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Three - San Mateo, California



I am all for women-owned businesses, strong women, women in the military, in politics and in film. When selecting what to watch on Amazon Prime or shows I record on my DVR I normally tend to select strong, female lead movies and shows. I am a fan of Game of Thrones, Good Girls Revolt, Queen of the South  and characters such as Joan from Mad Men and actresses such as Charlize Theron in the recent Atomic Blonde. I am currently on Covert Affairs with Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly as a CIA Agent. Now, I am pleased to say a friend of mine, Megan Zerga, has just released a short film she co-wrote and starred in called Admana. I was honored to be part of the only San Francisco screening last week at the Independent Film Center at 145 Ninth Street.

Admana is a 13-minute short film by two female filmmakers, Genesis Diaz and Megan Zerga. Admana is a product of the recent election, which brought an overwhelming amount of emotion to both women. They felt a need to express their sadness and fear w…

Bachelorette Bash Tips for Vegas

It's your job to throw an unforgettable bachelorette party before one of your best friends walks down the aisle. The pressure is on. What kind of party does she want? Low key and mild? Or a 'What happened last night?' Kind of wild weekend? It could be a mix of both: classy and upscale with a few details a bit cloudy. Unforgettable, as just mentioned, is not really a requirement and it's OK. Let me help you.

Initial Feels Just as the Bride's wedding day is her day, she can have whatever she wants. The same goes for her 'bach. When planning her bachelorette party, ask her what kind of weekend she wants to have. Who does she want to invite? How long can she be away for? Have her provide you a list activities or details she wants to have and ones she absolutely does NOT want to have. If what she has in mind is way too vanilla for a Vegas bachelorette party, in your back pocket, plan on pushing her limits a little bit. Put the entire bridal party to work to come up w…