Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Thank you for helping me surpass 2,000 Twitter followers. I remember reluctantly joining Twitter. My two Law Clerks were constantly on it.Then I had to see what it was all about and then I became addicted. I have made IRL friends from it and now even work in the Twitter building in San Francisco.It is my preferred social media platform. Thank you for your support!

I just read the below article by AdWeek. As a lover of marketing and advertising, and using Twitter as a way to market myself and this blog to hopefully travel the world and share my true experiences, I can vouch everything I post is real and from real accounts.

When brands spend money on fake accounts, that’s too bad. Iam a better choice, by far! Please review my social media stats HERE, my AboutMe section and contact me about a collaboration. I would love to work with you and do my own research on the product, industry or location. I promise to provide honest feedback and prefer to use original photos by yours truly.

I may not have a Justin Bieber level kind of followings but I am proud of my growth. Wish you could be a part of it.

A special thanks to my ongoing supporters. Thank you foryour Likes, Retweets and of course your friendship (online and/or IRL).

Monday, August 14, 2017

Three - San Mateo, California

When you haven’t seen your close cousin and nephew in sometime, you schedule a brunch. Browsing OpenTable, I found Three. A restaurant with good reviews in Downtown San Mateo. I picked up the boys on the other side of Highway 101 and went down Third Street until I found street parking near the restaurant. No need to look for a Pay By Phone sign for parking. The meters do not need to be fed.

Walk in the main door and you immediately see the bar and a podium to check in for our reservation. The first dining room had natural light coming in from our right, there were chalkboard drawings on the walls, banquet seating and individual tables. We room where we were sat was an area between that room and another room near the kitchen near a server station and the door to go downstairs for the bathroom. In the room we could see from our table, there was a nice long table of about 20 filled with guests. I could only assume more of the kitchen was to the left and just beyond that long table.

We started out at the bar with a Guava Mimosa for my cousin and a very sweet sparkling cocktail for me.
Cocktail plus the Taj Clutch by Stella & Dot
We were sat at a large table for four, though there was three of us dining that Sunday afternoon at Three. I honestly picked this place to get my 100 dining points to use another time and for their unique brunch selections. We should all have had the chicken and waffles but here, they made it into a sandwich. Add an egg if you wish! We did! We all ordered the same thing. The boys have never dined here but they have used the likes of Doordash to get the same sandwich delivered. My cousin was excited to have it fresh.

We started with crispy pork belly which was sinfullydelicious. The belly was stuck to the plate a bit but it was a fight we were invested in to win. We also had the mushroom rolls which was basically diced mushroom fried in thin wrappers.

My cousin Yelps, my nephew Snapchats and I do both plus blog! Here we are doing what we do. It clearly runs in the family. You’re welcome, Three, for the social media exposure.

I could not complete the sandwich and took off the soggy waffles and just ate the eggs and chicken. I prefer my waffles a bit crispy, my eggs over medium which came out over easy but the chicken was flavorful and a healthy portion. It all felt really heavy and I added a parfait with fresh fruit. The bowl was HUGE with a ton of granola on top. I think it helped balance out my good and bad intake for this meal.

Friendly service all around. I’d like to come back for their dinner.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


I am all for women-owned businesses, strong women, women in the military, in politics and in film. When selecting what to watch on Amazon Prime or shows I record on my DVR I normally tend to select strong, female lead movies and shows. I am a fan of Game of Thrones, Good Girls Revolt, Queen of the South  and characters such as Joan from Mad Men and actresses such as Charlize Theron in the recent Atomic Blonde. I am currently on Covert Affairs with Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly as a CIA Agent. Now, I am pleased to say a friend of mine, Megan Zerga, has just released a short film she co-wrote and starred in called Admana. I was honored to be part of the only San Francisco screening last week at the Independent Film Center at 145 Ninth Street.

Admana is a 13-minute short film by two female filmmakers, Genesis Diaz and Megan Zerga. Admana is a product of the recent election, which brought an overwhelming amount of emotion to both women. They felt a need to express their sadness and fear with this instantaneously captivating story. Prepare to want more!

The film was done really well, the entire process took seven months and with zero funds. Majority of the film was made possible because of women who have donated their time, skills and talent.

Congratulations, Megan! As long as I have known her, she's been working on this dream of hers. I am happy to have seen one of her finished products. Please support her, Admana and her upcoming project, The Island.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Bachelorette Bash Tips for Vegas

It's your job to throw an unforgettable bachelorette party before one of your best friends walks down the aisle. The pressure is on. What kind of party does she want? Low key and mild? Or a 'What happened last night?' Kind of wild weekend? It could be a mix of both: classy and upscale with a few details a bit cloudy. Unforgettable, as just mentioned, is not really a requirement and it's OK. Let me help you.

