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HFWF18 - Spiked!

Located on the lawn at the Sheraton Maui in Lahaina, Hawai'i, the Hawai'i Food & Wine Festival delivered again with 13 knowledgeable chefs across the country bringing you a special bite using local, fresh ingredients. Pair these delicious and carefully created appetizers and desserts with cocktails from Mixologists and wine from Master Sommeliers. Be entertained with belly dancers, music and the MC keeping the event festive.

I was able to attend a similar event last year and report back. I was ecstatic to come back and try this year's creations. My father and step mother were able to attend as well and as foodies, they enjoyed it as well. "This is a lot!" my father exclaimed. It was like a 13-course tasting menu. Not bad for a $200 ticket, with unlimited wine, cocktails, beer by Stella Artois and Fiji water.

These Chefs may be on television shows and magazines, have written cookbooks and received countless rewards and accolades, but they are so approachable! Wh…

Pineapple Grill - Maui, Hawaii

Long gone is the Pineapple Bar & Grill restaurant that I once worked at in Fremont, California many moons ago. Lately, the Pineapple Bar& Grill I have visited is on the beautiful island of Maui. My Papa Bear and stepmom have a hard life of waking in paradise, having their siestas and going to happy hour almost on the daily. This is one of their favorite places.

Though not a golfer, Papa Bear loves being on a golf course. Whether it was at his house in Brentwood, California (Northern California) with the greens as his backyard or on the patio of this restaurant overlooking the fairway and condos in the distance. Sorry, no water view there unless you turn your head into the restaurant and look at a window clear across the restaurant. This was the second time I’ve been here. It has never been busy, there’s plenty of parking and the food is good. At half off for all appetizers, you can’t go wrong. We ordered one of each. Why not? It’s a working vacation. I too live a hard life.
A …

HFWF18 - Keiki in the Kitchen

No kids for me but do have a furbaby, Bevo. This year’s Hawaii Food & Wine Festival got the kids aka keiki involved and I think my nieces and nephews would have a good time at this event. Hell, even I did. Located at Whaler’s Village center in Ka’anapali, tables and booths were set up with activities for kids including making leis, art projects, meet and greet with the chefs and meeting Nerdy Nummies YouTube star Rosanna Pansino. There were two sessions of her instructing kids on how to make unicorn cupcakes.

As for myself, my Bevo turned 10-years-old just before the HFWF and I decided to make him his own doggie cookies. I found an easy recipe online consisting of peanut butter, oats and bananas. All I needed was a cookie cutter. Like this One Busy Bee usually does, I got on my Amazon Prime account and looked for something cute. I found a packet of four cookie cutters including a Frenchie/Boston Terrier cutter. It was perfect! I had no idea I was going to be meeting the woman on …

Healdsburg Wedding 2018

In one week, my Bride and Groom will be getting married at on Saturday, October 27th at a park near a lake in Healdburg, California. If you need tips on having an affordable wedding, read on.

The beauty of being an Event Planner and Coordinator and owning my own company, I am able to decide who I do and do not work with in terms of my clients but also do as little or as much as my clients need. This wedding has probably been the easiest wedding I've worked on. However, that may change on the day of as anything can happen. That's where I come in and just make it work.

The goal for my Bride and Groom is to be as low key and cheaply as possible. The venue is affordable thru the city, it's naturally beautiful so little to no decor is needed, no bridal party, simple food will be delivered and no DJ is needed as no amplified music  If you can live with this, go for it and spend more on your honeymoon.

Besides a trip to Honduras, a honeymoon suit in Downtown Napa with a view of a…