Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our First Investors Meeting

The Operating Team of Dirty Water had a wonderful time with our investors on the rooftop of Anchor Steam Brewery. It was such a pleasure to meet each one of these amazing, smart, humble and fun individuals.

We first gathered in the tasting room on the second floor. We were poured our choice of Anchor Steam beers and then led upstairs by the very generous and knowledgeable Jen Chen to the top floor. Pass the construction and stacks of barley, we found ourselves in a private room with a full bar and our wonderful and meticulous mixologist, Zachary Taylor, with access to a deck where your eyes are automatically drawn to the beautiful skyline of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

Introductions of our Operating Team were made by Kristian and an update of the many tasks we are working on as a group to open were explained. Questions were asked and answers were received. Zachary explained the two cocktails he especially created for our investors that evening. And Jen explained distinguishing traits of Anchor Steam spirit offerings of many exclusive and hard to find liquors for them to taste. It was definitely a treat.

A few of my favorite quotes from the evening:

"Of all the investments we have made, Dirty Water is the one we're most excited about."

 "I am glad the other investment opportunity fell thru because it opened the door to this one." 

"We believe in YOU, Kristian." 

And a little charm, "Bernadette, when I read your name, I didn't expect THIS!" Oh, so sweet.

We kept going after the event and headed to Connecticut Yankee where more drinks and laughs were had and Fernet shots were consumed. We were briefly joined by our Beermistress, Vicki Tisdale, and the below photo is her enjoying the scent of the hops Kristian grew on his balcony right here in San Francisco. Our night ended at Trivia Night at Bar Basic to support Vicki as the host.

A wonderful evening. A beautiful start to many beautiful relationships.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fight Breast Cancer

Shop for a cause! Fight breast cancer! All net proceeds of these bracelets go to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, now thru October 31st. Get yours for $39 at I bought mine!

Breast cancer has effected my family and loved ones. In loving memory of my beautiful cousin Natalie Nobida, a wonderful and strong woman, Maureen Withrow, and thankfully my sweet Auntie Gi is in remission. 

Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Warrior Dash 2014! Sponsor Me!

WARRIOR DASH!!!! Is in 33 days. Sponsor me or join my sister and I in 3.2 miles of running in the heat and the hills of eSparto! and going thru 12 obstacles including that mud pit. I'm super late in fundraising but I need $300 in tax-deductible donations to get that private shower again. Help a Dirty (Water) girl out.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Delta Blues Festival & On-Point Machining

Come on out to the Delta Blues Festival tomorrow in Downtown Antioch tomorrow from noon to 7:30 PM. My sister and brother-in-law, owners of On-Point Machining, are sponsors. Please come by and check out their booth, pick up pens, stickers and check out some samples they have worked on. Enjoy some live music. See you there!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Wedding Gowns Starting at $49 & Going to Charity?!

What a wonderful event. I had to re-post and share. As someone who has lost friends and family to cancer and understand that the wedding dress I considered getting was $5,000 but settled on one for less than $1,000, this would make someone's special day incredibly amazing and while supporting a fantastic cause. Kudos to East Bay Bridal.

Women Helping Women Make A Difference...
"A Match Made in Heaven in the midst of Wedding Gowns"
Weddings are a special time in women's lives and so is the wedding gown. However for many, the purchase of a wedding gown can be costly and exorbitant. Fortunately, there is now a solution that also helps women cancer patients throughout the East Bay! 
Norcal Media's East Bay Bridal is a publication that has become the "GO TO" guide for brides-to-be and this year they are proud to partner with the Women's Cancer Resource Center (, an organization which provides free cancer services to women throughout the East Bay. This Charity Wedding Gown Sale/Bridal Fair will offer brides-to-be the opportunity to purchase from hundreds of wedding gowns starting at $49, while at the same time helping the Cancer Center. 100% of the proceeds from the Gown Sale will be donated back to the Women's Cancer Center. 
If you've already said your 'I dos' and are wondering what to do with your dress... consider donating it to this worthwhile event.  By donating your dress, your donation will ensure: appropriate care and cancer treatment, emergency financial assistance, cancer support groups, and in-home services.  
If you are interested in attending the Gown Sale/Bridal Fair, the event is being held at the Pleasanton Doubletree (formerly the Pleasanton Hilton at the Club) on Sunday, October 12th from 11-4pm. Tickets are only $15 in advance or $20 at the door. 

