Monday, February 28, 2011

Los Lonely Boys - 'Fly Away' & NorCal Event 3/26

Check out The Los Lonely Boys newest video off their latest album, 'Rockpango', to be released on Tuesday, March 28, 2011.

And attention Northern California and basically the Pacific Northwest!!
Please Save The Date for a cool event happening in the Bay Area that's hosted by Onda by the Bay of the La Onda Street Team! Stay tuned for details!!!

Can you guess what it is???

Support NorCal Grizzles - Poker Tournament & Fundraiser - Sat., May 7th in Livermore

Poker Tournament and Fundraiser
Tri Valley Baseball Academy

Saturday, May 7, 2011
@NorCal Grizzlies Indoor Facility
1306 Stealth Street in Livermore
Play begins at 5 pm
Professionally Run Tournament

Food and alcohol available
Re-buys and add-one
1st thru 5th place prizes
$1000 1st place prize

-- $50 --

Extra $300 in chips for pre-paid tickets received before 3/25/11

Tickets: Email or visit NorCal Grizzlies

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hayward Improvements - Please Improve My Property Value

I am definitely a newbie in terms of all things real estate. Over 7 years ago, I was offered and took advantage of a restaurant regular to pay and train me to work in his mortgage lending firm. I did not finish the CD training, therefore I did not work in his firm. I did not do much in terms of purchasing our home as DB worked closely with his mother, a seasoned and reputable Real Estate Agent, in PA. But since I have a condo and a new home in another East Bay town, I better start paying attention to the real estate market and the city in which they reside.

As we rushed to get a renter in our condo back in December and moved out the following month, deconstruction of the Centennial Hall began and continues...

When people asked me whereabouts in Hayward that I lived, I replied "Near Centennial Hall" and they knew exactly where it was. I remember seeing the marquee having Hawaiian Tropic contests there, gun shows, autograph memorabilia shows, proms and I even went to a bonsai tree exhibit there. The parking lot was over the Safeway. I used to take Bevo there to throw the ball around because the HOA didn't allow dogs off leash on the property. I also would go down there to jump rope before work. DB says new condos will be built in its place.

Our condo is rather spacious with quite a few upgrades. (My tenants are happy, thank goodness.) Will the new condo complex make our property value decrease or increase by hopefully improving the neighborhood? I suspect it will increase. In addition, the 238 expansion will also be close by. The downtown area with a movie theater is within walking distance and has definitely improved.

I will keep following Eric Kurhi on Twitter and hope Hayward, The Heart of the Bay, continues to grow.

My favorite places in Hayward:
- Akaihana - Tell Shawn I sent you!
- Buon Appetito - Tell Martino I sent you! The Penne alla Vodka is the best. Add broccoli. :)
- Alpine Cleaners on Foothill - The friendliest service!

Are you worried about your property value? What's the story in your town?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

P90X Progress

I am loving P90X. I don’t want to pay for a gym membership anymore. I can do it in my own home. I’m not self-conscious while doing/attempting moves, although blinds are closed during this session. I don’t have to drive home in order to have my ProXtreme shake.

I am not following the program exactly but am keeping up with the CDs. I missed one day of working out as I had family coming over for dinner and I don’t have a pull up bar so I’m missing out on those. I do have bands but I broke one two times last night when I was using it on my staircase railing. I’m trying! My friend, Laura, is a fitness model and gave me some recommendations on where to find one for cheap. My dad has the perfect pull-up bar and he could do a couple. I tried using a friends while we were in New Mexico last year and I unfortunately proved DB wrong when he said “Bernadette sure can do one.” Nope, I couldn’t. I definitely want to change that. After my bands broke, I wanted to keep moving and use my time wisely so I did crunches or flyes.

A friend came by the house for the first time this weekend and we did the Core Synergistics. I was sweatin’ up a storm, our dogs were a little distracting but I was able to finish the hour. We both are the same BMI, though she’s taller and I’m older. I really want one of those cool scales that tell you your body fat, BMI and fitness age. Hmm, registry item?

