Rockin' My S&D Everyday

It has been almost five years since I signed up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist. It has been fun and I have met many wonderful people and women thru marketing the pieces and doing trunk shows. I have had supportive friends and family and had eight women on my team at one point. Nowadays, I haven't had the time to invest in this business but I love the flexibility of it. My site is up 24-hours a day and I am a walking billboard with all the pieces I wear every single day. I either post pics on my Facebook page or via my Instagram (user: bappletree).

The new Summer Collection just launched and I made a few purchases. I have tons of samples still and have tried to sell them thru friends and family, the few trunk shows I do do and via my Facebook page. But I wanted new pieces to add to my very large collection, especially with my new adventure happening at DWSF in San Francisco. I alerted my cousin of my recent shopping spree and she said I need to 'model' them. Oh, the selfies. Sick of them yet? Well, it seems to be the best way to show how I wear these gorgeous and fun pieces and what I pair them with and where I wear them to. I can't say I go to anyone's blog for their OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts and I wouldn't expect you to come to mine to see what I'm wearing that day. I have a simple kind of style but I like to be bold with my jewelry and my shoes. I wear A LOT of black so when shopping, I try to make it a point to stay away from that appealing color and add more vibrant colors to my wardrobe. But funny how one of my favorite stores is White House Black Market. I can't stay away. They have a lot of my money and I get nice discounts. I actually have to thank the S&D sponsor I was under for turning me onto WHBM. Her name is Natalie and she posted this one black dress with white polka dots and  a big floppy hat.  It was adorable. So I guess posting what you're wearing does indeed influence people. I am just making the disclaimer that I do not think I'm 'Miss Fashionable' or that people should dress like me. I am just sharing the jewelry and yes, sometimes what I'm wearing makes me feel pretty and I want to share. Do you mind?

Here are some pics I've posted in the past. The jewelry is all Stella & Dot and may or may not be available today. But if you love the piece, make me an offer. I might be willing to part with it.

Can't remember the name of the hoops but they are discontinued and I lost them. So sad.
Discontinued Maya Brenner heart necklace
Discontinued layering necklace

Yelp Oktoberfest with my friend, Yelp Ambassador, Joanna S. Wearing the versatile Sanibel Pendant ($69) in silver with a Forever 21 dress, Old Navy jacket and Steve Madden shoes.

A Patron cocktail event at Terra SF with my business partner and beer mistress. Wearing the Callie Necklace ($98) and WHBM dress.

My Birthday Party 2014 - The discontinued Renegade Cluster Necklace and Earrings in gold.

My everyday kind of look - Norah Pendant Necklace ($98), Cleopatra Studs ($24) and Arrison Bracelet ($34) that you can wear two ways. Forever 21 top.

Memorial Service
All three ladies wearing S&D - Can't remember the name of the other two, (BAD Stylist!) but I'm wearing the gorgeous Helena Necklace ($128) over a WHBM dress.

A birthday outing to Lagunitas in Petaluma, CA
Discontinued Bamboleo ($228), Angela is wearing the discontinued Fiona (sale $82.60)
I'm wearing a cheap top from Bloom and Prada sunglasses

Easter 2015
Interlock Cross Necklace ($59) - By Maya Brenner, available in gold and silver.
I wear my late grandfather's wedding ring everyday.
Dress by J. Crew

The Alexandria Necklace (Reg. $80, Sample sale $45) is retired, paired with the versatile Orbit Hoop Earrings ($39) in silver, on top of a cheap black tank top was worn to a Three Days Concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. BareMinerals 'Witty' lip gloss.

Dressing up a University of Texas shirt with one of the three strands on the new Zuni Necklace ($98). Wear this strand long or short. Go TEXAS!

Just another day at the office, wearing the Eva Ear Jackets ($49). Paired with a White House Black Market lace cami and black sweater from Express, with no care kind of hair. So tan from Mexico!

LOVING the Birdie Necklace ($118). This is the second time I wore it in one week and got compliments on it. I was Marina, CA bound for my nephew's first birthday party. Paired with a cami from Express, a sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch, my Prada sunglasses and lip glass from Neutrogena. Posted pic on SnapChat first. Are you on there? Add me! @bappletree

Definitely my favorite piece to wear, the Birdie Necklace ($118) paired with the studs from the Eva Jackets ($49). I paired this with Estee Lauder lipstick and a button-up by Express.


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