#250KChallenge - Week 2

Sunday evening and two weeks into this challenge. I have a feeling not much will change on that scale tomorrow morning. It has been nothing but work, beer, wine and food. Plus I missed out on two days of working out. I worked a 15-hour day on Thursday and I slept in on Friday to recover.

Monday consisted of taking Bart into work as I needed to be at there early for two beer trainings back to back. See Beer Log 2016. I worked out at night but didn't get as much cardio as I wanted to but did shoulders. My friend, Albert, always gives me shit for when I do shoulders because they are pretty noticeable. I have huge traps. So I sent him a SnapChat post workout. He said I was going to scare a whole lot of people. He texted me earlier today that he has shoulders today and I should send him a pic to give him motivation. I sent him a SnapChat and he took a screenshot of it! The app tells you when someone does that. Creeper! Those pics are for 10 seconds only! I asked him to send me a swole pic after his workout to make sure he was doing it right. He didn't. What a pansy. (Joking, Sobrino!)

This was the first day wearing some new workout gear from Champion that I just got from Target. It has a cute back but it's length is too long for my torso. Eh, whatever.

Tuesday, I worked out at home and I honestly cannot remember what I worked out on. But here is proof that I did work out. 

Along with the gray Champion top, I bought Courtney and I some headbands. They do not stay in place. I don't like them. Sent Courtney a Snap of it not staying in place and she sent one in return while on the bike wearing the same one. "Twinning."

Still on Shredz and speaking of which, I do notice a small change around my waist. Hopefully my measurements show me some progress!

On Wednesday, Sunshine and I worked from home. We had events the upcoming weekend so I ensured we didn't work seven days that week. However, I got a great workout it. I did legs. They were a bit tired and I dropped my leg press to 195, down from 255. I tried 235 but I still needed help. I knew I was going to do legs at Sunshine's boot camp class on Saturday. Might as well give my legs to recoop. I did go up 10 lbs in deadlifts to make it 80 lbs total. Best a new personal record!

Then I followed up with an Isopure protein shake. I finally killed the bottle. It was just lacking in flavor. I do have my MuscleTech winnings from a bodybuilding.com that I haven't opened yet so I'll be tasting that very soon.

Thursday was a 15-hour day and it did include liquor and great food. It's difficult to say no when you're in the food and beverage industry. The day started at 5 am, Bevo went to Happy Hound so he can get some socializing time in and I didn't have to worry about being home in 11 hours. I sat thru traffic, got our place ready receive Glenmorangie for a live tastings and training from Scotland plus a luncheon. Then meetings and events in the evening. This was basically my day.

Friday, I slept in after that long day and worked.

Saturday was a second round of boot camp with Sunshine and Femme Fitcamp in Alameda. It was mostly legs and jogging around the complex. I haven't really jogged since Halloween.  She kicked my butt. This was the first time I did burpees with a bosu ball. I could do it! And I want some of those resistant bands. It's great to work the side of my ass. I need one. An ass, that is. Cause look! But rockin my Shredz 'alpha female' tank.

It was also a member's birthday. Christina wanted a group pic. Here we are!

Then Sunday, I got warmed up on the bike and did arms. I add my weighted squats and good mornings since I was in position. I got home and Will was making a protein shake and the blender was filled to the top. He asked me if I wanted some. Sure!!! He made his with Muscle Milk's Gainer. I asked him if he put any nuts or granola in his shake because there was some crunchy pieces in the shake. He declined but I liked whatever it was. "I like the nuts." But he figured out that it must be the kiwi seeds because he then tasted what I was talking about.

Then it was time to get ready for the Femme Fitcamp photo shoot with Sunshine at The Inner Athlete in San Leandro, CA. It's a big gym and they have punching bags. Oh yessss. I haven't taken a boxing class in quite some time but had fun the last time I did with Megan and my friend, Victor, was teaching it in Berkeley. 

While we were waiting, the girls were playing with the equipment. I decided to do some lay pulldown reps. I am obsessed with my back. And like I said, the weights are different at each gym. I was doing 60s. I usually do 55s on a good day. 

We had shots taken as we stretched as a group and then individuals. 

Since Maurice, the owner and photographer, was running late and I had to be at DW at 5 for the Mother Earth beer pairing dinner, I had to leave pretty quickly so I got my solo shots done first. I had to pick an activity and I chose the bags. Maurice put red gloves on me and I was excited to start punching. It's such an amazing stress reliever. However, I attempted to do a right cross and my hand hit the bag in an awkward position and I hurt my wrist. It's a bit sore now but the shoot was definitely fun. And here is me with my Sunshine. Love her!

And then weigh in on Monday morning shows I really need to get some cardio in. 
Gah! No improvement. And I can't find my measuring tape!

1/17 Sun
Weight 119
BMI 22.5
Fat 20.6
Muscle 34.2

1/25 Mon
Weight 120.6
BMI 22.8
Fat 21
Muscle 34



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