After a week, I definitely feel tighter and stronger. I like how my clothes feel and seeing more definition in the mirror… or it could be the light pleasing me. I also feel I’m doing better when I jog to take Beeves potty. I still need those super tight abs!

Everyone says to do Insanity. If you've done both programs, which do you prefer?

Quick Announcements / Invites

Engagement announcement / housewarming & engagement party invites will be going out soon. I will be picking up prints this evening on my way home from work, the list has been compiled. I just need to print out an insert and outgoing mailing labels and stuff them. And of course the cost of stamps.

I didn’t put too much time and effort into these as I was running out of time, but I have been a user of Kodak Gallery for a very long time and have used them to order prints and photo gifts. I didn’t want to spend remotely close to a dollar per card and Kodak Gallery put my mind and pocket book at ease. AND, I was able to save on shipping and get my order of 140 copies in one day. That’s great! I do have to pick it up but I chose to pick them up at a Target on my way home. I can’t wait to see and feel the final product in my hands tonight.

Thanks again to Brentwood’s own, David of Beacon Fotography for the engagement photos!

DB and I had our first real discussion about the party that’s happening in less than a month… ehhh, we have a lot to work out: mainly food and how and where we want a bar set up. Decisions. Decisions. Thanks to my sister for providing me with the excess liquor she was keeping in her house! PAR-TAY!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Craigslist / Safety / Lesson Learned

Who’s a user of Craisglist? You can find anything there: Event listings, sporting event and concert tickets, an old lamp, puppies up for adoption and even jobs. I have found 90% of my Event Planning gigs through Craigslist. I have even met photographers and was extras in films and music videos back in my modeling days with no problems. Earlier this week, I had an uncomfortable experience with a person seeking event planning services through a brief Craigslist posting. I replied, an email exchange occurred and a meeting was set up for Valentine’s Day in an office in Oakland. I emailed my fiancé the person’s contact information, when and where was my meeting just in case he cannot get a hold of me. You never know about meeting new people off the World Wide Web.

I arrived in the parking lot and texted my fiancé to let him know I arrived safely. The suite number or company that it occupied was NOT on the directory. Strange. The suite was in the middle of a long hallway, though well-lit, the suite number was written in with a marker. I hesitatingly knocked on the door three different times with no response. I stepped as close to the stairway and elevator to hastily exit if needed, then called and emailed the person I was exchanging emails with but the number did not match the name of the person I was supposed to meet with. No response to my phone call or email. I left after 15 minutes.

I then received an email the next day apologizing for this person forgetting the appointment. I responded that the experience made me very uncomfortable and requested additional information about her, her fiancé, her event needs, who’s phone number is attached her email, what kind of business is held in that office and other questions. No response.

I really don’t know if this person (without a last name) is genuinely sorry for forgetting about our appointment or some weird-o. I never want to feel that uncomfortable feeling again. I know it was stupid not to gather as much information about the person before setting up a meeting, so I will diligently be playing it safe. I have pulled in my very good friend to be a second person who will know where I am when meeting new potential clients. I also like that her father is a police officer. I will carry my pepper spray and require a meeting in a well-lit, public place, etc. I think self-defense classes are in order as well.

Call me paranoid but you never know who you’re dealing with when you meet people online, in a bar or even your own neighbor. Some may say that I blog about my personal experiences and life, I'm part of groups and communities, and I'm a social butterfly (not-so-much nowadays). Therefore THAT makes me vulnerable and I personally extended an invitation to lunatics? That's not fair. I'm just living my life, not hurting anyone, and someone else is wrong in wanting to take advantage of MY life and hurt ME. Uh-uh.

Just be wary that people aren't always what they seem. I have learned my lesson.

