SF Vintner's Market Event - Friday, Apr. 1st.

The first quarter of the year is gone. No joke. It flew by, didn't it? April Fool's Day of drinking of a non-drinking week started out with North Coast Brew Co.'s Pranqster Belgium Golden Ale and it was tasty. John, my Brewer, loved it. He's so funny.

DW has it on tap so go try it out!

I then had a part to tend to, investors came in but had two tours of the venue earlier that day. I am looking forward to filling April up.

I bought the SF Vinter's Market event tickets the week before with hopes of bringing another one of my staff to go get more experience with us. I thought we would have access to the reserve room which they call the 'colt' room (?) We did end up spending the whole evening there with some assistance and we tried some great wines.

Sparkles caught our attention and had a sparkling rose. The folks that worked behind the table worked at Chaya and Rachel, Court and I were just there DJing Super Bowl City. Half price bottles of wine ons Sunday? Yes, please! 

These Swarovski Crystal custom bottles can be made with your logo or initials but have to buy a case as the minimum. This would be great to communicate to our brides and private parties as favors or to pour for guests. I want one for me! I mean, DW!

Next stop was The Caviar Company who got their logo on the glasses and has reached out to me to do a caviar pairing. This would go great with our Veuve Clicquot event coming up that everyone is going crazy about.

I haven't had a lot of experience with caviar but I had to try to so I ordered their  tasting plate. Rachel and I every bite. Petra, was incredibly friendly, and I hope to see her at our next Women Wedneaday event on April 6th.

Speaking of Women Wednesday, Bridget Raymond of Courtesan Wines had her table swarmed with wine lovers like the last event. She was our first Women Winemaker for a previous Women Wednesday event we had at DW and it was quite successful. We filled two lounges and had quite a few flights that were sold. She was so great with our customers and I enjoyed her being there. 

You'll have to try her unlabeled Ronin if you have a chance. It is 70% Merlot. Rachel and I enjoyed it.

We then headed to say hello to Julie of Trea Sabores. Kristian was the first person that took me there. We had a private tour of the grounds and tasted under a tree on a picnic table. It was a great time. I should dig up those photos. 

We had the Por Que No and also carry Tres Sabores wine at DW. Rachel said she loved her Zinfindel. Check them out. 

Our Wine Director, Tara Herrick, also worked with Julie at Tres Sabores. Miss Tara is currently having an amazing time at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine event. And drinking with Drew Barrymore. How awesome.

The next table we really enjoyed was with another Julie of Idealogy Cellars. Another woman winemaker. I just love it! She was incredibly passionate, loved telling us her stories, not just about what's in her wine but to really connect with us. She wore an animal print top and it matched her lion head logo on her bottles. She was also nice enough to share an unlabeled bottle of 100% Malbec. It was delicious.

We visited other tables, met many people in the wedding industry, people that worked for Clorox, one of my first clients in advertising, a firefighter, ran into a chiropractor that I met at the last event and he held an after party at DW, and even ran into Michael R., my Yelp Elite friend. Good to see and meet so many cool people. Overall, good event. I hope to go again tonight!

This is #10 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.


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