Fogo de Chao - Santana Row

Come hungry. For $55, get unlimited access to the salad bar and the variety of proteins will be brought to your table based on the red or green side of circular card that many of us mistook as a coaster. 

Fogo de Chao is located at the corner of Olin and Winchester, conveniently park in the parking garage below for free. They have outdoor seating with heat lamps before you enter the restaurant and are greeted by the hostess that is as professional as one at a high-end hotel. 

"The Douglas party please."

I was personally escorted to a table for eight where a flat screen television can be seen across the way and past what seemed to be a 10-foot narrow mirror along the wall.

I was a bit late and attempted one of their cocktails with vodka and mango puree. I didn't enjoy it and asked for a Jameson on the rocks instead. Their whiskey list was not extensive. I was looking to try something new. 

I was hungry so I went to the salad bar and grabbed a white plate, some kale, hearts of palm, artichokes, cucumber salad, prosciutto, cheese and some lox. I left the salad bar with the plate covered. I was going to regret that.

Back at the table, we were provided bread, sweet bananas, mashed potatoes and my favorite, polenta with Parmesan cheese. The gents with the protein began coming around with lamb, short ribs, pork wrapped in bacon and more. My absolute favorite was the flank steak. I had three pieces of that. It was to do die for. I also really enjoyed the chicken wrapped in bacon. Trying to eat right, you eat a lot of chicken but it gets boring.  This was certainly not the case. And you can't forget the chicken hearts. The server offered me five of them! I've been known to eat a heart or two. "Two is fine today, Sir."

Then it was dessert time! They had ice cream, creme brûlée, flan and a few other items. I went with the vanilla cheesecake with no sauce but extra fresh strawberries. I split it with Eunice who was pregnant and ordered the creme brûlée. She enjoyed it. I couldn't finish it. It was a massive piece. 

I had to part ways with the group but I had to take a photo of their awesome wine wall. 

Dylan and his girlfriend has the Rodney Strong Cabernet. He said he liked it. Funny, I remember when that guy didn't drink wine. Enjoy, Old Man.

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