News articles:
The Craigslist Killer: Seven Days of Rage – April 20, 2010
Murder of Craigslist Seller Highlights Need for Safety Precautions - May 3, 2010
Sandra Cantu: Missing Tracy Girl - August 17, 2009
- The little girl played with a Sunday School teacher/killer’s, daughter.
Scott Peterson: The Pregnant Wife Killer - October 6, 2010
Registered Sex Offenders - Look up your city.

Safe Internet Alliance

What safety precautions do you take for yourself and your family? In general and online?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LLB Publicity Shot - Thanks, Google Alert - 2011 Tour, WHAT?!

Oh, Google, you're taking over the world, aren't you? Besides this Google Alert posting I received a few minutes ago about the Los Lonely Boys show in Madison, WI on April 12th, I heard over the 740AM dial this morning that you may be bringing us the lowest in airfares... Well, thank you for the alert and letting me check out that cool picture above for the first time... i think it's my first time. Cool rides, Guys.

This Californian won't be able to make this show but thought I'd throw out the link and info anyways. Perhaps my favorite Bad Girl from Milwaukee, WI or my Chicago Foodie and Spring Break partner will check it out. (Marineau - remember 'Madison' was your alias during that trip to The Bahamas? Ah, good times.) After all, I do talk about these boys a lot. What's up with all the fuss? Go see 'em!

AND HOLD THE PHONE! Where are my California tour dates? The 2011 tour dates have been released and there is not a single California date listed. There will be more tour dates listed soon. Can't wait!
LOS LONELY BOYS, Tuesday, April 12, 7:30 p.m., Barrymore Theatre, 2090 Atwood Ave. Tickets are $25 through the Barrymore and its outlets, 241-8633, or All ages.

And another one I found on when you pre-order 'Rockpango'.

Also, join the group that will be pre-ordering the album on Facebook! I just purchased my deluxe version for $20.06. Go pre-order it!

Then one I found on the LLB Forum with their Po-Po-Po-Poker Faces.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#GymStatus = N/A

So we've been in our new house for two weeks now and we've had some time to actually relax. I was very lucky to have the in-laws in town from PA to help DB with a lot of the house since I was gone for most of the day and trying to adjust to my new schedule. I would leave by 5:30 AM and the house looked completely different by the time I got home at 7:30 PM. Items were unpacked, the house was spotless, the yard was tranformed and Bevo was well-taken cared of and spoiled. I owe them so much gratitude. I know that if we were in the house for a month already, we wouldn't be nearly as settled in as we currently are.

With really only 2-3 hours of time to relax at home before hitting the sheets during the week, I have no time to hit the gym. The closest location to my house for my current gym membership is 28 miles away. I do drive past it on my way home everyday but since there's a limited time at home with DB, going to the gym the two days a week he coaches isn't worth the $26/month I was paying. I know I wouldn't make it out there on the weekends every week day. When driving so much during the week, I'm enjoying being in my new town. I have to give my Si a break.

I noticed that there's a chain of gyms within walking distance from home. I checked out the web site and they have quite a bit of cool amenities including a pool, sauna and classes that will fit my schedule during the week. I could at least hit the gym 4 times a week but it was $35/month plus the $120 registration fee.

Since we just moved in, I think I'm going to try doing without a gym for a bit and see how I do. And, it'll also save us $35/month. Saving money is always good. My #gymstatus is no more, as Nikki Galladay Tweets occasionally from my guilty pleasure, The Bad Girls Club. (Met her, yup!) I was able to do sit-ups and tricep dips while watching last night's episode. I am trying to jog farther with Bevo when I take him to go potty around the neighborhood and DB just put air in our bike tires so I definitely need to ride my bike more. It was a gift and I should really take advantage of having one. I think our chains are a bit rusted so we need to get that fixed. And I'm getting my own P90X videos because they sure did kick my butt! I definitely want to hike Mt. Diablo someday soon. My sister did it years ago and came home super dark! I'll be caking on the sunblock.

