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HFWF17 - Chef Floyd Cardoz of Paowalla

I have read a couple of Danny Meyer's books. Chef Floyd Cardoz worked with him at Tabla, which has closed. Now Chef has multiple restaurants, including The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai, India and "Paowalla, the Portugues word for breadmaker" (First We Feast) in New York City. The Top Chef Masters winner in 2011 sat across from me at the Media Day for the Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival and describes his food as 'modern Indian, lighter, not heavy.' Chef continues to say that India has several states (29, Wikipedia), dialects and religions. Why would Indian cuisine be any different?

Chef says popular dishes include a chili chicken and bacon cheese biryani. He likes to showcase local seafood such as crab and calamari. If you can, sit at the designated bread bar with a view of the wood burning oven and enjoy a lot of carbs.

This biochemist Chef is also an author. With his winnings from the Top Chef Masters competition, he donated the $110,000 to the Young Scientist Ca…

#250KChallenge2018- Week 4

Doing a fitness challenge while on vacation? Normally this One Busy Bee is all about it! I hit the gym almost everyday aboard Holland America Line’s Oosterdam a couple of months ago. This time, not so good! But it’s about the bounce back! I don’t stay down for long and I tried to get back to it once I landed back in California. But here’s Week 4. It wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t a complete disaster. How’s every body else doing?
Monday Recovery from the night before took place and I wanted to get as much from our last day in Barcelona. We walked a few miles to the soccer stadium. Unfortunately, I missed the last game of the season that took place on Saturday. We then took a cab to La Ramblas. Court Court has never been. Our first stop was coffee. This restaurant had carbonara on the menu. Since our trip to Italy, I have never found a carbonara dish remotely close to it. We walked around a bit more and Court Court was not feeling well so we just went back to the AirBNB. We had dinner plan…

#250KChallenge2018 - Week 3

I’m writing this on a stationary bike and checked Twitter to see what week I was currently on! I didn’t know it was Week 4! That means I was slacking on writing up on Week 3 of the #250KChallenge2018 by and Optimum Nutrition. So here you go! How is everyone else doing on this challenge?
Monday  Still in Mendocino, California with plans to do one more wedding venue visit with my Bride and Groom. But they were still sleeping, so I got up, took a shower, put Bevo in the car with me to hunt for breakfast. I called a place that had great reviews to see if they were dog friendly. Negative. We headed down the street anyways. 
There, we explored Fort Bragg. Look at how huge that tree is!

I got breakfast to go, picked up the Bride and Groom and headed out to Pacific Star Winery for wine tasting and meeting with the owner. It’s a steal! Ask me about booking your wedding here. I know, wine. Not really beneficial to this challenge. Should I mention we also stopped off at Navarro…

#250KChallenge2018 - Week 2

Week 2 was tough. I was just getting over bronchitus and I had to start a new job so my schedule was off and I had to try to fit in a work out whenever I could without overdoing it.  My new job had me training at different locations in San Francisco and I made it a point to walk to these locations to get my FitBit steps in and to get some movement in instead of waiting on the street for a street car. My diet wasn’t great either but I did what I could.
Monday Walked from Embarcadero Bart Station along the Embarcadero to Pier 39. On the way, I geeked out about seeing the Grand Princess cruise ship by Princess Cruises docked at Pier 27. I am almost done with the Princess Academy and cannot wait to sell my first vacation to my friends, family and clients. 

Pier 39 was a place I don’t typically go to as a local. As kids, we used to go there when family from Southern California would come up to visit. This time, I was touring the pier like a tourist and learning more about my own backyard. Par…