Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Manila Bowl - San Francisco, CA

Newly added to The Market at 10th Street and Market in San Francisco, is a Filipino counter called Manila Bowl. It opened last week with a set menu and daily specials. I was one of the first 50 folks to check in via Swarm.

As a Filipino, I do not have rice with every single meal as most of my family members do and I definitely do not cook Filipino food. I don't crave it but I do now! Manila Bowl's Pancit Palabok is the best I have ever had. I now know what I'm having for lunch or dinner on Tuesdays. It is absolutely delicious.

I also tried their pork sisig and their briskette. I am not big on solid fat with my meals. My family loves the 'taba' on meat aka fat. I trim my chicken of every piece of fat when I cook for goodness sake. The flavors were good but I gave most of the bowl to my Office Manager who is half Pinay and my Floor Manager, Nick. They loved it.

The Chef, Ariss, has five restaurants in New York and he, the owners and staff are incredibly friendly. Go check them out! If you're there on a Tuesday, I might just see you. Get the Palabok!

Located at 1355 Market Street at The Market.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

SoCal & Disneyland Bound

In the morning, I am headed to Southern California to meet up with my best friend, her boyfriend, her friend and my niece and nephew to go Disneyland for her birthday. I haven't been to Disneyland in 10 years and haven't really had a desire to go. I do enjoy Disney movies and loved seeing The Lion King on Broadway and meeting the cast when it was here in San Francisco at The Orpheum Theater. However, I chosen to spend my money on traveling to other destinations.

Like my Los Lonely Boys, who I have seen about 70 times (see LLB Concert Log), I don't realize how excited I am about what's happening until it's here. I am excited to finally spend some time with my best friend since she started a new job and seeing the expressions on my niece and nephew's faces for their first experience at 'The Happiest Place in the Earth.'

Follow the adventure on SnapChat at 'bappletree' and some food items on Instagram via @WereHungryToo. Contact Me if you have a restaurant or children friendly spot to be in one of my next travel posts.

Here's some shots of meeting Pluto, Goofy and Mickey in 2007.

Friday, February 17, 2017

#250KChallenge 2017 - Week 5

Week five of twelve of Bodybuilding.com's #250KChallenge is happening. Almost half way through and not where I should be in my progress at all.

I foresee this to be a quick post as I was sick most of the week and didn't work out as much. The scale showed no progress today at weigh-in and I have two trips to Disneyland and Hawaii ahead. I need to take this serious.

Monday, I did hit the gym. I started the FitBit Workweek Challenge off right. That day, I started to feel a little tickle in my throat. I spent the weekend in and my roommate has been sick for awhile with a nasty cough. I think I caught this cold trying to stay home and not spend any money.

Through Tuesday and Thursday, I didn't exercise much. I was very busy with work so it definitely didn't help. Thursday, I stayed home from work. 

Then Friday, I was anxious to hit the gym and it felt really good. I left work at an unusually early hour and went at night. It was rare to hit the gym with make up on. Also, without doing dead lifts at 90 pounds in awhile, a bar was already setup so I picked it up!

Less than 12 hours later, I hit the gym again on Saturday morning. I had to work that evening for a Karl Strauss Brewing Company and SF Beer Week event but mainly was more socializing that work, really. Sometimes I do live a hard life.

Karl Strauss Brewing squad
Supporting Karl - John, my Brewer, and I. Follow Mujicians Brewing Company!
On Sunday, friends and I hiked at Briones Regional Park and went to E.J. Phair Brewing Company in Concord afterwards.

SF Giants fans & supporting On-Point Machining
Weigh in on Sunday was terrible. Progress reversed. My cough still lingered but trying to keep moving.

On to Week 6...

Week 1 & 2
Week 3
Week 4

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feed a Cold

Perhaps it was a weekend staying in with a still sick roommate, or the walk in the wind and rain to the car from shutting down Dave & Buster's at the Serramonte Mall, now called the Serramonte Center, in Daly City, CA or two back-to-back 11-hour days, but I had to take a sick day. Which doesn't really mean I didn't work. I have been doing nothing but!

In between working and writing this post, I had to get some food. I didn't feel like cooking so I turned to the trusty Eat24.com website and ordered some food for delivery. I mostly get food from Favorite Indian Restaurant while using the app/website but I needed soup. And though I haven't worked out at all this week besides the 12,000+ a day steps that were done and some squats in between, I didn't hold back in ordering $40 worth of food from King Kong Chinese Restaurant, including Hot & Sour Soup, Deep Fried Wontons, Honey Walnut Prawns and Dry Braised String Beans. Yes, all for me. I offered some food to the roommate but he was not interested. I guess I will be having leftovers.

My favorite item from this evening's meal was the Deep Fried Wontons. I usually eat all of the Honey Walnut Prawns before noticing they're even gone but there seemed to be a bit more sourness added to it and not as crispy. The String Beans were soaking in sauce so they were a bit soggy. And the soup, the whole reason I ordered Chinese food was just so-so. Perhaps my taste buds are a bit off because of this cold but I wasn't impressed. Sorry, King Kong. Ha-CHOO!

Hayward & Castro Valley restaurants! Please sign up with Eat24! I would really like a lot more variety in my area. There isn't a single Thai restaurant listed.

Don't forget to also drink plenty of fluids!

Knob Creek, Disney's Grumpy, Theraflu & water in a Blender Bottle.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Let's Hike - January 2017

I enjoy hiking, getting out to see the world and taking my workout outside, which I rarely do. I started this a few years ago and failed miserably last year. This year, I will pick it back up.