Perhaps I'll get a NextGen group together and do it. I will definitely be staying on my BeeMWellness products because I know they work!

Wish me luck!

How do you balance staying fit and your personal/work schedule?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air? Or is it? It is for me although I’m super sleepy as it’s Monday and I’m still commuting an hour to work. I took my WINrgy a little bit ago so it’ll help supplement my nap I couldn’t take in my car as it was freezing! Never mind the tiredness, the long commute, the cold and rain or the fact that it’s Monday, today is Valentine’s Day and there’s a lot to love.

DB and I had a fun, engagement photo shoot yesterday with David Chin of Beacon Fotography. I’ve already seen a couple of shots and I can’t wait to see them all! David was working with some new equipment, had some great angles and fun ideas. DB and I couldn’t really hold the serious shots seriously and we’d bust out laughing, at one point I was in tears. Our neighbors next door saw us laying on our not-so-pruned grass and said we should use their lawn. We did. At one point David had a large spider on him and he remained calm as I got the heebie-jeebies. I was in a dress and I would not have able to hold still. DB and his parents reportedly have seen many black widows. I’m good on seeing any of those. We had some nice shots with our baby, Bevo. DB said I looked beautiful, gently kissed me on my head in between shots a few times and tried to keep me warm while in a dress at a park nearby. I love him.

I have a meeting tonight with a possible new bride/client and he has to coach his baseball team so we will not have a romantic Valentine’s dinner tonight. I picked up his valentine by Taylor Swift from Wal-Mart. They’re cute. He’ll get that on his pillow after a long day of working.

Then today I received news that my cousin, Shanti, and her husband, Pablo, will be having a BOY!!! She is due in July! They live in Hawaii so I’m sure I’m going to miss getting to hold him but thank goodness for Skype! I also heard last week that my good friend, Tara, will be having a little girl: Emma Lynn. Babies all around! My sister is majorly downsizing and getting rid of clothes Brent no longer fits in so DB and I visited her family yesterday and grabbed two paper bags of baby clothes, JUST in case we someday have a baby boy. I bought this outfit for Brent. What a cutie pie!
No, seriously. Niners need to get on it.

Share the love. Who are you spending today with and what are your plans?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Personal Wedding Planning Progress

Thank goodness it’s Friday! As mentioned, our engagement photos will be taken this weekend and DB has no preference as what to wear for the shoot, so it looks like I’m playing Mommy and dressing up my fiancé. I have intentions of using these photos for our engagement announcements/housewarming invites and I haven’t really thought about how I wanted them delivered to our friends and family. We are not going to have a huge wedding with all the bells and whistles so I don’t think our invitations need to have them as well.

If we hadn’t just moved into our new house and boxes were still unpacked and photos and paintings have not yet been hung, (my office still hasn’t even been set up yet!), I think I would have made a trip to Michael’s and make them myself. I’d love to be more crafty. I would really like to support my cousin, Dahlia, and Makita Studios. I love her work and she’s very creative. Perhaps next time around. I have quite a few friends that are pregnant that may enjoy her designs. REFERRALS! I may just go with something standard but go BIG with the wedding invites.

Another wedding item we’re (or it may be just I) doing this weekend is checking out a Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry event that I heard about since I am on the e-mail list. I believe I’ll have my own sales person to assist me with shopping. I don’t think I need much from there but it’s still fun to register. I definitely want to register at Macy’s as well. I am absolutely in love with their Hotel Collection towels. My cousin, Shanti, registered for honeymoon activities as they were going to Fiji. I can’t remember what I purchased them but it was thru that site. I don’t think we’re going on a honeymoon but again, that hasn’t really been discussed.

