400th & 88th

My 400th blog post is about a very special woman to me, my Lola, Victoria Ciubal Manzano. She turned 88-years-old today. She had three sons and recently went thru back surgery around the holidays. She is doing much better and we are so thankful that four generations of Manzanos were able to be together to celebrate her birthday. And we celebrated it at Dirty Water.

After a few hours of event planning work, I was able to see my Little Loves in Pacifica and see a young, important little girl in my life, my Princess Arya. She's two and a half and will be three in September. I helped brush her teeth for the first time tonight. Oh, the joys of being an auntie. One day, maybe I'll be so lucky to be a mommy. Until then, I am enjoying life and time with my Lola and my babies. (Is It In the Cards?)

This is #23 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.


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