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Cruise Through Prepping for Your Cruise

With just a few days until my friend, Catherine, and I depart the port in San Diego for Mexico on my first Holland America cruise and her first cruise ever, we discussed some items to do as we got a manicure and pedicure at Mimi's Nails in Castro Valley, California. First things first! Do not forget to get those nails done, Ladies! In Mexico, flip flops and open toed shoes are required. Don't be that girl.

While you still have time at home, this One Busy Bee highlighted the below with Catherine while sitting in those nice massage chairs.

1) Check-in & Important Documents - On Holland America's website, you can check in, print out your boarding pass and luggage tags. Unfortunately, I did not see an invitation to download an app and have all these items easily accessible but hopefully this is something they are working on. Besides the documents already mentioned, I printed the confirmation of the excursions we booked and our full itinerary just in case there are any disc…

36 Hours in Boston

When a friend's life has changed due to a break-up, you book a spontaneous trip to Boston and leave next week. Thanks to David at the now gone Bijou Restaurant in Hayward, California for the liquid courage. The flights were booked via Kayak on my phone. This One Busy Bee has always taken the lead in doing something spontaneous and booking travel. It just makes sense for me to now be a Travel Agent. It is about time this blog post was made.

Not to waste any more time, you book a red eye flight from Oakland and land in Boston at 6 AM. Catching a cab to our hotel was easy. My friend, Christina, booked us a tour at the Samuel Adams Brewery at 10:15 AM. Beer in the morning? Sure! Why the hell not?

We took a quick power nap, I got ready in record time and we were on our way thru Boston to the brewery. We checked in, got stamped, toured some of the waiting area but thought we better find something to eat. Around the corner was a tiny cafe and we ordered some snacks and sat next to a frie…

No Alcohol Until Mexico

Four glasses of wine was had during yesterday’s delicious luncheon with a friend at Chez Maman in Hayes Valley. We ladies work from home and have the freedom to get together for an outing mid-week. I know, in a nutshell, life is hard. We had the escargot and I had to have the carbonara, because I have been on the search for California's best carbonara since my Italy trip last year. We were comped a steak tartar, a creme brûlée and dessert wine. It’s nice to have beautiful friends.

With not being where I want to be for my week-long cruise on Holland America (book via me HERE!) and inevitable bikini-clad beach exploring, I need to step up my workout and my diet. I was working pretty hard for my best friend’s holiday party in San Francisco but a lot more of improvement is needed. This One Busy Bee has SIX job titles. I have to make it work.

I have decided when I just parked at the gym this morning and two weeks til our departure, I am going to cut alcohol. Thanks for visiting my blog…

Sparkle & Glow - Fundraiser for Puerto Rico Solar Relief Effort - Sat., Dec. 9

The holidays are a time of giving. Your new Rodan & Fields Representative, Tara Nason, and your Stella & Dot Stylist, Bernadette Manzano, are partnering up to bring out that Sparkle, Glow and Energy to Puerto Rico. This shopping event will be a fundraiser for our friend's local non-profit, Puerto Rico Solar Relief Effort. Not only will you shop for gifts for those close to you, you can help those far away on an island that are still without power just by attending our event. Bernadette will be donating $5 for every guest in attendance (maximum of $500). Though small in consideration as to what is truly needed, this can help one family out. See their Facebook page to make a donation directly if you cannot attend. Latest news: Whitefish Energy has halted work due to a payment dispute. = Further delays.

Come by! Sign in at the door and you've helped make a difference in Puerto Rico. Grab a glass of wine, snack on light appetizers, meet other folks that care …

32 Days Til Mexico

Though I stayed in bed sick on Thanksgiving Day, most of America is probably in a food coma today or spending a ton of money on Black Friday. I did not get to partake in the catering order I had placed for my sister and my grandmother. Nonetheless, I have not been eating well at all and sadly not on my fitness game as much as I used to. Being sick did not help. With Wag!, I walk an average at least 5 miles per day. It's just not enough.

So, I am saying goodbye to fast food, donuts, crepes, etc as seen below and working towards my cruise on Holland America from San Diego to Mexico with my friend, Catherine. We will be going to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallerta. Vamanos!

Daily goals will be cardio, weightlifting and eating right. I ordered my Shredz BCAAs today and have a new shipment every month. I prefer the Fruit Flavor over the eFlow Nutrition that I got at the San Jose Fit Expo during the summer. So wish me luck! Find me on and see progress here. Gam…

Monster Pho 2 - Emeryville, California

No, Monster Pho 2 is not part of Emeryville neighbor, Pixar's Monsters Inc.. That would be cute with a 'Kitty' and 'Mike' restaurant in town, wouldn't it? Monster Pho has been around for a minute. And by that, I mean in 2014 and in Oakland, California when I still worked in at a law firm in town. I would send out our Legal Assistants to get lunch for the office and we would often go to Monster Pho. Not big on soup for lunch, I opted in for the rice plate. With the new opening of Monster Pho 2 in Emeryville, three years later, my order hasn't changed. Neither has their menu and I am phucking OK with that.

When visiting a good friend and my nephew, she was excited that I agreed to go back to Monster Pho. She was wanting pho. I usually like to try the hot and new restaurants in town when dining out with friends but it's been a long time since I've been to a Monster Pho. We packed up the baby, opted out of the dog-friendly patio seating and got a table …

7-Day Black & White Challenge

For fun, I used to participate in the Pic of the Day Instagram posts. My sister challenged me in the 7-day black and white photo challenge of  'Seven photos. Seven B&W photos of my life. No people, no pets, no explanation. Challenge someone new every day. I invite..." Here are my results.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Among the four weddings on my plate, working on call at the Hyatt for their banquets department, I am also a Wag! walker. I initially wanted to be a Veterinarian when I was researching potential careers when I was a Freshman at Clayton Valley High School in Concord, California. I obviously did not go in that direction but have always had a love for animals. In between jobs, I found a job walking a dog named Tahoe three days a week via Craigslist. While working at the law firm in Emeryville, I walked four dogs several times during the week that lived in the same building. I was always One Busy Bee.

Now, I am in my first month as a Dog Walker for Wag!, which is basically an Uber app for dog owners needing dog walkers. While working very long days for my restaurant in San Francisco, there would be some nights I'd have to call my roommate to take Bevo, my Boston Terrier, out. Once or twice, I've used Wag! Now, I am a Walker and have made decent money for 30 or 60 minutes with ador…