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It's always fun to see yourself in positive articles. Keyword: positive. I would probably feel just awful with any negative publicity. I do try to be the best human being I can. I have been told that I am mean. I think I'm just honest and that's my sense of humor. Hopefully nobody has it out for me bad enough to try to make my life a living hell. That would a terrible goal for someone to have. However, if I did ruin your life, I promise you it wasn't my intention. I'm just out, living my life, having a good time and seeing what the world has to offer.

Catch me on the front page of while at the San Francisco Magazine 'The List' party at the Armory Club. It happened on a Monday night and brought my Wine Director, Tara, with me. It's her day off and she deserves a night out of fun. I arrived, waited outside until the doors opened, or until Adam S. let us in. Outside, I met two other ladies that showed up solo and we became instant friends. Lei works for a BMW dealership in Oakland and actually wasn't invited to the party but there's nothing wrong with being at the right place at the right time. Then there was Jasmin Vant, a wedding photographer, who's photos are in the magazine featured that evening. And here we are. Adam's a lucky guy. We ended up at two other spots that evening. It was a good time.

During this past Women Wednesday, my friend, Ann, owner of Lucre's Wine World, came to the dinner with eleven other women. Ann is also a Publisher with Nom, an app for 'live stories of food, cooking and creativity,' so we did an impromptu video on what we do for Women Wednesday. Also check out here Facebook page. She was saying that Lucre was the childhood nickname her brother gave her and still calls her by that name today.

Then there's Kalesa Traveler magazine where I had my first solo article. It misprinted that my business partner was also Filipino. That was pretty funny.

I am still on the cover of InVine's website. InVine is for restaurants with an extensive wine list like ours. We have have over 100 bottles of wine available. InVine provides your customers with menus on an iPad that can easily search and provide information to your customers about the wine. The video shoot was done at DW and it was a lot of fun. Very easy.

We also did a fundraising video for the book tour for 121 First Dates by Wendy Newman. That was a lot of fun. See the post of John, my Brewer, and I acting as the good date HERE.

I think my first mention in any press was by a newspaper and it was just after we opened.

As you can see, I'm not afraid of the camera. I have yet to post my pictures from my latest shoot with Angie Capri. She's amazing and made me feel incredibly beautiful. Stay tuned for that post!


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