Show Me Your Dog!

Mine was long, thin and a bit charred.

Definitely not as cute my Boston Terrier. BEVO!!!
Wearing the Bianca Earrings ($39).
Then there's one of my favorite b*tches and my lunch dining partner for the day. On my way into work, I asked her to pick a place for lunch. It was a gorgeous day and we wanted something different. We either eat at DW or go to The Market. "Ethiopean?" I was not up to being that adventurous and asked her to try again. She said Showdogs was recommended by a friend of hers. Sold. Check them out at 1020 Market Street in San Francisco.

It was a great day and we walked down Market Street. Sunshine got hollered at numerous times by the men on the street. "Hookie. Hookie. Hookie." What on God's green earth does that mean? "Sunshine, he called you a hooker. Are you going to take that?" Another man yelled at her saying she was a "tall, beautiful woman." Indeed, Sir. I concur. Prepare yourself for some colorful people and comments as you walk down Market Street.

Eventually you'll make it to Showdogs. It's located at the corner of 6th and Market and near Golden Gate Theatre where I last saw Sean Hayes in An Act of God. We got there before noon and it was the perfect time because as soon as I placed my order, turned around to get a cup of water, utensils and napkins, the line was out the door.

A few of their dogs were sold out so I ended up with the House Merguez, a lamb and pork sausage with fig chutney, dijon mustard and arugula. I also ordered us a Cesar with kale, a side of house pickles and a side of the lemon chipotle sauce. Sunshine ordered the Basil Chicken with house mustard, confit garlic and arugula, plus her side of fries. Oh, my personal trainer (Femme Fitcamp).

I enjoyed mine. It had a bit of a kick to it so I added more pickles and the sauce to every bite. When my dog was gone, I ate the leftover fries, dipped them in the remaining sauce and chased it with a pickle. You must've missed Sunshine using my SnapChat (@bappletree) of a fun way I also ate this combination. We do silly things together. We were also sitting at the very corner of the restaurant with floor to ceiling windows on each side facing the busy streets so they all could see how we animals acted during feeding time. It was a sight!

Her Basil Chicken dog was tastier then mine but I made mine an original. The kale Cesar was coated in a thick dressing. I didn't have too much of that but I did kill my container of pickles. "Thatta girl, right?" DW makes our pickles in-house and a bit spicy. They're also crunchy, which I love. I ordered my sandwich and Tara comes in saying she's going to steal a pickle. Before she even put it in her mouth I whined like a newborn. She brought me replacements pickles. I was happy again. Tears had dried.

Good spot, creative combos and it's always better with great company. Sit on the elevated platform and people watch.

Prints! Jeaja top with the Sanibel Pendent by Stella & Dot
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