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HFWF17 - Jennifer Ackrill of SKY Waikiki & Top of Waikiki

On Media Day on Maui for the Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival, I was hoping to meet some women chefs. I believe Chef Niki Nakayama of n/naka in Los Angeles was scheduled to be in attendance but I didn't get to interview her. With "Michelin 'Can't Do Anything' to Change Lack of Female Representation, Says Director" (Eater NY Oct. 31, 2017), I really wish I had. Representing Oahu, I was lucky to meet the Director of Mixology of SKY Waikiki and Top of Waikiki, Jennifer Ackrill. You San Francisco Bay Area readers may recognize her from her time at Rye. After being convinced by her husband, Jennifer is now on Oahu living it up.

The Pennsylvania native knew a few of my colleagues. During a trip to check out the opening operations of a brewery in Waikiki that I was invited to while in Maui, my business partner suggested we go to the Top of Waikiki and see his friend, Jennifer. We enjoyed an amazing view and tasty cocktails on the deck of SKY Waikiki, then headed …

Regresar a Cabo!

My second visit to Los Cabos, Mexico will be taken place this November. Earlier this year, Cabo San Lucas was the first port we stopped at while aboard the Oosterdam by Holland America (Day 1). There, my friend, Catherine and I snorkeled, paddle boarded and kayaked. Later this year, I will be accompanied by my Cugino (Cousin in Italian), his fiance and my future cousin and my new friend, Lola, a fellow and new food and travel blogger. Believe it or not, she and I have not personally met but are connected via online. Amazing, right?

On the list of things to do will be a mix of business and pleasure. This One Busy Bee can't resist.
Thursday, we land in the afternoon. Thanks for the direct flight, Southwest, right out of Oakland. I'll get our rental car (still to be booked!), await my cousins' arrival from SFO and Lola from Long Beach. We'll go check into the JW Marriott and anxiously settle into our accommodations there in an ocean view room. Their suites look, well, sw…

Twists at the Wharf

When you're a Concierge and can get coupons from several places, you try just about anything. After six months of working primarily at the beautiful Argonaut Hotel, it's your job to know where to send guests and to have personally tried and recommend certain dishes. (I'm comin' for you, GaryDanko!) I would say I have dined at quite a few places and I am a bit behind in writing about them here but I'm working on it. Thanks for your patience so don't get your knickers in a twist.

Buttery thin rolls of dough are twisted into pretzels at Auntie Anne's right here on Jefferson Street at Fisherman's Wharf. My Supervisor enjoys their mini pretzel dogs and has offered them to a couple of times, as well as pointing out that we have coupons! Buy one get one free? I just saved $5! 
I parked in the Mission this particular day as I was attending my friend's performance that evening at El Rio with The Frosted Tips. I wish I could have gotten a burrito but I jumped…

Thai'd Up

Thailand has been calling, but I'm all Thai'd up with other travel at the moment. Asia isn't usually on my top places to go, even for an Asian American. But I have been seeing quite a bit of gorgeous photos via social media and my friend guessed I would be going there next for some reason. Perhaps someday. The closest I got to going to Thailand recently was receiving a gift from my cousin that was just there and dining at Osha in San Francisco.

When you are surrounded like crazy with seafood, you sometimes need a little variety (No More Seafood). I could have ran a bit more and completed my first half marathon if I headed straight to Osha at Embarcadero 4 for some food, but I didn't. My body was pretty tired completing my first 10-mile run as I trained for my first Team in Training event. Instead, this One Busy Bee grabbed my belongings from my starting point and work at the Argonaut Hotel and waited for the F street car and decided to stop just shy of my Embarcadero B…

No Fuss via Bus

Whether or not you live in California, visiting Yosemite should be on your bucket list. From San Francisco, it is a 3.5 hour drive. There are tours in large or small buses or you can go on your own. I have gone to Yosemite using both modes of transportation. Both times, they were completely worth it.

Ten years ago, my boyfriend at the time and I took our dog to this magical place. With a fascination with geology from college, the sedimentary layers and the massive monoliths of towering granite is guaranteed to make you gasp. We drove our BMW M5 with dog in tow and stayed at an inn near a running river. We took a flat trail on a nice day and enjoyed the peacefulness. See previous blog post HERE.
Now as a Concierge for a hotel at the Fisherman's Wharf, one of our partners is Grayline. To be able to speak more about what the hotel guests can expect from their tour with Grayline, I was able to go complimentary and bring a friend. For this particular event, I decided to take my new roomm…

G Square Gets a Brewery

I have an art piece on my wall at the bar area at home that says "All I do is wine." Lately, that is the case and as a new wine club member at Clif Family Vineyards in Saint Helena, California. I do enjoy a good beer sometimes. After I hike (Let's Hike 2015), I crave it! It's great that the San Francisco Brewing Company just opened up at the Ghiradelli Square near where I work as a Concierge.

This spot will change Ghiradelli Square for the better. No doubt about it. Besides offerings of a cute boutique store for dogs, sugar at Ghiradelli, wine tasting, BBQ at The Pub and great views at McCormick &Kuleto's, GSquare now has a very casual spot with local beer, a ton of TVs and beer garden with corn hole.
I have been twice in the past weekend specifically for the Warriors games. The bar is located in the middle, there are seats and wooden booths along the perimeter and narrow high tops to hitch yourself with a beer when standing room is needed. The staff is frien…

Orlando Bound for Lolo - Week 2

Following up on Week 1 since I signed up for my first half marathon in Orlando with Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I have committed to run 13.1 miles in memory of my late Lolo, Victor Manzano, and in honor of my friend, Sandra.

And here's to Week 2!
Monday I ran 6 miles the day before so I needed a break. No work out. For a planner, I seem to fail on picking places to meet up with Instafriend on Mondays. We were going to go to the view bar at the top of the new Loew's Regency aka the Chopsticks building for the two points at the top. But they were not open on Monday. I walked by Wayfare Tavern and suggested that but we ended up for a drink at Tadich Grill. They did not offer dining at the bar, just their snacks which were not vegetarian. We had one drink and left. I will have to come back for dinner there sometime to experience a popular spot.

We then headed over to Pabu. My first time at this Michael Mina location was with Instafriend a bit ag…