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Hello, 2015!

It feels like another year has blown by. Many wonderful things have happened and I am so appreciative for people that were right there with me, those who have played a part in them and for the long lasting memories.

I haven't really been one for resolutions but a new life will commence in 2015 and I should kick it off on a positive note and end it successfully. They say it's best to write your resolutions/goals down so here they are in no particular order:
- Continue to go international at least once a year.
--- 2/19/15 --- Update: Mexico is in the works for late March. --- 12/21/15 --- Update: Mexico did happen in late March. 
- Continue to hike once a month. --- 2/19/15 --- Update: January - done! February - Angel Island! --- 12/21/15 --- Update: Lake Chabot, Oakland hills twice (May & Nov), the Bay Bridge Trail (Oct), the Presidio (Dec)... Have some making up to do.
- Lower my BMI and maintain and maintain it by exercising and being more cautious of what I put in my bod…

Let's Hike - 2012 - 2014

Last year, I tried to hike once a month. It's good exercise, you're breathing fresh air, being social and seeing the world. 
I just started a private Facebook group called Let's Hike to help with coordinating and scheduling the monthly hikes.
Below is a log of hikes so far! Can't wait for 2015!

Mission Peak, Fremont, California This is right in my backyard and a strenuous hike for me. My friend, Ji-Young, has done it many times before and without water. I couldn't suck down the stuff any faster! But I did it! It was quite an achievement for me, the then-non-hiker. We rewarded ourselves with a drink and lunch at Claim Jumper's in Fremont.
2013 Alamere Falls, Pt. Reyes National Park, California
Nu'alolo Trail, Kauia, Hawaii

Mt. Tamalpais, North Bay, California
San Rafael, California
The Sutro Tower, San Francisco, California
Lafayette Reservoir, Lafayette, California
The Dish, Palo Alto, California

Big Sur, California
Hanakapi'ai Falls, Na Pali Co…

Their First Taste

It was another great evening with wonderful company and deliciously creative cocktails. The Financial District of San Francisco was calm - not a cloud in the sky, nor strong gusts of wind. But 83 Proof was stirring, filled with the smiling faces of the people we have a great appreciation for since the beginning of this adventure of opening DWSF. Coming from all different professional backgrounds such as finance, architecture and design to even film, they share a common interest in the experiences where food and drinks are the catalysts. Our Mixologist, Zachary T., greeted each one of us with a glassful of his punch. Throughout the night, he made three cocktails from DWSF's newly created menu. This was their first taste. Without revealing too much too soon, one cocktail in particular did receive more praise. No doubt it was pleasant to the taste buds. I loved the name and based on where we are located, it belongs on our menu. A few individuals were missing but it was nice to see…

Giving Tuesday 2014