Women Wednesday - A Sweet Evening with Milsean

IWhisky! Whisky! And women!

This will be the 7th Women Wednesday event and we are highlighting Glenmorangie's Milsean scotch whisky, the knowledgeable and beautiful, Sheila Hackbarth, and giving back to the San Francisco chapter of Room to Read.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 from 5-8 pm at

1355 Market Street, Suite 180
 San Francisco, CA 94103

Updated with event photos:

"Another great #WomenWednesday at Dirty Water! Thank you to Sheila Hackbarth for coming by and speaking to our lady guests and friends about our flight of @glenmorangieusa 10-year and Milsean. Women definitely love #whisky, supporting a great cause and motivating and inspiring each other. Please join us for the #wine focused Women Wednesday on May 4th with @tressaboreswinery and back to #whiskey on June 1st with @drinkmosswood Save the date! #event #nonprofit #drinklove #marketsquare #twitterbuilding #midmarket #sf" - via DW's Instagram.

It was an incredibly successful Women Wednesday event. Sheila did an amazing job chatting with majority of the ladies that ordered the flight. She is passionate, knowledgeable and so friendly that she said it was a really fun event for her. It was more casual and no presentation needed. It is always nice when your business partnerships find value and enjoy the efforts in these marketing events. She is so wonderful to work with. One guest took a great amount of notes on just the first pour.

I mostly let Sheila check in with each table but with the folks I did speak with, they said they loved the idea and it was incredibly inspirational. Some said they were grateful these events were always tied to a non-profit. 

I saf with the business sisters of the new The Caviar Co., Petra and Saskia, Blaine of IfOnly and Sherry Koyama of Harumi K. It was nice to hear the stories as young businesswomen of just starting, how they lead to opening a business and current struggles. Blaine provided insight that millenials today live by experiences that they can share and post via social media and that 'they will never own a house.' The thought of that was really scary. I love my condo and want to own a beach house someday. I guess I would say I am in the same boat in trying to make a living off my photos on this blog but I am not making it my sole priority. These ladies have something else in mind and it was nice to sit and learn from them. It really is empowering, inspirational and motivational to surround yourself with like-minded people. You can definitely learn from each other and feed off of each other.

I hope the next event is just as successful and reinforces the messages we are communicating. 

Way to go, Ladies! Cheers!

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