I am happy to have reached 1,900 Twitter followers!  One of those followers happen to be Paula Abdul! My sister was followed too and she texted me a similar screenshot. We are seeing Paula this Sunday as an opener for the New Kids on the Block. My sister was funny,

I remember our cousin texting me while at another concert asking how to get Donnie Wahlberg to follow her? He's been her favorite of the boys since we were kids. Mine, it has always been Jordan Knight. Oh, if he could follow me. Unfortunately, he is not.

My all-time favorite football player, Jerry Rice, followed me once upon a time. I remember I was at Denica's in Castro Valley, CA and received a notification. I even posted the screenshot on my Instagram feed. Sadly, I followed up today and he is no longer following me. How sad.

However, I am thankful for the 1,900 users following me. Please do not be shy and say hello!



  1. Congrats on reaching 1900! You'll be at 2000 in no time!

    Hopefully I won't be far behind.


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