesplitter's in Berkeley, CA with coworkers. It's a dark but light lager. 5%. Pretty good.
Exhausted but gave in to having a beer. Oh, Snapchat (@bappletree). Sent this to Megan.

Pine Street Brewery - Stout
I really enjoy stout and porters. It didn't go very well with the kale and chicken salad I had at Green Chili Kitchen in San Francisco, CA but I still enjoyed it.
Schubros Brewery - San Ramon, CA
Little Devil - Hoppy Belgian Style Pale Ale
Tasted at Hog's Apothacary in Oakland, Ca

Russian River Brewing Company - Pliny the Elder
Had this for the first time at The Bistro in Hayward, CA with good friends and live music with a female lead and female drummer. Pretty cool. Had to Snapchat (@bappletree) that I was a Pliny virgin no more.

Saint Archer, Coffee Cream Porter
A business partner and I needed a beer so we went to the nearby Beer Hall. Nice spot. I was going to get the New Hop on the Block, an IPA, or something like because I have been a NKOTB fan since I was a little girl. It was by Altamont Beer Works but went with this instead because I like porters and stouts. I made the right decision but still want to try Altamont! This was also my first check in on the Untappd app. You should know my username by now.

A rep came by and had so many goodies for us to try. She has also written a book on beer and has quite the style. I enjoyed the now unavailable Mosaic Session but really fell in love with the Double Stout! I like what I like! It was super chocolately. I don't even like chocolate this much, just in my beer.

Half Moon Bay Brewery - Half Moon Bay, CA - January 2015
After a hike, we wanted beer. Beer is what we got.

Lagunitas Brewing Company - IPA
Again, after a hike around Angel Island, I had a little bit of Christina's beer.

Negra Modelo - from Mexico. Tasted it at Green Chili Kitchen in San Francisco, CA. I preferred my Pine Street Stout.


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