First Check-In at Yelp HQ in SF

Are we friends on Yelp? Do you write reviews? Are you doing the 100 reviews challenge this year? Do you check-in?

I checked into the Yelp headquarters for the first time this week. I was a Yelp Elite for seven years but am no longer one as I'm not a business owner. It is definitely much different being on the other side.

I am responsible with responding to all of our reviews, marketing and advertising on the site. I visited the HQ for an introduction to Yelp Reservations, formerly SeatMe. I realized that an old colleague and now fellow Event Planner was there after I checked in on Facebook. I hear, "Bern?!?" The pretty lady in a yellow dress had a few managers with her from a restaurant along The Embarcadero. 

The presentation was interesting and the marketing panel of other industry professionals was informative. The event was mostly full but it was pretty long. If I ever went back to school, not sure I'd be able to sit still that long.

Their office is located on New Montgomery in San Francisco and has this beautiful lobby that felt more New York than SF. It took me back in time. The elevator doors on the inside had a red Yelp wrap. Was this elevator solely designated for Yelp? Were all six elevators branded like this?

The presentation room had multiple retracting projector screens and TVs.

A meal by Straw was provided. I couldn't really eat any of it as it wasn't very healthy. I didn't eat the bread that came with Sliders, I took a small spoonful of their macaroni salad and their doughnut mini burger on a toothpick and a bottle water.

My colleagues and I discussed the Yelp Reservations option and dined at the long communal tables under lights with ropes from the ceiling. I met with my new advertising rep while I was there and discussed some options and ways to improve clicks. I made some changes as soon as I got back to the office. I also opened up my goodie bag.

Inside was a pot with a packet of basil seeds. The woman with the blackest thumb ever knew that wasn't going to be put to use. Mints were needed in the office and the Chapstick was given to Cristen.

How do you make your reservations? Via phone, OpenTable, Yelp Reservations, Velocity?

Do you check-in?
I love checking into places and get the bragging rights that I'm Queen of Carson City, Nevada (it happened), or show off that I'm hitting the gym, why aren't you? But Swarm has recently kicked off chances to win by checking in certain places over a week. I use mPlaces to check in and get coins for gift cards. I have already earned $40 in gift cards to Target. It's like free pet food! And I also still Shopkick. I'm not checking in but more like walking in to get Hyatt gift cards.


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