Women Wednesday - Female Foodies February

It was the first time we at DW highlighted food for our monthly Women Wednesday events and it was a success and so much fun. I wanted to meet other female bloggers. Blogging has become the thing to do nowadays. Anyone and everyone has a website or an Instagam account highlighting their travels, recipes they've tried and even their dogs. Guilty! Bevo totally has his own Instagram account 'BevoTheBoston'. I thought this would be a good way to get our food shot, for people to know about DW and for me to learn from other bloggers.

I reached out to a few women with thousands of followers. But apparently they've made it in the blogging world and only take paid assignments. I'll pay you in snacks and a good time. 'How 'bou dah?' After a couple of big bloggers, I went for female foodies that take great photos. I invited them to join me that evening for dinner and to meet other women with the same interests. Also, an incentive to come was to possibly win a $100 gift certificate to DW. Posts that have the hashtag #WomenWednesday are eligible to win. The photo with the most likes at the end of the month will win. Not hard, right?

Below are some of the entries from 'mitzifood' 'pineapplebiter' and 'jdonderosf'

I had a great time. As we sat down at 7:30 PM, the group began to get bigger and bigger and we ended up with 12 ladies, laughing hysterically, learning about each other and taking photos of absolutely everything. You know you've seen it at all types of restaurants - people taking photos of their food. You know you also have that one friend that won't allow you to take a bite until a picture was taken. It's not just for Yelp anymore, Folks. There are so many other sites and apps that want your food photos. There is a demand! But it was so entertaining to see the whole table taking pictures of their food with their cameras.

Quite a few good tips was given by Lucre's Wine World's Ann. I said a food Instagram account that my Office Manager and I post on was approaching 200 followers (WereHungryToo). She said don't worry about the numbers and that it'll drive you crazy. Lisa (PineappleBiter) also asked how often you should post. Ann doesn't post every day but don't worry about posting too much. The more content the better. Lucre's Wine World has 17,000 followers on Facebook and is a Publisher for Nom. She knows what she's doing.

As I've mentioned, WereHungryToo, we did reach 200 followers! I took Ann's advice and kept posting! It worked! Thanks, Ann.

If you have a blog, let's connect!  With SF Beer Week approaching, I'll should be getting a list of questions out to a beer lover and blogger out in Birmingham, Alabama. I like interviewing and doing my best in telling people's stories. Stay tuned for that but in the mean time, catch Ralph at 'beeredblackman'.


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