I thought I had a lot of stuff. My new roommate made the move over (hilariously from across the walkway) and holy moly, she has so many belongings. The kitchen counter was completely covered and I had to toast my english muffin with the toaster propped up on a bar stool. A girls gotta eat! She did sell a round kitchen table and I sold my former roommate's dresser that he left behind via LetGo.

Television commercials have advertised the app that allows you to list your belongings for sale. Interested parties in the area will message you if it's still available, ask if the price is negotiable and ask if there is any wear or tear. The exchanging of money is usually in person after negotiations have been made and a price has been agreed upon. 

I had quite of a few people interested in the dresser but it was a matter of responsiveness and how quickly the person can get there to close the sale. I had a family of four come by on a Monday night. They inspected it. It was an IKEA piece of furniture so the actual final piece could be in OK condition depending on how the owner put it together. A long inspection was done and the husband wanted to negotiate a lower price, even though the offer was half of what I initially listed it for. He asked to drop the price another $20 and I said I had an offer for $125 and met him half way again at $90. SOLD. Thank goodness! One less thing to worry about. 

I hope to list a few more things to get rid of some stuff and slowly make my money back in what I lost with a recent mishap in the house. It's been heavy on my mind and it's my priority to get back to the life I was living. Stay tuned for more things for sale on LetGo.

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Day 18


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