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Living Room Live - W San Francisco

I have always loved the W chain of hotels. They are definitely my style, hip and sexy. I received an invite to the Living Room Live event of hosted appetizers and drinks with a local DJ. I was allowed to bring as many as guests as I could and I now have a life outside of work so I RSVP'd and invited friends.

I haven't been to the W SF, nor have I stayed in this hotel. I have had a room at the Newark, California location. That's nice. And have definitely had a ladies' night out there. It was nice to have our own area and some team members came to say hello. 

Mitzi, my food blogger friend, and my Instafriend, Julia, were able to join. Mitzi couldn't stay for the entire time and took off after enjoying that ranch with their delicious chips and took her photos. Follow her Instagram accounts (@mitzifood, @mitzidrinks). Julia and I continued our evening at the beautiful St. Regis hotel on the same block. 
We sat in oversized chairs near the fireplace and was provided won…

Stella & Dot Fall 2018 Collection - July 18th

Here is a teaser of the new Fall 2018 collection by Stella & Dot! Gorgeous, right? Do you think your friends would love it too? Book a trunk show with me and earn an average of $250 in free jewelry and additional pieces at half off. OR, sign up and be a Stylist on my team and you can earn your investment back at your business launch trunk show!

I just had a shopping Summer Soiree at my house this past weekend. My friends with Rodan & Fields and Lularoe came by as well. We had a good time with my neighbors, time on my balcony enjoying my view and many bottles of wine. I opened up wine bottles I have been holding onto and was happy to crack them open and share with these ladies. Men were there too!

 And the wine!

Bummed you couldn't make this event? Please visit me at the Tennyson All American Festival at the Mt. Eden Mansion and Park on Saturday, July 1st from 10 am - 2 pm. I will have a table of jewelry for you to check out! Also, any orders will be entered into the Myster…

Wedding Planning Update

It just happens to be my last bride's wedding anniversary this past week! Happy Anniversary, Fatima & Tim! It took place at the beautiful Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, California.

I have been quite consumed opening and trying to keep a new business adventure, Dirty Water, keep afloat. A few responsibilities have shifted and I have goals that I am kicking into high gear: #goalby40. I am looking to gain more experience and saving money for that 2 bedroom 2 bath condo on the beach in Maui. I am determined to make that happen.
What would you do on that island? 
I am an Event Planner and am doing well with my Stella & Dot business. I am planning a wedding for September 2017 and June 2018. I have also an On Call Banquet Server at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California to gain event experience from a hotel perspective. Maui is a common wedding destination. I'd fit right in, don't you think? I will also be going back to Maui in October for the Hawaii Food & Wine F…

Selfie Day - June 21, 2017

We've all done it. There's even a category and album that Apple automatically puts your selfies in. How many do you have? I currently have 403 on my phone. I'm so vain, right?

Well, don't be ashamed, it's Selfie Day on Wednesday, June 21st. Rock those selfies!

As a Stella & Dot Stylist, it's my job. I make money off of my selfies because I take pictures of how I wear the jewelry I'm selling via social media and possibly during live trunk shows. It's easy. Even with cute dogs. That is Gizmo. My long time buddy, now 14.

I have a few friends that are Roman Fields reps and tomorrow, for every selfie posted via Twitter with no makeup and use the '#RFgonaked' hashtag, one dollar will go to BuildOn. I'm down. Post a pic, unfiltered and give yourself some self love promo of you all natural. You'll be happily surprised how many compliments you'll get. Own it. You're beautiful.

Will you participate? Have fun with it! We do!

#StillInIt 2017 - Week 8

Week 8 of 8 of the's fitness challenge with Dymatize. Again, I made very little progress. I stopped drinking with the exception of maybe three days, I switched up my workouts and made it a point to get up early to make it happen and I feel like I ate better. But still, not that much progress. What's up with that? Frustrating.

Monday Abs, Back & Cardio

Tuesday Arms & Cardio
Thursday I started a new part time job and I had to drive into work. I would get up at the same time but I didn't hit the gym.
Friday Being tired from working a double on Thursday, I took the day off. I had planned to take After pics the next morning.

Saturday Abs, Legs and Cardio With After pics not showing any progress, I pushed even farther at the gym. It felt good.

Sunday Chest and Cardio I felt those booty moves from the day before and felt I deserved a fun evening with a friend.

Raising Funds to Find a Cure

My friend, Carmelita, will be participating in her FOURTH Team Challenge Half Marathon in Napa, California on July 16th with monies funding to find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis. Last year, she raised over $5,000. This year, her goal is to reach $6,000 and she is 48% there!

Carmelita is a rather new friend of mine but we immediately hit it off when I met her at a Veuve Clicquot event at Dirty Water where she won a magnum! Since then, we have donated a gift certificate to a golf tournament benefiting children, she has attended other Women Wednesday events and other fun events around the city. We became Facebook and Instagram friends and this woman does it all. She's a professional, constantly traveling and enjoying life and doing good for this world. It's an honor to have met her and I would like to support her efforts. Read more about her story here:

I am donating 10% of sales from her online Stella & …

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Three times here and always a good time. The first time was having a birthday luncheon out on the patio with Bevo after a long walk on the beach. The second time was after hiking Purisima Trail with friends. And this last time was with my sister for her birthday weekend. 
What should we get? 
My friend John of Mujicians Brewing Company always gets all the beer at a brewery to try them all! Why choose just three? Why choose beers you think you'll like? Tasting beer is just as fun as wine tasting. With so many breweries popping up, I assure you, they're not all Bud Lights (thank God). Some won't taste like you think they would. I enjoy being shocked with a unique scent and an unexpected flavor or color. I am no expert on the topic but I can tell you you'll have fun if you get 'All The Beer!'

I told Nelson that this should be addition to his food truck.

My sister, Melyssa, has never experienced this and we received a tray of all the local beers on tap. The …