Curry Point at Mt. Diablo
Danville, California

A fun day out with Dylan, Nelson, Erika, her almost 5-year-old son, Brody, and Sandra. We met at Curry Point and it was at first windy but it was a beautiful day for a hike. The map provided on the brochure did not provide lengths of trails so the trail I initially planned for us must've been about 8 miles round trip. We ended up turning around soon after Balancing Rock and went to Southern Sweetwater Tavern for food and beer.

Warrior fans and buddies

Reppin' Firestone Walker at Balancing Rock

I had the flight of beer of Knee Deep Simtra III, Berryessa Brewing's Whippersnapper Em, Altamont Beer Works's Shot Away IPA and Big Sky Brewing's Moose Drool BA. Knee Deep was by far the best one. I also had the TriTip Sandwich with a small salad. The rest of the food ordered by friends were just OK. I picked this BBQ spot because Nelson BBQs. Oh boy, watch out for his Yelp review!

Next: February will be in Briones Park and drinks at The Hop Grenade.

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Whisk(e)y Log

In addition to the new California Winery Log I started after seeing a Tweet by Visit California that there were 4,000 wineries in California AND my love for whiskey/whisky, it is only fitting I have a log for the whiskies I have tried too. I prefer Japanese whisky and neat.

I have a lot to learn about the spirit. I have completed Whisk(e)y Distilled and am always drawn to articles on whiskey. I foresee Christina and I taking our spontaneous trip to either Nashville, Tennessee or Lexington, Kentucky this year. Stay tuned for that.

The list below will be in alphabetical order. If a C is next to it, it means I have had it in a cocktail.

Any recommendations or tasting offerings would be appreciated! Contact me.

Benheim Original - Wheat Whiskey
Buffalo Trace
Compass Box - The Peat Monster - Enjoyed at Honor Bar in Emeryville, CA
Had it at Honor Bar in Emeryville, CA
Four Roses
Glenmorangie - Milsean
Hard Dog Peach Whiskey
High West
- Double Rye
- Prairie Bourbon
Iwai - Japan
Jeremiah Weed Root Beer
John Bark
Kavalan - Podium

Knob Creek
- Claremont, Kentucky - Bourbon. - Feed a Cold
McKenzie - Burdett, NY
- 20 Year
Mosswood - Berkeley, CA
- Scotch Barrel at the Whiskies of the World event 2017 in San Francisco, CA.
Noah's Mill - Kentucky
Pappy Van Winkle - 23 Year
At DW after a hard week
Rowan's Creek - Kentucky Bourbon
Seven Stills - San Francisco, CA - Chocasmoke
Seven Stills - San Francisco, CA - Dogpatch
Seven Stills - San Francisco, CA - Fluxuate
St. George Spirits
Talisker - Single Malt Scotch Whiskey - 10 Year - Enjoyed at Hotel Utah, San Francisco, Ca
Teeling Whiskey - Small Batch
Traverse City Whiskey - Batch 9
Oban 14

#250KChallenge 2017 - Week 4

Week 1 & 2
Week 3

And now for Week 4. Monday. After the Mt. Diablo hike of almost 5 miles and partying in heels that evening, I didn't do much leg work. I thought I needed to switch it up with some Bodyrock HIIT videos at home because I didn't make any progress last week. In fact, my scale said I gained weight. Not good. The evening was a lot of whisky drinking for my holiday party but MBT and I had snacks at Honor Bar in Emeryville, CA beforehand and I opted for the broccolini. Veggies!

The next day was brutal with going to be bed at 3 AM and having to be at work by 11 AM for a private event. Not remembering that I was there so early, I worked an 11-hour day and I just wanted to go to sleep. No work out on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday was another no gym day but more work out at home. In the evening, was one cocktail with some other lady bloggers and two beers at The Beer Hall for a Meetup. Yeah, I know. My diet sucks.

SnapChat: bappletree. Had that sports bra since high school. Adidas.

My drink is the one on the far right but here are some DW cocktails. Wearing Stella & Dot of course.
Meetup at The Beer Hall in San Francisco
Friday, I did hit the gym with abs, back, a little tris, shoulders and an hour of cardio. I was going to blog while on the stationary bike but the Fitbit Workweek Challenge was happening and I was slacking.

Saturday was the day to stay home. I woke feeling a bit congested and tired. I slept in and decided to get up. After all, I'm headed to Kauai in three weeks. I need to get a work out in. So I did, at home, while The Man in the High Castle was playing. Abs were sore from yesterday so I didn't do as much, did a little back, butt and arms. I haven't had a drop of alcohol today. I actually have to think about whether or not the statement of saying that would be two days in a row would be true or not. It was also a day to not spend any money as a goal. I made my easy breakfast of a whole grain English muffin with reduced fat crunch peanut butter. Dinner was brown rice, scrambled eggs and Teriyaki Spam. I know, the sodium. I think I am really excited for Hawaii.

SnapChat: bappletree. Sports bra by Victoria's Secret.
Sunday was weigh-in day and I finally made a little progress. I think mixing in HIIT at home is doing some good. I came in third in the FitBit Workweek Challenge but it's OK. I'll take the numbers moving over bragging rights. I was also watching the Amazon Prime show Z: The Beginning of Everything with Christina Ricci during this workout, just like yesterday. I need to keep up with eating well today. We'll see how that goes.

With @BevoTheBoston
To Week 5! And three weeks exactly until Hawaii!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Boston Post - February 2017

In case you're not following my adorable Boston Terrier on Instagram, here is what Bevo the Boston is up to.

Being the best blogger guard dog ever.

The 'I don't want to talk to you right now bc you're going to work' face.

"So glad you're home early. Rub me."

"Stop working! Pay attention to me!"

"You haven't gotten a pedicure yet? Here, wear these."

Paws and look at these tootsies.

Happy puppy

Not a happy puppy when he gets kicked out of the room for barking.

Follow Bevo on Instagram at 'BevoTheBoston'