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An Evening in Palo Alto, California

In the Silicon Valley of California, come down to Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University. Friends who want to switch it up on the weekend from going to 'the city' aka San Francisco or staying local such as the country bar called The Saddlerack or the fun downtown Livermore, downtown Palo Alto is a nice option. It has shopping, restaurants and is mainly safe.

Shop the high-end stores at the outdoor mall or by walking down University Avenue. Feel all the 'like butter' things at Restoration Hardware. Don't mind the show-like ready dogs accompanying their owners placing custom orders of leather couches and matching plush robes. Not going to lie, that $3,500 headboard was on sale and a bit tempting. The other store I was ventured in was Letter Perfect, a stationary store with cute cards, notebooks, books, paper gifts and an area for custom invites. I checked in alerting my followers they do wedding invitations.

I had plans to have dinner with my lawyer-friend, Ivan,…

Forrest & the Bay

Quite similar to my recent Sharks & Puppies post, this blog post title has quite the similarities yet many differences. Not only am I bringing them together in one day, it was also the reason for bringing me together with my best friend and my niece and nephew, whom I call my Little Loves. On this particular day, I was lucky to take advantage of my Concierge benefits and take people I love to enjoy what this beautiful city, San Francisco, has to offer. Along with all its differences.

On different days, thankfully consecutively, I had the pleasure of seeing my best friend and my Little Loves in San Francisco near my work. They came by my work and I was able to step away for my 10-minute break to have a bite with them at The Blue Mermaid. We shared the delicious crab cakes and fish and chips, and we shared a table of laughs and catching up a bit. I snuck away for more hugs and love and to steal some of Nate's delicious vanilla ice cream.

On their way out, I got even more hugs as…

Simmer in Summer Style

It's still a bit cold here in San Francisco but the sun is shining and soon it'll be summer. That means, vacations, warmth, suns out guns out and swimming in style. As a long-time Stella & Dot Stylist and lover of the islands, I have to say, I love the new releases. We have some great new pieces with color and a tropical feel, dresses and hats! Oh, the temptation!

As this One Busy Bee does in her traditional style, this Travel Agent is also planning summer itineraries to the Bahamas and the island of Mykonos in Greece. These pieces would be perfect to pack and wear on that birthday Carnival Cruise or catching some stares and compliments while taking advantage of Choro's nightlife. Shop my site HERE and splurge a little. Not looking to spend too much? I have quite a few retired pieces up for sale on my Poshmark closet. Check them out! Make me an offer.
I would like to offer you to earning it all! A Stella &Dot hostess earns an average of $250 in free jewelry and acc…

Sharks and Puppies

Two very different mammals but yet, they go together. "How?" you ask. In my recent experience, they support each other. Take note, humans. Stop shooting at each other!
I came home to my new roommate sitting in the chair that my former roommate basically lived in in the living room, with my dog at her feet. They were watching the San Jose Sharks playoff game. Since then, we have watched the last three games together in the living room. We have had our first DoorDash experience together with probably the worst burrito I've ever had in my life. Sorry, Hayward's La Pinata. Never again. Then the next game, I was booking her Paris hotels for September and sort of watching the game. One Busy Bee strikes again. I can't remember the last time I watched a sporting event in my own living room. Though, those PacMan PPV parties were fun!

Then today, after running into a tank of Boston Terrier like my Bevo who happens to be 27 pounds, I approached Pier 39 and the Aquarium of …

The Royals on the Amalfi Coast

No, not the soon-to-be married Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Though this Event Planner hopes to tune into their wedding on May 19th this year, I'm talking about the show The Royals on E. The series is on its fourth season and I love it! Maybe it's just me but I would want to believe you can be a Princess and not be perfect like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. I love Princess Eleanor, played by Alexandra Park.

Finally catching up with the current season, the first episode had Princess Eleanor traveling the world, trying to escape the heartache with Jasper and working on a hotel project called Hoteleanor. I love to travel, am One Busy Bee to not be reminded I'm missing out on a fairy tale kind of love and I have always had a fascination of hotels and love the luxe life.. Am I finding that a Princess and I have more in common that I thought? One of the shots in this episode was her along the Amalfi Coast. They filmed at The Amalfi Cathedral and I remember seeing i…


Mondays are full of motivations (see hashtags) and intentions. I came across the #MeatlessMondays hashtag and thought, 'Hey, I could do that!' (Read article.) Cutting out eating meat one day a week will improve your diet with eating more nutritious and less carcinogenic products from the earth, decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHE) and save a life. Those lambs are pretty cute, right? Those Dodo videos on Facebook has me tearing up sometimes. I know I'm not alone. However, motivation and execution are two different things, but I wanted to at least try and that's half the bottle.

I tried a few times to have Meatless Mondays as part of my life but in all honestly, I would forget or just would really want a bit of that steak! Major fail right? As of late, I only had about 40 minutes for my break. I had a call to make and then I had to eat something before I turned hangry. I didn't have a Snickers bar to save the day. I'm more of a Kit Kat kind of gi…

I Double Doughp Dare You!

If you're following my blog, (thank you and I love you,) you'll notice I haven't posted a while about cooking (see Plated posts). Nor have I baked. But I do love me some cookie dough. Now I can get the sweet goodness without the wrist workout from Doughp located on the second level at Pier 39, near the California Welcome Center where I sometimes work. 

Thanks to Northern California native, Kelsey Witherow, we can now enjoy multiple flavors of her cookie dough with fun names such as Fluffed Nuts (peanut butter and mashmallow fluff-infused dough) and Basic Betch, a pumpkin spice dough for you Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte lovers. Far from basic, I'm sticking with the original. I dare you to try it. It's just what I want and now I can get it whenever I want to indulge. As a Concierge, I have coupons for buy one get one scoop half off. Come find me to save!

Take your scoop, double or triple scoop (we don't judge, we drool) and sit in their parlor, on their balcony…

First SF Giants Game of 2018

It's a new season and it's baseball season. The last time I went to a San Francsico Giants game was sitting in the bleacher area for the last game of the season I think in 2016. I was with coworkers, Cristen and Nick, and had a good time. But thanks to my friend, Nelson, he took me this game against the Diamondbacks. They were originally purchased as a retirement gift for our friend, Sandra, but she is getting some rest and taking care of her health. I was lucky enough to be thought of as a replacement.

My day started at 4:45 AM to get ready, drive Bevo to Happy Hound for day care as I was going to be out late, drive to a mid-way point between A&T Park and Fisherman's Wharf, work my 8.5-hour shift at the Concierge desk at The Argonaut Hotel, change into my Giants gear and make my way back to my car to drop off my Shredz gym bag and continue my walk to Momo's. It was an almost 10-mile walk kind of day.

Momo's is the restaurant right across the street from the bal…