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Orlando Bound for Lolo - Week 1

So, I'm committed. I signed up for my first half marathon (Team in Training - Orlando Bound for Lolo). I will create monthly posts to outline my progress, my workouts and struggles.  So here it goes!

SUNDAY - I signed up. Did my research. Ask my friend and TNT alumni how it worked and recruited my friend do consider doing it with me. Success! I had already packed my gym bag and brought it work thinking I would repeat and actually succeed in running eight miles back and forth from the Argonaut Hotel to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I did not. I forgot I had dinner plans with my Bride and she was running late, so I got at least 4 miles in.

It was a windy day and I was not looking forward to running against the wind again. Plus I was still sore from the workouts from the weekend. But I now had to do it! I have been telling coworkers that I signed up so I am making sure I don't disappoint. Though sore and not a great time, I surpassed my revised goal of doing a 5K wit…

Team in Training: Orlando Bound for Lolo

We have all lost someone dear to us. My Lolo, Victor Manzano, lived with leukemia for many years. A lovable, sweet, funny, short man but boy, did he have a temper! Sound familiar? I honor my grandfather by wearing his wedding band every day since he left us, when I witnessed him take his last breath. I still remember the expression on his face when he saw me walk into his hospital room that night. He was always happy to see me. And I am happy to honor him even more and head to Orlando for the first time, put in the work and fundraise for my first half marathon.

Though not part of my team, my friend, Nelson, will also be participating and highlighting our friend, Sandra Hernandez-Eudy, who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Thinking of you, Sandra!  I invite you to join my team and train for your Lolo or another loved one that has been affected by cancer! If you can't join me in Florida, it takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to don…

Make the Heart Happy

Sitting at Comstock Saloon in San Francisco with my #Instafriend, catching up. All of a sudden, while at rest enjoying her company, my heart starts to pound, The kind of pounding that you can't help but take notice of and take a deep breath to try to calm it down. I had to interrupt #Instafriend's story and say, hey, something's not right. I haven't told anyone about these episodes. It continued til I got home that night but added a bit of nausea this time. Not fun.

I called my future cousin-in-law who's a nurse. She gave me some good things to try and that my symptoms were 'ER worthy.' That scared me a bit but I tried some of the things she mentioned and waited it out. I did schedule an appointment with my doctor and went a day later.

An EKG was done (my first was at JFK airport after a stressful 6 weeks with two jobs), blood tests and of course I had an exam. All tests were normal. Medication was prescribed for when it got really bad but my doc thinks it mu…

Three Visits Three Different Locations

Oh man, I get it. Tourists won't know any better but $14-$18 for a normal slam breakfast? From Denny's? That's not nice to charge for something we get much cheaper at other locations for nothing superior. I love working in the Fisherman's Wharf area but the fact that prices are high because it's a tourist destination hurts us locals and doesn't make me feel too good about the business.
Where are the $4, $5, $6 options? These prices are definitely not what I am used to when going to Denny's. It is not a bargain, especially at this location. I love a Moons Over My Hammy and their French Toast as I have since I was a kid but not at these prices! If you want the same food at the prices you're used to, leave Fisherman's Wharf
It's a large restaurant, is open 24 hours, in the HolidayInn with the entrance being on Jones. Sit at a table underneath the skylight or at a booth. Try your luck at the claw game to win a prize and good luck dodging the occa…

No More Seafood!

"Are you sick of seafood yet?" I ask this question of my hotel guests at the Argonaut when they ask for a recommendation on where to eat. I have dined at just about everywhere on the Fisherman's Wharf so I can tell you what I have and enjoyed at each location. 
If 'yes', is their response, Surisan is where I direct guests. It is a popular, modern Korean restaurant offering lunch, brunch, dinner and cocktails. It is located at the corner of Beach and Jones.
The Millionaire Bacon is a must! Don't eat pork? You should! Sweet, peppery and thick slices. It's worth the money at $8 for two slices. And what better way than to share it with a dear friend. 

Get the Surisangria that's served in a beaker where you can see the distinct layers of deliciousness. Before my dear friend, Nikki, arrived. I texted her if she wanted one. Her enthusiastic answer and confidence in my order selection is appreciated.

I've had the Korean Tacos once before. Again, if you d…

20% Off Engravable Gifts

Now thru May 14th, get engravables from Stella & Dot for 20% off. A perfect gift for the graduate, wedding season, Mother’s Day if ordered by May 5th and more. I have one that says #ONEBUSYBEE, which is self-explanatory. What would yours say?
Shop at HERE or this Trunk Show where 10% of net sales will go to their 3-day breast cancer walk fundraising goal. Book a trunk show with me and earn $100s in free jewelry and apparel and more.

'More' you say? Indeed. Stella & Dot has Trunk Show Exclusive Offers which are monthly selections that can be purchased at 50% off if the trunk show guest spends $50 or more. That means more the Hostess earns in free jewelry, accessories and apparel. Yes, accessories too, as seen on Rachael Ray magazine. Need some sunnies?

Can you believe this clothing is by Stella & Dot?

Don't be green with envy, get yours now! Shop at HERE or this Trunk Show.

**** April Daily Challenge (Catch-up) ****
Day 21

It's Gonna Be May

I'm sure you've seen it. If you have a friend named May, the *Nsync memes are overtaking your Facebook and Instagram feed, right? Tomorrow ends the month of April and I was 10 posts behind the daily blog post challenge. For this Monday Motivation post, I will keep going until I reach that 30 count. Better late than never!

May is turning out to be a busy month. Not surprising for this One Busy Bee. I finally have a set schedule for my part time job as a Concierge at the Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf. I really do like the job, what I'm doing, the hotel and staff, and how the time spent here contributes to my experience in the travel and tourism industry, all the while continuing in the hospitality industry as well. Working only about 30 hours a week, it will finally allow me to schedule workouts, get in some sort of sleeping pattern and work on my business as a Travel Agent. There is so much to do!

So far since I received the month's work schedule a couple of d…