Initial Feels
Just as the Bride's wedding day is her day, she can have whatever she wants. The same goes for her 'bach. When planning her bachelorette party, ask her what kind of weekend she wants to have. Who does she want to invite? How long can she be away for? Have her provide you a list activities or details she wants to have and ones she absolutely does NOT want to have. If what she has in mind is way too vanilla for a Vegas bachelorette party, in your back pocket, plan on pushing her limits a little bit. Put the entire bridal party to work to come up with some fun, creative ideas. When in Rome, the Bachelorette may just say yes to something she'd consider crazy and roll with it.

Pick a weekend that works best for your Bride and the Bridal Party. Two full days is ample time for both a mild or wild weekend. Let's be honest, planning for recovery time is best spent on the plane ride home. Check out the below proposed itineraries. Which would your Bachelorette pick? See the graphic below of recommendations from Vegas.com and deals HERE.

Friday - This will be a day when guests arrive into town and meet up when they can. Guests that have arrived may kick off the weekend getting settled into the room, start gambling in their hotel, grab a low key dinner at Sushi Samba at The Palazzo Hotel or late night cocktails at the Carnaval Bar at Harrah's. Definitely brief the Bachelorette's liver in preparation for the weekend ahead.
Saturday - Pamper the Bachelorette with room service, head over to a spa day at The Mandarin Oriental and be transported back to the 1930s in Shanghai, followed by dinner at The Top of the World at The Stratosphere Hotel with 360 degree views of Las Vegas as the restaurant rotates, followed by the sensual show, Zumanity by Cirque de Soleil.
Cocktails at Stratosphere
Sunday - Brunch at Hash House a Go Go, shopping at The Forum at Caesars Palace, go 35 miles an hour almost 500 feet in the air on the Voodoo Zipline at The Rio, dinner at Le Cirque at The Bellagio and drinks at Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.
Monday - Limo ride to the airport

Friday - Get into Vegas, immediately gamble at the airport, stretch hummer pick up at the airport and taken to a suite at the Cosmopolitan or Aria. Loosen things up at Coyote Ugly at the New York New York to dance on the bar and add a bra to the poles above. New York pizza is available across the hall because it's cheat weekend.
Saturday - Brunch at Crush, Stripper 101 class, dinner by the lake at SW Steakhouse at The Wynn and bottle service and VIP treatment at Club XS.
Sunday - Cabana at Tao Beach, Thunder From Down Under show and finish strong at Hakkasan.

Monday - Limo ride back to the airport

TIPS From Vegas.com

Essentials to Pack
For the Bachelorette, bring her tiara, sash and/boa, etc. Have the bridal party wearing similar outfits or matching tanks during the outing. Don't forget the high heels, sexy dresses, bikini, flip flops, make up, aspirin, sunglasses and an eye mask for the plane. 

Throughout the weekend, Vegas.com put together the Bachelorette Vegas Hunt with tasks to check off.

With social media, nothing that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It stays on the internet. For good. And potentially blackmail later. Why not have fun with these once in a lifetime moments? Generate major FOMO complex by creating a special Snapchat geofilter and hashtag for the Bachelorette. She deserves it.

Check out the deals on Vegas.com. Happy sinning! I mean planning!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My First Influenster Box

I qualified?! I received a box of beauty goods with a retail value of over $250 from Influenster. My job is to use the products, write reviews and share them via social media.

Here is what I received!

My favorite product I received was the Aquis hair towel. My hair goes down to my butt and though on the smaller side, it wraps majority of my hair.  My Instafriend said she has had one or two for years and loves it. I use it every time I shower.

The next product I love is the Brow Food eye brown combo of powder and a pencil. The powder works so much better than a pencil because it's on eyebrow hairs, not entirely on your skin. It darkens your brows up. I enjoy it.

The next favorite is the Julep 'Boost Your Radiance' oil. Sometimes my skin gets pretty oily depending on where I am so putting oil on my face seemed like I was definitely going to get some pimples. I did but but a few weeks in, it hasn't happened again. There is no scent to it and it is easily dispensed

The other item I use every day is the Dermalogica eye cream. I have four jobs so I am very tired. I need an eye cream that lightens dark circles and helps smooth developing lines. It was a good size product and with a device to ensure I get all of the product out of the tube. Take note, toothpaste companies.

I was also given bottles of Ouidad shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I do not have curly hair but used it to see if it moisturized my hair and left it feeling clean and soft. Not so much. I'm going to give it to one on my staff.

The last product was a powder and a brush by Sigma that I haven't used because I don't wear that sort of stuff. I'll also be giving this to one on my staff.