Other wedding progress:

We have agreed on the jist of the ceremony and the reception. In terms of exact location, food, wine/liquor, entertainment, etc. is still up in the air. I did check out Brownstone Gardens in Oakley, CA and it’s definitely an affordable venue with plenty of room. I actually met the fiancé of DB’ coworker (also a coach) and they decided to get married there. A friend and someone that worked the Indian wedding in 2009 with me fell in love The Bently Reserve in San Francisco and now she’s getting married there. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just funny to think that I developed sores on my feet from walking non-stop on those floors. Some locations have made the list and some made the NO list. There’s still plenty of time to figure that out.

Wedding party has been selected but not entirely notified. I am also looking for more weddings, building relationships in terms of notarizing documents and marketing to help pay for this up in the air in terms of details wedding.

I was curious about a dress by Dalia MacPhee but it didn’t come in white. I would absolutely love to have a dress for the reception by her. I’ll have to track down a location that carries her dresses. And with the dress, I need to get my body to where I want it to be. I am looking forward to hitting the gym both days this weekend and I hope to keep at it and get back to my usual routine. I would love to be on TLC’s Say Yes to The Dress. If we happen to make plans to head out East for some reason and I do not have a dress yet, I’ll try to get casted for the show. That’d be fun!

I am a recent fan of J. Crew but their dresses weren’t grabbing my attention. Vera Wang has some beautiful dresses. My cousin, Michelle, had a Vera Wang wedding dress. I’m more of a Priscilla of Boston admirer. David Tutera’s dresses just blow me away. I definitely want to try on at least of his dresses. And sadly to say, I’m going to have to go to Cammarillo or Anaheim to check them out. Sounds like a road trip, Bridesmaids!

I think that’s all I’ve really done. I’m going to give myself time to brainstorm, to raise money, go to bridal fairs, touch base with past vendors and then make some decisions.

If you have any vendor recommendations or specials, please let me know about them!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Uplighting & DJ Available

Wedding Vendor Alert!

I have not used DJ Ricky's new uplighting service but I have hired him to DJ for me at City Beach in Fremont, CA and have attended a few of his functions. I do not doubt he'll be a reliable vendor.

His girlfriend, Michele, is a good friend, a former coworker and has been part of my staff for parties sent me the below note:

They have about 20 uplights and they come in several different colors. You can also make them change colors in sync. It can really change the way a venue looks. They reflect off the glassware really nicely!

Contact Ricky at - Don't forget to tell him how you found him!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engagement Photo Session Scheduled - Again

I had a photographer lined up for our engagement photo session and DB scheduled himself to work a 3-day baseball tournament by accident. Since it's income, we had to postpone our session with that photographer. I do hope to use him for other purposes or additional photos. Our calendar leading up to our engagement party was cramped and we had to find a photographer for this weekend. So I looked on Google and of course Yelp, and found one in Brentwood! I'm so happy to be able to support someone from my new town! I can't wait to use these photos!

I am thinking of asking our next door neighbor's daughter to do my make-up.

Hey, Brentwood Wedding Professionals! Let's network!

WinSpa Facials = Amazing

Another set of our products that never fails that I'd like to highlight is the WinSpa line.

My future parents-in-laws are in town and have been a God-send in helping us move, clean and unpack our first home together. I now have an hour-long commute, each way, so if they weren't here, I believe we'd still be eating on paper plates because I'd have no time to clean or unpack. I thought I'd share these wonderful products with Momma DB. She briefly heard about the wellness business I am working on and we had a chance to discuss it and use the products.

We used the Hydra Therapie Cleanser first to clean our skin. We then used the Enzyme Peel to exfoliate the skin. Then we placed on The Ultimate Face-Masque and left it on for 30 minutes. We went back downstairs where Poppa DB was watching a comedy. That was probably a bad idea since we couldn't laugh but it made the movie so much more funnier. Even before we washed our faces, Momma DB says "This is the most amazing mask I've ever had. I've had plenty of facials." Our 30 minutes were up and this is my favorite part. I love how the mask just melts away and leaves your skin oh-so-soft. Next we had the Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Serum that our ladies in the business call Botox in a bottle. Then topped off with the Firming Cream. I didn't have the Radiant Eye Cream or the Night Repair Cream as I think they're still packed away. But she loved the products and perhaps whens he's done with her products, she'll give me a call.

