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Let's be honest, the 250KChallenge did not get me to where I want to be and summer will be upon us in no time. No doubt that I am stronger but I want to see some major changes in my body.

I have read several articles that you need to change up your routine every six weeks and of course, everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen. I have picked up doing two 12-14 minute HIIT videos from BodyRock and do additional weights at home. It has been kicking my ass. Some moves makes me say 'That girl (Lisa) is damn crazy!' She is! But she's fit as hell and obviously doing something right. With at least 24 minutes of her workouts, I am drenched. The fan is turning in my bedroom and the window is open. These workouts are no joke. I have also invited my workout partner, Courtney, and my personal trainer friend to join me. Here are some fun post-work out SnapChats. The peace sign is actually indicating two workouts in one day.

Bevo is also a big supporter. He's so excited.

I hav…


The Clicquot Journey
Dirty Water Restaurant & Bar
Thursday, April 28, 2016
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM Let Veuve Clicquote take you away! Be part of Clicquot Journey with Yellow Label champagne for $18 a glass or buy a bottle for $80. Stay to enjoy the special menu created by Chef Fissel to include foie gras torchon, bruleed figs, smoked maple glazed pork belly, house made meatballs and pretzels, paddlefish caviar from The Caviar Co. and house made mango sorbet! There will be games on our lawn, swag to pick up and fun photo backdrops to take your Veuve Clicquot memories home with you and share over social media.
Earn entries to win prizes every hour including large bottles of  your much loved Veuve Clicquot, a prize pack for a performance at the San Francisco Symphony in the sidebox with champagne service during intermission, two tickets to see Kinky Boots thanks to SHN and a caviar cooler pack from The Caviar Co. A full schedule of prizes to win is posted below. Must be present to win at the t…

Beer Pairing Dinner - Drake's Brewing Co.

DW has monthly beer pairing dinners that are typically held on the last Sunday of the month. Our very first one was with Mother Earth and it went very well. The Founder was awesome, helpful and great with our customers.

This past Sunday, April 24th, we had local brewery, Drake's Brewing Company come down with their Brewmaster, John. He and his wife, Natasha, and their Sales Rep, Max, came down, had dinner with us and spoke with any of guests that partook of the special menu with pairings.

Before dinner began, I had my staff of servers, host and my kitchen crew that created this delicious menu come and get knowledgable on the FIVE beers that were available. John gave additional information like some background on the brewery, how the beer was made and why it pairs well with dishes our kitchen has created. I posted a little video of it on SnapChat.

We also had a firkin to tap and offer to guests. It was and IPA made with Highwire coffee in Berkeley. One of our first events at DW was…

Fogo de Chao - Santana Row

Come hungry. For $55, get unlimited access to the salad bar and the variety of proteins will be brought to your table based on the red or green side of circular card that many of us mistook as a coaster. 
Fogo de Chao is located at the corner of Olin and Winchester, conveniently park in the parking garage below for free. They have outdoor seating with heat lamps before you enter the restaurant and are greeted by the hostess that is as professional as one at a high-end hotel. 
"The Douglas party please."

I was personally escorted to a table for eight where a flat screen television can be seen across the way and past what seemed to be a 10-foot narrow mirror along the wall.
I was a bit late and attempted one of their cocktails with vodka and mango puree. I didn't enjoy it and asked for a Jameson on the rocks instead. Their whiskey list was not extensive. I was looking to try something new. 

I was hungry so I went to the salad bar and grabbed a white plate, some kale, heart…

Chances Are...

I have won CDs, DVDs, tickets to concerts but the biggest thing I have won was a trip to the Grammy's in LA when I was 20 years old. We sat at the very back of the Staples Center but it was quite the experience. Working in advertising, I know that these sweepstakes by large companies are legit and therefore someone has to win. I have called people in the South they have won a pair of NASCAR tickets and I can still hear their southern accent.

I enter sweepstakes to win trips to places I have never been to. It's easy to enter because my comp can simply fill out the fields due to text recognition. My girlfriend Megan and I would send each other invitations because when they enter, you get another entry to the drawing. I haven't won a big prize since the Grammy's but I'm hopeful and it doesn't take long. I use mPlaces as well on a daily basis and am still hoping to win something from them.
Wit all that said, I am participating in Safeway's Monopoly game. There …


The world today is mourning the death of celebrities, Prince and Chyna. I do have a few songs by Prince on my phone and was a fan of Chyna's, a World Wrestling Federation star, many years ago. This evening, a trending topic was trending regarding the death of a 16-year-old girl in Delaware after a fight broke out in the girls' bathroom.  Fox News states that it is suspected that the girl may have hit her head on the sink after the fight broke out. However, who was really there? What really happened? What lead to the fight?

As far as I know, no confirmation is known or been released as to these three people's cause of death. Yes, Prince and Chyna have touched many people's lives but that poor girl had so much life to live and we'll never know what she could have accomplished.
We don't know what exactly happened in that bathroom or why, but it saddens me that other females were involved. In the world where bullying is causing suicides and just the pressure alone …

2016 Beer Log - April

It's another month and I need to stay on top of this because I'm not using Untappd as much as I should to keep track of my beer consumption. I know, I live such a hard life, don't I? If you're just jumping onto this blog, this year I have had to separate my beer logs by month as quarterly was getting a bit out of control.

These logs originated to help me keep track of beers I have tried to find out what I do and do not like. However craft beer and all categories of beverages are going into really unique directions and its interesting to see it evolve, to taste what all the fuss is about or to taste something that no one hasn't really tried yet. I think it's really cool and I want to share it with everyone. Once I have a moment to read a bit more (perhaps I should stop blogging....nah!), I will get to Ashley Routson's book on beer. DW will be doing an event with her on Friday, May 13th. You heard it here first!

So here is April's...

It started out with