Let's be honest, the 250KChallenge did not get me to where I want to be and summer will be upon us in no time. No doubt that I am stronger but I want to see some major changes in my body.

I have read several articles that you need to change up your routine every six weeks and of course, everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen. I have picked up doing two 12-14 minute HIIT videos from BodyRock and do additional weights at home. It has been kicking my ass. Some moves makes me say 'That girl (Lisa) is damn crazy!' She is! But she's fit as hell and obviously doing something right. With at least 24 minutes of her workouts, I am drenched. The fan is turning in my bedroom and the window is open. These workouts are no joke. I have also invited my workout partner, Courtney, and my personal trainer friend to join me. Here are some fun post-work out SnapChats. The peace sign is actually indicating two workouts in one day.

Bevo is also a big supporter. He's so excited.

I have also been drinking a lot more water. I put two orange slices and a lemon in my water. It helps to chug it when it tastes not so plain.

I am also not drinking much, staying away from our delicious desserts and my latest fave, cheese and charcuterie. Instead I have a salad with grilled chicken or my special dinner that Jaime knows how I like it, salmon with veggies with lemon, garlic, salt and pepper. Easy! I'm so spoiled.

Besides Summer, I am headed to the Fit Expo next Month in San Jose, California and don't want to look silly in my new Cali Muscle shirt. 😉

Have you tried BodyRock?
Anyone else going to the Fit Expo?
What are your favorite recipes? Workouts? Supplements?

I am always looking to meet other fit folks. Please say hello or comment below!


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