We also got to talking about our WinOmega3Complex. Poppa DB is on Omega-3s and I told her that ours is cheaper and almost equivalent to Lovaza at 88% pure Omega-3, and way better for you then Costco brands that have fillers that may be harmful to your body (including cholesterol!) So I gave her a bottle of that to take with her. And she's also wanted to build more lean muscle as the housework she's been doing for the past week has reminder her that she needs to be more active. So I gave her a sample pack of BioLean and WINrgy. She loved to hear that there's choline in the WINrgy. And I threw in some Sleep-Tite as well as it's a muscle relaxer and helps you get to that deeper level of sleep to wake up rested.

So these items are heading back to Pennsylvania with her this week. I hope to hear wonderful results.

What do you think, Beauty Gurus?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Biolean - Going 7 Months Strong

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I will not go a day without my Biolean. After SEVEN months of not being sick, I truly believe it's the Biolean. I know people who have been plenty sick and even a coworker was out of the office all last week with the flu and bronchitis.

I can also say that I have not been to the gym in almost two weeks, eating bread and butter and not on a healthy diet whatsoever and I'm surprised I'm not a tank right now, or I don't feel like one. I gotta say, I like this weight maintenance stuff. Not only does it keep me from sneezing my head off but it's maintaining my weight.

I was at a social function this past weekend and it is TRUE about the growing obesity rate. I am seriously not trying to be mean and if you're a heavy set person and you love your body, more power to you! But if it's affecting your health, you need to do something about it and I'd say about 85% of the people at that event were overweight, stuffing their faces and sadly, one day it's going to kill them.

Look around you? Are there more fit or overweight people sitting in the restaurant with you, or at the library, or in your church pew? It's scary that these obesity statistics are accurate. You don't need to be a mathematician to say that people are getting bigger. I see it in teenagers as well. I agree - get out and play for an hour a day!

What are you doing to maintain your weight? Have you tried our products?

Yo Quiero Live Music! ... y mas

My list of bands/artists I have seen live and celebrities I have met... This will be updated every so often.
Also find me on YouTube of performances I have recorded.

