Mondays are full of motivations (see hashtags) and intentions. I came across the #MeatlessMondays hashtag and thought, 'Hey, I could do that!' (Read eatright.org article.) Cutting out eating meat one day a week will improve your diet with eating more nutritious and less carcinogenic products from the earth, decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHE) and save a life. Those lambs are pretty cute, right? Those Dodo videos on Facebook has me tearing up sometimes. I know I'm not alone. However, motivation and execution are two different things, but I wanted to at least try and that's half the bottle.

I tried a few times to have Meatless Mondays as part of my life but in all honestly, I would forget or just would really want a bit of that steak! Major fail right? As of late, I only had about 40 minutes for my break. I had a call to make and then I had to eat something before I turned hangry. I didn't have a Snickers bar to save the day. I'm more of a Kit Kat kind of girl anyways. After that call, I stopped into Flying Ninja and ordered two orders of sake nigiri. Before I got my order, I gave the server my credit card, quickly eyed the big pieces of salmon, dipped them in the ponzu sauce, devoured them, paid and left. Then realized I had meat! Gah!

So let's try this again! Today, I started my day off with my newest addiction, an Oikos Protein greek yogurt with granola topics. Tasty!  I had french toast for breakfast at Denny's. I got the eggs over hard and ordered bacon. EHHHH!!! I know, I didn't eat either and got them to go. By the way, the Denny's at the Holiday Inn at Fisherman's Wharf has San Francisco prices. Dear God, I've never paid for so much at a Denny's before. For lunch, I went to Cioppino's and it's nice that they have a $9.95 Fisherman's Wharf employee lunch menu and ordered the Chicken Alfredo. Double EHHHH! I didn't eat the chicken and it was such a large portion, I had to get the rest to go. So now I am all ready for dinner tonight. No meat.

Are you interested in participating in #MeatlessMondays? Let me know! See what I'm eating at my Instagram account - @WereHungryToo

**** April Daily Challenge ****
Day 13


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