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HWFW17 - Hank's Haute Dogs & Chef Henry Adaniya

Americans grew up eating hot dogs and predicting MLB fans would eat 19 million hot dogs in 2017. (Go Astros! Beat LA!) This Giants fan knows it's common to have at BBQs and tailgating before sporting events. Don't forget the carts of sizzling onions and bacon wrapped hot dogs that are available after events at venues. I've had one for sure.

I had the pleasure of meeting the very friendly Chef Henry Adaniya at the Media Day event at the Hawai'i Food and Wine Festival in Lahaina on Saturday morning, October 21st. Hank's Haute Dogs is his establishment now with two locations, one on Maui, one on Oahu. When asked "Who's Hank?" Chef enthusiastically replied "That's me!" He said Hank's Haute Dogs would sound a lot better than Henry's Haute Dogs. What do you think? Regardless of what it's called, I think the products will continue to sell themselves.

Yes, you have the Junior hot dog for the kids that can eat hot dogs for…

What Is the Most Popular Video-Streaming Service? - Barron's

Amazon Prime Video?

There are quite a few options available to stream videos, sports or news reports. I was stopped while visiting Times Square in New York City by Sonia Talati, a Journalist and Anchor for Barron's. She asked a few questions. Check out the video below.

Great to meet you, Sonia!

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HFWF17 - Chef Chris Kajioka of Senia

Though I will be remedying my lack of golfing skills, my Hawaii Food and Wine Festival experience did not kick off on the golf course with Roy Yamaguchi. (I have plans to dust off the clubs for practice starting this coming Thursday. FORE!!!) My experience began by attending the Media Day on Saturday, October 21st at Whaler's Village in Lahaina, Hawaii with Chef Chris Kojioka sitting across from me at a narrow folding table underneath a white tent as an adolescent talent show was taking place next door at The Hula Grill.

Chef Chris, nomination recipient and semifinalist for James Beard Rising Star of the Year, is a Co-Owner and one of two Executive Chefs of Senia on King Street in Honolulu's Chinatown. Opening ten months ago, Eater recently named it Hawai'i's Most Thrilling New Restaurant (Oct. 25, 2017). Dine for lunch or dinner, in the dining room, at the Chef's Counter or upstairs for a private dining experience for 8-12 people or 20 guests for a standing room r…

Destination Wedding Photographer, Vanja Melnik

I absolutely fell in love with Santorini. We came across several brides and groups and wedding ceremonies as we explored every corner of the island. I would love to be your Event Planner and Coordinator for your destination wedding, especially in Santorini! Scrolling through photos on Instagram of this gorgeous land, it took me back. In hopes of learning more through other wedding professionals who have done weddings in Santorini, I reached out to Wedding Photographer, Vanja Melnik. Her photos are beautiful and she was open to being interview for my blog. I picked her brain to share with you some information should you need a destination wedding photographer. As an Event Planner and Coordinator, I am always in search of talented and reliable vendors to work with. You will see by this interview that Vanja is incredibly experienced, takes pride in her work, is fun and we have some similarities! Perhaps that was also why I was drawn to her. I hope to be able to call on Vanja someday for…

My Third Influenster Box - Ole Henrikson

I do love the opportunities and events I get to experience for free. Experiencing and testing new products is also fun for me. I waited so long to get my first Influenster box. I have seen so many people post all the goodies they receive via social media and now I have received my third box. This time it was from Ole Henrikson. It was pink with flowers on it. This one was definitely not for Bevo like box #2.

This box was filled with a coffee mug, a headband and a tube of the Hydra Clay Detox Mask. My face needed some attention and I still use the Julep face oil I received in box #1 and my Oil of Olay moisturizer, but I felt like it needed a bit more love. I was happy to try this!

The instructions said to apply a thick layer of the product on a clean and dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a warm wash cloth. I did so generously as my bathroom counter and underneath my sink also had products I was looking to use and get my money's worth. However, this tube was complime…

My Second Influenster Box - But It's for Bevo

Without knowing I was going to receive it, I had a big box delivered from Influenster. My first box was valued at over $200 of beauty goods. See post HERE. I opened the box and it was a bag of dog food from Nutrish, Zero Grain, apparently made by Rachael Ray. I recently started ordering Bevo's dog food from because they offered a new customer discount, have free shipping and I don't have to carry the 30-pound bag from the store, load it into my car and up a flight of stairs. Now I have a free bag of dog food?