If you are interested in donating a wedding gown and making a difference in a cancer patient's life, contact Cathy Lonsdale at 510-886-1317 or visit: 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

'I Hate Running' No More

I never enjoyed running laps around the fields or on the track in high school. I remember being told once that I had a slight case of asthma when I was a kid. I convinced myself that was the reason as to why I am a slow runner. Excuses, excuses. When I ran, I would get a cramp right under my rib cage on my right side and the only thing that would ease the pain would be to apply pressure and rest. Completing a mile under a certain time wasn’t a goal of mine and I had an incredible metabolism. I didn’t need to lose weight.

Fast forward almost 20 years and just over a week since beginning to jog on a regular basis, I am at 2 miles and under 12 minutes per mile. The metabolism I once gloated about is gone but a competitive side of me is very well present. I can see how running can be addicting. I am constantly pushing myself to go farther and be faster. Without even trying to run on a regular basis, I said I hated running. I would get sharp pains in my knees, my feet and my shins. I haven’t felt those pains in days.

This new running passion began after a recent trip to Santa Cruz with my best friend, Christy, and her family. She had signed up for the SF Giants 10K with our girlfriend, Christina, but Christina forgot that she had another obligation that day or weekend. Christy was already committed but dropped down to do a 5K. Christy has always wanted to become a cop and she is in the process. She wasn’t thrilled with her fit test results and wanted to improve. With working full time and with two young kids, it’s hard to make time for herself and go for a run or fast-paced walk. So I said I would wake up early on Sunday morning and run with her from my girlfriend’s house where we were staying to the beach, which wasn’t too far. But getting out there, being physical and with a friend’s encouragement, you can’t say no. Christy doesn’t ever want to displease or disappoint anyone. We agreed to do this before we left for Santa Cruz and she knows I typically work out at least 5 days a week and I was going to make her stick with it. And we did. We were a bit behind schedule with the babies and all, but her boyfriend, Cesar, was supportive and we got out there.

The beach was less than a mile away and the sun came out just in time to make the jog just a little bit more challenging. We stuck with it. We stopped at the one stop light and stretched and kept moving. We jogged at the perfect pace together. We reached the corner of the beach, stopped, caught our breath and made our way back. I honestly was surprised that I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to tell her that because I know she’d say that we could stop if I wanted to. I didn’t want to. I tried to push myself more as we got closer to the house. Home stretch! I lengthened my strides and unclenched my fists to allow air to hit my sweaty palms and cool me down just a tad. We stopped at the beginning of the street of my girlfriend’s house. I challenged Christy to a race to sprint to her minivan at the house. She rolled her eyes and I said ‘C’mon!” I told her to count it off. I jokingly tried to get in position like I was a track star. 3, 2, 1, GO! And I was completely out of gas. She was way ahead of me before I took five strides. All I felt were the beads of sweat coming down my forehead and the side of my face and I just laughed to myself. Loser. She won even after she let off the gas.

That was 1.4 miles and for a few minutes, I was still sweating like crazy in the house. Cesar was laughing at me. I was not a runner. The next day, my entire body felt sore. It may partially be because I was carrying my niece and nephew anytime they wanted around The Boardwalk but I like to think it was because of the run. And I love that soreness.

My girlfriend, Megan, told me that she’s starting to run as well as she’s been working with a personal trainer. She uses the app, RunKeeper, so I downloaded it as well. It does a great job of tracking your time, distance and progress. It will track your hikes, walks, cycling, etc. I walk Bevo 2-3 times a day so I definitely add that to my steps taken in a day, however he does stop to smell the roses and almost everything else so my times aren’t that great. It could also track your heart rate but you need a special device for that.

I am enjoying pushing myself to keep going, to not even allow myself think “I can’t” for a moment and reach my goal. Next goal is 2.5 miles. At 3 miles, I plan rewarding myself with some new work out gear.

Are you a runner/jogger?

When did you start?

What is the most rewarding thing about running to you?