70 - Los Lonely Boys - See Full Concert Log
6 - Los Lobos
6 - New Kids on the Block (My first) - 2/9/09, 7/9/09, 7/7/13, 5/3/15 San Jose, CA, 6/4/17 San Jose, CA
2 - Boyz II Men - San Jose, CA, 6/4/17 San Jose, CA
2 - Breaking Benjamin
2 - Three Days Grace - San Francisco, CA 4/14/15
2 - Christina Aguilera (once at the Grammys)
2 - Dustin Lynch - Concord, CA 4/29/16
2 - Susan Tedeschi (Met her) SF, 5/9/09
2 - Carrie Rodriguiez SF 2/19/10 --- Sparks, NV 2/20/10
2 - Alejandro Escovedo SF 2/19/10 (Met him) --- Sparks, NV 2/20/10
2 - Thom Chacon
2003 Grammy Award Show
Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jon Cryer & Sandra Oh
3 Doors Down
98 Degrees - San Jose, CA
Alejandro Escovedo
All 4 One
American Authors - Concord, CA 6/7/14
Bad Boy Bruce & the Blues Mob - Hayward, CA 4/8/17
Babyface - Pleasanton, CA 6/29/13
BB King
Big & Rich - Aptos, CA 5/24/15
Billy Currington - Santa Rosa 6/5/16
Brett Young - 6/27/17 Mountain View, CA
Busta Rhymes
Carrie Rodriguez - SF
Chuck Profit - SF, 5/9/09
Coco Montoya
Cover Girls
Cypress Hill
Danity Kane
The Devil From California - San Francisco, CA 4/14/15
Drake White & The Big Fire - Aptos, CA 5/24/15
Earl Thomas
The Doobie Brothers
Exploiting Eve
Frankie Ballard - Santa Rosa 6/5/16
Gavin Rossdale - San Francisco, CA 6/21/09
The Jabbawockeez
Jackie Green
Jesse McCartney
Joey McIntyre - San Francisco, CA 10/10
Josh Turner - Santa Rosa 6/5/16
Kellie Pickler - Aptos, CA 5/24/15
Kelsea Ballerini - 6/27/17 Mountain View, CA
Kenny Chesney - Mountain View, CA
Kid Rock  - Mountain View, CA 7/28/13
KT Tunstall
Lady Antebellum - 6/27/17 Mountain View, CA
Lenny Kravitz
Little Big Town - Concord, CA 4/29/16
Low vs. Diamond - SF, 4/9/09
Luke Bryan - Concord, CA 4/29/16
Matt Nathanson (4/09)
Maroon 5
Mike & The Mexicans - March 2015 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Mother Hips - San Francisco, CA 12/19/09
The Nasty Bastards - March 2015 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Natasha Beddingfield
Nelly - San Jose, CA 5/3/15
Old Dominion - Santa Rosa 6/5/16
OneRepublic - Concord, CA 6/7/14
Paula Abdul - 6/4/17 San Jose, CA
Pussycat Dolls
Ryan Bingham - Aptos, CA 5/24/15
Salt n Pepa - Pleasanton, CA 6/23/12
The Script - Concord, CA 6/7/14
Sheryl Crow (almost met her backstage)
Shiny Toy Guns - SF 5/2013
Soda Pop - March 2015 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
The Tex Mex Experience
TLC - San Jose, CA 5/3/15
Uncle Kracker - Mountain View, CA 7/28/13
ZZ Top - Mountain View, CA 7/28/13

I've Met:
Alan Cummings
 Alejandro Escovedo - SF 2/19/10

Alyssa Fox (Wicked)
Amber Meade (The Bad Girls Club) - SF 8/2010, LA 3/26/11
Barry Sims (NFL)
Bobby Crosby (MLB)
Earl Thomas
Exploiting Eve
Deborah Gibson
Dennis Richmond (Bay Area News Anchor)
Erica Lynn (Bad Girls Club Season 5) - LA 3/26/11
James Jett (NFL)
Jerry Rice (NFL)
Kristen Kelly (Bad Girls Club Season 5) - LA 3/26/11

Lenny Kravitz - SF 2003?

Libby Servais (Wicked)
Los Lonely Boys - Murphys, CA 2006

Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys
Pleasanton, CA

Nikki Galladay (The Bad Girls Club) - Pleasanton, CA 2/5/11
Randy Johnson (NFL)
Sarah Michaels (The Bad Girls Club) - First meeting in SJ 5/2010
Sam Williams (NFL) - Went to same middle school.
Susan Tedeschi
Terry Kirby (NFL)
Tim Brown (NFL)

Too$hort - 4/27/08 in Pleasanton, CA

My LLB Concert Log

Just to compile my list of Los Lonely Boys shows:

#1 - Aice Radio Acoustic Lounge – San Francisco, CA
#2 - Alice in Winterland – San Francisco, CA

#3 - 8/5/05 - Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA
#4 - 8/6/05 - Kelseyville, CA
#5 - 8/7/05 – Saratoga, CA
#6 – 8/12/05 – Cal State Fair, Sacramento, CA
#7 – 8/13/05 – Reno (With soundcheck)
#8 – 10/9/05 – Palm Desert, CA

#9 - Oroville, CA
#10 – July – Jimmy Kimmel
#11 - August – Murphys, CA (Meet & Greet)
#12 - Kaboom! – San Francisco, CA

