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HFWF18 - Spiked!

Located on the lawn at the Sheraton Maui in Lahaina, Hawai'i, the Hawai'i Food & Wine Festival delivered again with 13 knowledgeable chefs across the country bringing you a special bite using local, fresh ingredients. Pair these delicious and carefully created appetizers and desserts with cocktails from Mixologists and wine from Master Sommeliers. Be entertained with belly dancers, music and the MC keeping the event festive.

I was able to attend a similar event last year and report back. I was ecstatic to come back and try this year's creations. My father and step mother were able to attend as well and as foodies, they enjoyed it as well. "This is a lot!" my father exclaimed. It was like a 13-course tasting menu. Not bad for a $200 ticket, with unlimited wine, cocktails, beer by Stella Artois and Fiji water.

These Chefs may be on television shows and magazines, have written cookbooks and received countless rewards and accolades, but they are so approachable! Wh…

Big Apple Time

This ‘Bappletree’ is headed to the Big Apple next week! I have always wanted to live in that city and the last two visit confirmed it. I am looking forward to exploring more of this incredible city.
I believe my first visit was in 2009 with the inevitable ex-husband who was from Pennsylvania. He didn’t have the same excitement for NYC as I did. We did the Empire State Building, Times Square, the library used in the Sex and the City movie and $20 cocktails at the bar at The Plaza. A quick 6-hour trip was worth it.
Nearly ten years later, my friend, Merk, and I met up with old friends and enjoyed more of what New York has to offer. We had whiskey, NY Pizza and Please Don’t Tell. visited Central Park, Central Station, Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn, Ground Zero. Such good times!

This time, I am headed solo but a coworker might join me for the first night. I have reached out to friends there and on the east coast hoping they’ll come join in on the fun. I will probabl…


Happy Valentine’s Day to you! May you spend today with loved ones.

A special Valentine’s Day for those in an amazing relationship with their partner such as my beautiful Brides and Grooms turned married couples. I hope we celebrate your anniversaries for many years to come.

Contact me to plan your wedding and honeymoon.
While flowers and candy and cards are distributed, don’t forget to love yourself too. Past relationships have served their purpose and hopefully you have learned something from them. Continue to work on you, your happiness and well-being and you can give and love those special people in your life in an effortless way. 

Now, how will you do that?
Personally, I love my life. I am not in a long-term relationship but I have and had a lot of love in my life and I know I am very lucky. It would be wonderful to have a best friend to love and spoil, come home to and join me in all my adventures as a One Busy Bee. If it’s meant to be, the universe will make this person be known …

OBB Weekly - 2-12-19

BULA! I have returned from a week-long familiarization trip in Fiji and it was incredible. It was so amazing it is all I want to write about in this weekly post. Apologies for missing last week. I was touring amazing resorts, stood at the bow of a boat and eating kokoda, my new favorite Fijian dish. Read on to learn more. I hope this inspires you to go to the South Pacific. I would be happy to help you plan your trip.

Travel When I received the invitation to apply for this familiarization trip, aka Fam, I didn't hesitate. Fiji? The location wasn't even a top 10 spot on my list of places to visit next. But if it was going to be educational and a business expense, sign me up! I was one of six Travel Agents selected. I couldn't wait to go.

Fiji did not disappoint. Expect to be welcomed every morning, at every resort and even in passing on the highway or thru a village. You will see warm and welcoming Fijian smiles and a loud "Bula!" and/or wave. The landscape is beauti…

Bula from Fiji

This One Busy Bee says ‘Bula’ from Fiji and apologizes for not having a OBB Weekly post up. I was on a 10:30 PM flight from LAX, missed Groundhog Day entirely and immediately did tours and hotel site visits right off the plane.

Now it’s Tuesday and writing this from the gym at the gorgeous Marriott Momi Bay, one of two resorts that have over water bungalows. We have more ahead the next 2.5 days and it’s been great so far. I am learning a lot, meeting other female Travel Agents bearing issues they’ve had and how they’ve solved them. It’s been a great experience so far.
To see more and immediately, follow me on Snapchat at bappletree. I had 8,000 plus photos to do write ups on and I expect to add at least 2,000 to this phone. Stay tuned. For now, this is what Fiji has to offer. 

Let's Hike - Briones and Bonehead

2019 Goals, I'm comin' after you! 
One of the goals for this year is to get back to hiking once a month. This One Busy Bee and Travel Agent loves exploring new territories and getting a work out in. Then reward myself with a beer and good food, which sadly cancels out the work out. But nonetheless, it's time well spent in my opinion.

Trying to be a good granddaughter, I scheduled January's hike around taking my Lola to church. As a social butterfly like me, we were a bit late in getting out of there. Not to mention she had her walker to help her get around, which I nicknamed her skateboard. She thinks I'm silly. She is so right. After dropping her off at home in Martinez and doing a quick wardrobe change, I jumped in my car and headed to Lafayette to meet my roommate, Kim, and my Cuginos, Ron and Angela. Kim has missed doing hikes as she prepared for her Susan G. Komen walk in November and it's nice to do these hikes again with Rongela.

We immediately dove in wi…