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HFWF18 - Spiked!

Located on the lawn at the Sheraton Maui in Lahaina, Hawai'i, the Hawai'i Food & Wine Festival delivered again with 13 knowledgeable chefs across the country bringing you a special bite using local, fresh ingredients. Pair these delicious and carefully created appetizers and desserts with cocktails from Mixologists and wine from Master Sommeliers. Be entertained with belly dancers, music and the MC keeping the event festive.

I was able to attend a similar event last year and report back. I was ecstatic to come back and try this year's creations. My father and step mother were able to attend as well and as foodies, they enjoyed it as well. "This is a lot!" my father exclaimed. It was like a 13-course tasting menu. Not bad for a $200 ticket, with unlimited wine, cocktails, beer by Stella Artois and Fiji water.

These Chefs may be on television shows and magazines, have written cookbooks and received countless rewards and accolades, but they are so approachable! Wh…


There have been so many social media challenges over the years and I haven’t really participated. Fitness challenges are more my thing. However, the #10yearchallenge is pretty simple. I have been on Facebook for 10 years so photos were easy to find without having to plug in my external hard drive. Oh, the content on that thing! So here is what I posted.

I still get carded. Kim, my roommate, didn’t like the Southwest flight attendant that carded me but not her. She points out that she’s younger than I am. I also was mistaken for 24 by a Bartender I would see on a weekly basis for about a year. Carlos, you get major points. I’m 38 by the way.

Here are some other fun photos from around 10 years ago that I found along the way. Good times. 

AND!!! It appears I have been blogging for 10 years. It definitely has not been consistent but this blog has been around since then. Please view and comment some of the old posts. I’d appreciate it!

OBB Weekly - 1-15-19

Every day is a gift. I lost my Lolo, grandfather in Tagalog, six years ago. He lived with leukemia for many years. In his memory, I signed up for my first half marathon with Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that took place Saturday, January 12, 2019. It was at Walt Disney World in Florida. As a Certified Disney Travel Agent, it was perfect for this One Busy Bee. I was able to visit parks I have never been to before, do something big to keep Lolo’s memory alive and hopefully find a cure and help fund treatments for those with blood cancer. It has been an amazing journey.

TRAVEL Florida gets cold! I initially packed shorts and planned to run the morning after our arrival with my running partner, Nelson, who also signed up with Team in Training. Our friend, Sandra Eudy, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease last year. With the time difference, I didn’t make the run. It was a bit ambitious of me. With the long day ahead of exploring the Magic Kingdom Disney Par…

Glam Getaway Goals

I said it before and here I am saying it again. I AM going to go on this incentive trip!

I have been a Stella & Dot Stylist for almost 8 years. It has always been a side gig and for fun to wear jewelry. Now they have handbags, accessories and clothing. Every year, they offer a chance to earn rewards. Yes, I like free product and what not. But this One Busy Bee Travel Agent loves to travel. Last year they were sending folks to Hawaii. Yes, been there. This year, they are sending folks to Mexico. Yes, been there too BUT, this ties into my new year's goals. I love killing two birds with one stone. Make sales, earn commission, save more money to put down for a down payment for that Maui real estate goal. This allows me to also earn a free trip. It's a win-win.

I obviously can't do this alone. The dates of the trip would be February 20-23, 2020. It just happens to fall on my best friend's birthday. If I reach the top level of the rewards with 60,000 points, I will ear…

OBB Weekly - 1-8-19

It's a new year and a lot of changes have occurred. My draft for the OBB Weekly post for December 18th was made the day before my beloved dog, Bevo, passed away. This post in a step in moving on and forward as it crushed me. A part of me will always be missing and searching for his love, heavy breathing and snoring. I have modified that posting and adapted it here for the first OBB Weekly post of the new year. At the time, we were house and cat sitting in the beachy town of Santa Cruz for friends vacationing in Mexico. From their social media posts, they look like they're having a blast. Bevo and I always enjoyed getting out of town. Learn what you can do in Santa Cruz County! Thanks to the VisitSantaCruz Twitter and Instagram accounts for love on my posts.

Travel I have been coming to Santa Cruz County for ages. My dear cousin swam for the Banana Slugs of UC Santa Cruz, friends and I have had beach days at Seabright and dinner dates on the pier took place with sightings of sea …

Hike Once a Month

One of this One Busy Bee's favorite thing to do is kill two birds with one stone - be productive and have fun, drink wine but get educated, or travel to hike. I completely slacked in 2018 in getting many hikes in. But as it is in writing, one of my 2019 goals is to hike once a month. I have also signed up for the challenge #BBComChallengeSeries and I want to be in the best shape of my life come March and boarding that Golden Princess cruise ship in Melbourne, Australia to New Zealand. January's hike is scheduled for Sunday, January 27th in the East Bay. Let me know if you'd like to join the group. The more the merrier!

Happy Hiking!!!

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Yoga n Champagne

Not a typical combo for yogis or wine-Os but it happened. I can't take it back. I am so far behind in posting on my travels that I need to catch up. Saved as one of the first photos in the Favorites album on my phone are these beauties. Yoga in Champagne, France.

I met my friend, Lisa, through one of the monthly Women Wednesday events I used to throw at my restaurant in San Francisco. There isn't anything this girl doesn't do. She's a yoga instructor, aesthetician and sommelier. I attended an event she was working and she mentioned she and her boyfriend were going to Paris. I jokingly asked if I could crash her vacation. No joke, I did, but I brought my dear friend, Mercedes with me too, plus mi Papichulo (a nickname I call a dear Puerto Rican friend of mine).

Before I fainted on the airplane to Europe (that's another story for another time), I thought it'd be good for Mercedes and Lisa to meet. Papichulo lived in Orlando so that we would be difficult to arrang…