How did I get an Influenster box? I signed up on the website, filled out a profile, reviewed some items and answered a survey for their latest box. I was happy to have received it! I've been a user for over a year. After a few completed surveys saying I don't qualify, I gave up. I don't even remember requesting this particular box but I'm glad it came! Try it out!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday SOMA Adventures - July 2017

We love Hooch. My Instafriend and I used it twice this week. Hooch is an app where you pay $9.99 a month and redeem free cocktails once per day at participating bars and restaurants. DW uses it and I signed up. I signed up Instafriend and I earned a free month. If you use my code '94aeef', your first month is $1. If you're in San Francisco, this app will pay for itself in one visit. Most cocktails are in the $12 -$14 range, so happy Hooch-ing and saving money. Don't forget to tip your bartender!

When Instafriend and I go out, we try to go to different places to try new spots and use our Hooch free drink! We wished Hazel was a participating restaurant. We love that place. This time, we decided on trying Elixir in the Mission at 16th and Guerrero.  I walked towards her house from DW and 'picked her up,' if you will. It was such a warm day and walking after about a block, I joked to see if she would rather take an Uber. She considered it because it was so warm. Or, we could go to Wish between 11th and 12th on Folsom. We opted for Wish.

On our way to Wish, we stopped off at a boxing gym and inquired about classes. We took a look at the schedule and the one that would fit my schedule and would be more interesting to me would be the boxing class on a Thursday at 5:30 PM. The first class would be $15, normally $25 per day, and depending on your package, the cost could be $130 per month. That sounded pretty steep for me with doing more yoga and just increasing my 24 Hour Fitness membership to more than one location. Then David gave us class passes for our first class being free. We took the card and headed towards Wish.

Another detour had us inside City Lights, a showroom for, y'know, lights. They had a lot of interesting and cool fixtures but as big as their showroom was and as many CSRs that were present, no one said hello or goodbye to us the entire time we were there. It takes two seconds to say hello.

We got to Wish and it looked closed. We were 9 minutes early so we went across the way and went to The Willows. I have been there once before and remembered they had two bars. See thru the glass wall to where they stock their back up liquor. Turn left and you'll see tables and chairs, a pool table, a TV, pinball machines, their bar and a DJ area.


We went with two cocktails, the pork belly donuts and the carne asada fries. My cocktail was a beautiful purple color, made with whiskey and hibiscu sand heavy on the foam. Instafriend's Impeachment cocktail was lacking ginger beer. The pork belly donuts were obviously friend but sadly, disappointing. The dough was not cooked thru. Majority was left behind. The carne asada fries were a hit. Good choice, Instafriend!

Next stop was what should have been our first stop: Wish. I jokingly said hi to City Lights as we walked by again as I was positive they wouldn't say hello either way. Wish was now open for almost an hour and a few guests were already at the bar. We grabbed a seat along the wall and went to the bar to order our Hooch drink. The blonde gal behind the bar didn't know what we meant. The woman wearing the Bond Bar shirt knew. Bond Bar was another participating Hooch bar. Our orders were placed and we picked them up. The Honey Comb cocktail was made with Four Roses bourbon, lemon & bitters. It wasn't mind-blowing but hey, we tried! Girl chat continued, left our tip and went our separate ways.


This was the adventures with Instafriend and I Hooching it up! Stay tuned for future posts.

Monday, July 3, 2017

#AshtangaYogaChallenge - July 2017

I remember first trying yoga when I was still in college when a few of my coworkers and I would gym hop by using their free trial days. I remember going to a gym and didn't like how the older man was touching the people in class. Before he got to me, I got up and left.

I have also tried hot yoga with my cousin. I drove out to Sacramento after a night of partying. I got up early and I wasn't supposed to eat before this class but I had to pull off and pick up food - McDonald's of all things. I was also a bit hungover but I didn't want to flake on my cousin. I did what I could in the class. I was incredibly uncomfortable and hot and not in the mindset that this class was supposed to be beneficial to me.

Then recently in Kauai, I tried a booty yoga class with my cousin who has been attending for awhile. It was really fun and I had a good workout. It was a bit more hip and a faster paced. I like boxing, lifting weights and that was more my style.

As of late, I have been feeling like my age is catching up with me because I'm going a million miles a minute, now working four jobs and I am unable to relax during my last two massage sessions. I absolutely cannot turn off my brain because I want or need to do this, that and that.

At a recent luncheon to introduce my travel companions to Paris this September, Lisa and Mercedes, Lisa mentioned a yoga challenge she's participating in. Mercedes was in! I was hesitant and didn't commit at first. Then during my latest massage, I again couldn't relax and decided as I was lying there that I was going to sign up and commit.

The 30-day yoga challenge is to sign up with Omstars.com and post a photo of the pose everyday or post something related to the challenge and use the appropriate hashtag and tag the correct accounts. I signed up as soon as I got home, paid the $14.99 and started watching videos to learn about the company and the non-profit it supports.

So here are my posts!

Day 1

Day 2
Snapchat - 'bappletree'

Day 3
Leggings by Lularoe

Day 4
Happy July 4th!

Leggings by Lularoe - Stars by Snapchat 'bappletree'

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

 Day 8