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HFWF18 - Spiked!

Located on the lawn at the Sheraton Maui in Lahaina, Hawai'i, the Hawai'i Food & Wine Festival delivered again with 13 knowledgeable chefs across the country bringing you a special bite using local, fresh ingredients. Pair these delicious and carefully created appetizers and desserts with cocktails from Mixologists and wine from Master Sommeliers. Be entertained with belly dancers, music and the MC keeping the event festive.

I was able to attend a similar event last year and report back. I was ecstatic to come back and try this year's creations. My father and step mother were able to attend as well and as foodies, they enjoyed it as well. "This is a lot!" my father exclaimed. It was like a 13-course tasting menu. Not bad for a $200 ticket, with unlimited wine, cocktails, beer by Stella Artois and Fiji water.

These Chefs may be on television shows and magazines, have written cookbooks and received countless rewards and accolades, but they are so approachable! Wh…

Susie & Frankie - June 28, 2018

"We're thinking about having the wedding in Oaxaca." Inside I am screaming with excitement, sitting in one of the lounges of where I worked full-time. The place was killing this One Busy Bee with working 60+ hours a week and I needed something to look forward to. Susie has been a friend of mine since we had a business class together at San Francisco State University and is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. I remember the story of how she met her future husband. She's happy, therefore I'm happy. And excited! However, they decided to have the wedding locally. But it turned out beautifully.

The venue was in the Mission area in San Francisco near their home called Stable Cafe. It's a darling spot with indoor seating on two levels, an outdoor patio with fruit trees and greenery on the walls, a greenhouse area with a fireplace and a private room with easy access to the kitchen. Minah took good care us. Some rentals were needed based on the headcount but it …

OBB Weekly - 12-11-18

Versus a newsletter, I would prefer the content to live on the internet that can easily be referred to at a later date and look back at when needed. One of my most popular posts is from years ago! This will be a weekly post highlighting picks of the week in all that is One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC - Travel, Concierge and Event Planning. I hope you come back and click on the links for more information and it inspires you to book travel (with me!) and plan an event, again, with me.

With basically two weeks until Christmas, let's get festive!
Travel As a Certified Travel Agent and no family of my own, I took off on a Holland America cruise to the Mexican Riviera after the visits with family were done. Folks tend to escape the cold and take advantage of their children having a school break and head for warmer weather. It was great to sit by the pool on the Oosterdam and get in the water in Puerto Vallarta. Let me help you plan a getaway!

Do you escape during the winter months and holidays…

Gabe & Maria - Thomas Fogarty Winery

The last wedding of the year for this Event Planner and Coordinator is complete. I am so happy for Gabe and Maria. This lovely couple tied the knot at the gorgeous Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, California on December 1, 2018.

Gabe and Maria did a beautiful job of doing majority of the work of planning this memorable event. They were very organized and stress-free and made the wedding day one of the easiest I have ever worked. I reviewed their work, brought up tasks and ideas for them to think about, put some ideas together for their honeymoon and recommended periodic status meetings to help with anything they may need. Otherwise, they did a really fantastic job. I didn't have a lot of pre-wedding work to do and my car wasn't filled with wedding items to where I couldn't see out of the windows. Yes, this happens.
The wedding rehearsal took place at 10 AM the day before the wedding on a windy and chilly morning. The initial thought of how the wedding party would perfor…