Update 7/14/14
haven't ran since Thursday morning. Apparently I have a case of runner's knee already. There's a pain below both knee caps. I jogged alongside my nephew this weekend at Roaring Camp in Felton, CA and felt some discomfort and even feel it walking today. It's very disappointing that this is happening because I really enjoyed jogging and taking advantage of this great weather. I guess I should rest and get some appropriate shoes. I was waiting to reach 3 miles to get a new pair of running shoes but I might have to spend some money today. Time to go shopping!
Article: Beating Runner's Knee

Friday, June 13, 2014

I Swear I Lived

"I hope when you jump, you don't fear the fall..."

Life has been such an amazing but sometimes challenging journey since I took control of my own happiness. But damnit, I overcame so much and am stronger than ever. Jumping out of a plane was a fear I wanted to put to rest. #DBAP I want to thank my Cugino, my cousin Ron, for the incredible birthday present. I remember being at his bar in San Mateo saying I wanted to do it. Shortly after he texted me to check my email. I was at work, and holy moly, he bought me tickets to go skydiving. I immediately got nervous. For month, I had anxiety over the thought of it. But on D Day just days before, a military vet at the age of 90 did it just because he still could BY HIMSELF! So, there was absolutely no reason to NOT do this jump. It was already paid for and I would never hear the end of it if I chickend out. And I'm glad I didn't. I did however call my dad in Hawaii to tell him I loved him before we were on our way. Y'know, just in case.

Here's what I posted on Yelp.

I do love me a cowboy, and a Cowboy is what I got here! My instructor was called Cowboy and he was super fun. He could tell I was nervous and he was playful and sarcastic AND held me back to the end of the line of folks loading the plane so I would be the first one to jump.

It was a very hot this past Sunday and it wasn’t any cooler when you walk into the facility. There are items hanging from the ceiling, the room is surrounded by cupboards and lockers, and folks re-packing their chutes. The check-in counter is at the opposite corner of the entrance, so make your way over there and fill out your paperwork while watching a pretty ancient video with the missing member from ZZ Top. But the info is all the same I guess.  If you’re nervous like I was, go use the potty at this time. It’s in a different building, with 3 stalls, and 2 shower stalls and soap available in a bicyclists’ water bottle.

Our numbers were called and went in the next room. We were introduced to our instructors and they helped us get strapped into our harness. You’re being told to remove all your jewelry and there are small, shallow drawers to house it all.  I’m glad we didn’t have to put on a jumpsuit that someone else just sweated in. And the jokes kept on coming from Cowboy. Good!

I met my photographer, Ginger. And she IS a ginger! A cutie pie of a red head and just as petite, and jumping solo. She probably has more cajones than most men! She was a doll. She did a great job. I loved my video and got some cool photos. Cowboy was smiling in every single one. What a pro.

We’re in the plane. Ginger and Cowboy both can see I was so nervous and they were both talking to me. Cowboy again was trying to make me laugh and relax. No complicated instructions were given. Just to relax and follow directions. My knee was bouncing out of control and my eyes started to water. Solo jumpers next to me were so awesome, smiling at me and giving me high fives and pounds. I was too nervous to execute those exchanges in a confident way. Nothing like a limp high five. Then we stand up and I’m not ready. 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!! We are out the door and twisting with 13,000 feet to the ground. The experience is amazing. We spin, I forget to do other things besides keep my position as best as I could and smile then Cowboy gives me direction again to do something for the camera like blow kisses. I do and manage to get a shaka as well for my family in Hawaii. The air caused my eyes to water in my goggles so I’m squinting most of the time and then the chute gets pulled and free falling is over.

You’re able to catch your breath and all you can say is something along the lines of ‘Holy sh*t that was incredible’ over and over again. Cowboy advises that he’s going to be loosening some straps just a bit and my harness isn’t as restrictive. He let me guide the chute and let me say all the corny things that were just spilling out of my mouth. He had us take tight turns, you feel as if you’re stopping and going backwards. Instructions on landing were really simple and he did a good job of avoiding Mr. Oblivious as we landed. I’ll say it again, the experience was incredible and Ginger did a great job of even capturing the landing, the immediate and natural feelings when you’re back on the ground and the gratitude I had for her and Cowboy. An amazing experience. I want to do it again!!! Be sure to sign his book and tip them both. They had your life in their hands.

If it’s your first time, get the video and photos. It’s totally worth it.

Post jump

"I, I did it all.
I, I did it all.
I owned every second that this world could give,
I saw so many places and things that I did,
Of every broken bone,