I was hesitant to try it as any changes in Bevo's diet causes changes in his belly and it's not a fun thing to clean up. You are supposed to gradually add the new food in with his current food and eventually phase out the old food. Not knowing he was going to like Nutrish and not really intending of changing his food entirely, I didn't phase the old food out. However, he gobbled the stuff up! Then again it's not like doesn't do that every nig…


Who has time to go to look through recipes, make a list of things you need, go to the grocery store, dodge unattended children, stand in line to pay for items that just might go bad in your fridge? My neighbor uses Plated and sent me a free box to try the service.

I signed up, selected how many servings and how often I wanted to receive the shipment and also selected what dishes I wanted to cook and eat. It has been amazing! In the few months I have been using it, I have cooked 18 recipes and used 243 ingredients - some I've never used before. I've never cooked bok choy, chicken larb or flounder, or personally used ghee, sumac or gochujang before. In a Bon Appetit magazine, a Chef stated that recipes are more like guidelines. You can modify as necessary and to your preference. I definitely do.

The cost is around $55 per box for a total of four servings. Not bad when this girl usually spends $50 in one decent meal. Plated exposes me to new recipes, ingredients, helps me improve…

An Evening in Palo Alto, California

In the Silicon Valley of California, come down to Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University. Friends who want to switch it up on the weekend from going to 'the city' aka San Francisco or staying local such as the country bar called The Saddlerack or the fun downtown Livermore, downtown Palo Alto is a nice option. It has shopping, restaurants and is mainly safe.

Shop the high-end stores at the outdoor mall or by walking down University Avenue. Feel all the 'like butter' things at Restoration Hardware. Don't mind the show-like ready dogs accompanying their owners placing custom orders of leather couches and matching plush robes. Not going to lie, that $3,500 headboard was on sale and a bit tempting. The other store I was ventured in was Letter Perfect, a stationary store with cute cards, notebooks, books, paper gifts and an area for custom invites. I checked in alerting my followers they do wedding invitations.

I had plans to have dinner with my lawyer-friend, Ivan,…

Finding Fundraising Events in Alameda

The girls and I had brunch at Habanas Cuban Cuisine (blog post coming!) At the hostess desk, I saw this flyer for a fundraising event on Friday, October 13th, in Oakland. I have been wanting to do more than just my donation to JetBlue's #100x35jetblue campaign. I thought the event would be interesting and fun.

Sunshine, Court Court and I explored Park Avenue of Alameda, California. We walked by new restaurants, old diners like Ollie's, thrift-like stores and more. We stopped into Sumbody & Sumtime Spa and smelled and tested their products, as well as took a mini tour of their spa space for the free gift they were advertising on their window. The gift was a discounted massage. I just might take advantage. I am being charged $70 a month for MassageEnvy. I might as well save $5 and get a new experience. Daisy's is also an adorable store with home goods and cute stationary. I hope Papichulo likes his card.

We found our way down an indoor and well-lit walkway that led us to…

Travel Log

I have the travel bug.  I am now in search of a job I love in the travel / hospitality / event planning world. If I could blog for a living while traveling the world, that would be the dream. Any collaborations, comped travel expenses, accommodations, gas cards, etc would be appreciated. Please see Blog Stats HERE.  To compliment  my resume found on LinkedIn, a list of where I have been would help communicate a summary of where I have been. Search my blog for posts on the below locations and I welcome any questions you may have. Please comment below or email me. I hope to be able to answer them for you. Happy traveling!

3 continents, 14 countries
THE BAHAMAS - Freeport
- Nassau
CANADA - Vancouver
CROATIA - Dubrovnik
FRANCE - Epernay - Paris - Provence
- Reims GREECE - Athens - Fira, Santorini
- Ia, Santorini - Thira, Santorini - Oia, Santorini - Perissa, Santorini
IRELAND - Dublin (Airport only) ITALY - Florence
- Livorno
- Milan - Positano
- Rome (2) - Venice (2)
- Valletta