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First Check-In at Yelp HQ in SF

Are we friends on Yelp? Do you write reviews? Are you doing the 100 reviews challenge this year? Do you check-in?
I checked into the Yelp headquarters for the first time this week. I was a Yelp Elite for seven years but am no longer one as I'm not a business owner. It is definitely much different being on the other side.
I am responsible with responding to all of our reviews, marketing and advertising on the site. I visited the HQ for an introduction to Yelp Reservations, formerly SeatMe. I realized that an old colleague and now fellow Event Planner was there after I checked in on Facebook. I hear, "Bern?!?" The pretty lady in a yellow dress had a few managers with her from a restaurant along The Embarcadero. 
The presentation was interesting and the marketing panel of other industry professionals was informative. The event was mostly full but it was pretty long. If I ever went back to school, not sure I'd be able to sit still that long.
Their office is located on N…

#BernsFashionChallenge - Week 3

Week 3 of #BernsFashionChallenge is complete! This challenge is to benefit The Princess Project in San Francisco, California that promotes self-confidence and individual beauty. They also provide teens with prom dresses and accessories that cannot otherwise purchase them. 
Let's think back to high school and how important that dress was. It was the closest thing we had to being invited to a ball. What if you didn't have any money to buy a beautiful dress? What would you  wear if that boy you had a crush on finally asked you to prom or homecoming? Every girl deserves to feel beautiful at least every once in awhile. Like Marilyn Monroe said, give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. I think The Princess Project allows this to happen for some Bay Area girls. Kudos to this local non-profit. Donate your gently used dresses today! Follow me on Instagram and I will donate a dollar for every new follower I have at the end of the month. That just a few days le…

She's Gone Country

"You saw Reba?"

At the time, I couldn't remember the last time someone told me they went to a country concert. This cute 20-year-old was eventually going to be an ex-boyfriend but I do have to thank him for exposing me to country music. He was a Marine with a dream of flying. As much as I wanted it to work out, the military life wasn't for me. But damn, are men in uniform so sexy to me.

We ended up dating after flirting with him that he didn't stock my tables with a variety of jams and he took me to an 18 and up country spot in Davis, California. I can't remember the song that was playing but at some point the cowboys were supposed to lift up the girls. That was different from the bump and grinding men do at the club to try to 'get to know you.'

He recommended Kenny Chesney to me and he was right. I became a fan. His songs were set in the islands with songs like "All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan," "On the Coast of Somewhere B…


A shout-out to Terabit in Ottawa, Canada for being my 1500th Twitter follower. It's a small achievement of mine and I wanted to recognize it and show my appreciation. Now our connection is forever in the blogosphere. Thank you, Good luck to you!

Ottawa actually reminded me of what Albert called 'Maple Syrup.' He was my traveling partner to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. An interesting time for sure.

#BernsFashionChallenge - Week 2

Week 2 in an attempt to fundraise for The Princess Project is complete! #BernsFashionChallenge is posting your outfit of the day every day to Instagram and promoting self-confidence and individual beauty, just like the non-profit does. I will donate one dollar for every new follower I get on Instagram at the end of the month of June. 
Follow me - 'bappletree'
I invite you to even post one outfit of the day with my hashtag #BernsFashionChallenge - it takes two minutes and it helps spread awareness. I have a friend in Australia that commends me for doing this challenger and encourages me to keep going! I will!! Awareness has crossed the Pacific Ocean to down under.
You also should follow Danielle S.! She has posted everyday and looks fabulous even when she's cooking at home. Check her out. I think we'll have to schedule a girls' day in so I can play in her closet.
Notice I am not always in recognizable brand name gear. You don't need to have Armani or well-known …

LLB 2016 - Napa & Saratoga. +RIP Christina Grimmie

Work has been crazy busy and I was prepping myself for my Event Manager's departure. We had non-stop events and I didn't take a day off for 19 days. The Los Lonely Boys concert in Napa, California at the Uptown Theatre was the perfect reason to take a day off. It also fell on a Friday.

I met up with my friend, Maria, and her boyfriend, Gabriel, at one of many wine bars we visited that day. It was great to be social, get out of town and be in Napa. As soon as I saw the vines on the highway, I felt like I could breathe. I'm way too far to turnaround if there's an emergency at work so I was going to make the best of my much needed day off.

I indulged in wine, cheese and crackers, mac and cheese, a salad, cornbread and chocolate in our little Downtown Napa tour. When you need a snack, consider checking out Napkins and check in on Yelp. You get complimentary guacamole or cornbread. You know which one I went with.

Besides wine, my Los Lonely Boys make me happy. After drinki…

Event Planning - Glide Fundraiser $3.4M

Congratulations to Glide in surpassing last year's fundraising amount of $2.3M in the 17th Annual eBay Power Lunch with Warren Buffett! The bidding for a lunch at Smith & Wollensky in New York with seven guests was auctioned beginning June 5, 2016 thru June 10th. The unveiling of the winning amount and party with hosted wine and passed appetizers was held at Dirty Water in San Francisco on Friday, June 10, 2016. Watch live footage of the event with live performances below:

Other news articles:
Anonymous Bidder Bidder Pays $3.46 million for Warren Buffett Lunch - Reuters
Warren Buffett Lunch Auction Won by Mystery Bidder for $3,456,789 - New York Times
Private Buffet Lunch Goes to Highest Bidder for Over $3.4M -

DW was so honored to be part of such a wonderful event. Continue reading for a behind-the-scenes look at putting an event like this together from the venue and Event Planner / Events Director.

My former Events Manager took the initial lead on this project. I partici…