#13 - Lemoore, CA *
#14 -Saratoga, CA
#15 - 8/07 - Livermore, CA
#16 - Redding, CA
#17 - Jacksonville, OR
#18 - Truckee, CA
#19 – 9/15/07 - Turlock, CA

#20 - Grants Pass, OR
#21 - 3/28/08 – Lincoln City, OR
#22 - 3/29/08 – Lincoln City, OR
#23 – 6/14/08 – Monterey, CA
#24 - 6/15/08 – Guerneville, CA
#25 – 6/18/08 – KFOG Acoustic
#26 - 7/08 - Jay Leno, Los Angeles, CA
#27 - 7/22/08 – Saratoga, CA
#28 - 7/25/08 – The Greek, Los Angeles, CA
#29 - 7/26/08 – Concerts in the Park, Alpine, CA
#30 – Yahoo! & Nissan Live Set, Los Angeles, CA
#31 - 11/19/08 – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
#32 - 11/20/08 – Sacramento, CA
#33 - 11/21/08 – Tahoe

#34 - 5/9/09 – Kaboom, SF
#35 - 8/12/09 – Saratoga, CA
#36 - 8/14/09 – Las Vegas, NV
#37 - 9/17/09 – Lemoore, CA
#38 - 9/18/09 – Murphys, CA
#39 - 9/19/09 – Cache Creek, CA (BDAY)

#40 - 2/19/10 – Fillmore, SF, CA
#41 - 2/20/10 – The Nugget, Sparks, CA
#42 – 8/5/10 – The Uptown Theater, Napa, CA
#43 - 8/6/10 - Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
#44 - 8/8/10 – Cache Creek, Brooks
#45 - 8/10/10 – Turlock, CA

#46 - 3/24/11 - KFOG Private Show, SF, CA
#47 - 3/24/11 - San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
#48 - 3/25/11 - The Grammy Museum, Los Angeles, CA
#49 - 3/26/11 - La Cita, Los Angeles, CA
#50 - 7/26/11 - Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
#51 - 7/28/11 - Chukchansi Resort & Casino, Coarsegold, CA

#52 - 2/10/12 - The Uptown Theater, Napa, CA
#53 - 2/11/12 - Harrah's, Stateline, NV
#54 - 2/24/12 - Heritage Theater, Campbell, CA
#55 - 8/3/12 - Tower Theater, Fresno, CA
#56 - 8/5/12 - Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA

#57 - 8/7/13 - Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto, CA
#58 - 8/13/13 - Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA

#59 - 2/4/14 - The Independent, San Francisco, CA
#60 - 4/22/14 - Sunset Center in Carmel, CA - Originally 3/5/13
#61 - 4/23/14 - Uptown Theater in Napa, CA
#62 - 7/25/14- Vacaville, CA
#63 - 7/28/14 - Stockton, CA
#64 - 7/30/14 - Saratoga, CA

#65 - 5/5/15 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
#66 - 5/24/15 - Santa Cruz Music Festival, Aptos, CA
#67 - 8/29/15 - Cache Creek Casino, Brooks, CA

#68 - 5/20/16 - Uptown Theater, Napa, CA
#69 - 5/29/16 - Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA

#70 - 5/28/17 - Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
#71 - 10/14/17 - Bankhead Theater, Livermore, CA


Los Lonely Boys' Tour Schedule

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Red Cake Gallery - Tomorrow in Oakland 6-9PM

A long-time friend of my sister's owns Red Cake Gallery and will be at Oakland Art Murmur tomorrow, February 4, 2011 from 6-9PM. I will be making an appearance to check out her work.

"Visit us at Oakland Art Murmur on Friday, February 4! We will have a selection of art, jewelry, and other small goods for sale. The event takes places at the new collective artist space in thriving downtown Oakland, with many other local artisans and designers hawking their wares. We can accept cash and checks only at this event."

477 25th Street
(Between Broadway & Telegraph)
Oakland, California

My favorite artists include:


Vladamir Kush

Who are your favorite artists?