Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wedding Planning Update

It just happens to be my last bride's wedding anniversary this past week! Happy Anniversary, Fatima & Tim! It took place at the beautiful Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, California.

I have been quite consumed opening and trying to keep a new business adventure, Dirty Water, keep afloat. A few responsibilities have shifted and I have goals that I am kicking into high gear: #goalby40. I am looking to gain more experience and saving money for that 2 bedroom 2 bath condo on the beach in Maui. I am determined to make that happen.

What would you do on that island? 

I am an Event Planner and am doing well with my Stella & Dot business. I am planning a wedding for September 2017 and June 2018. I have also an On Call Banquet Server at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California to gain event experience from a hotel perspective. Maui is a common wedding destination. I'd fit right in, don't you think? I will also be going back to Maui in October for the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. I love researching venue, food and this gorgeous island.

As for the two weddings on my hand, here is what's happening:

September 2017 Wedding
I was recommended to the Bride by my former colleague, friend and my future Paris travel partner post wedding. I had an initial meeting with her at a local Philz, recapped our meeting by updating an Excel workbook of tasks that need to be completed and a timeline. My Bride and busy executive was consumed as a female Partner at a firm. (GO women in business!) I didn't put too much pressure on her but with being three weeks out, work needs to get done. Majority of invitations are out, existing contracts have been reviewed, a site visit was done, rehearsal dinner venues have had site visits and inquiries sent, bridesmaid dresses options have been researched, etc. There is so much to do!

June 2018 Wedding
"I immediately thought of you!" How sweet it was to hear that I am trusted with such an event. Of course I said 'yes!' My Bride is in Southern California but would like to have a 120-person affair in Northern California. We scheduled a phone call to discuss her wants, do not wants, ideal budget and next steps. A proposed budget and how it should be spent was prepared with a recommended budget, how to cut costs, etc. As the Bride has not narrowed down a city or area of Northern California, there are so many options! I have a few in mind but have also visited venues in Sonoma County. Photos to come soon!

Today happens to be their four-year anniversary. Lots of love in June.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Selfie Day - June 21, 2017

We've all done it. There's even a category and album that Apple automatically puts your selfies in. How many do you have? I currently have 403 on my phone. I'm so vain, right?

Well, don't be ashamed, it's Selfie Day on Wednesday, June 21st. Rock those selfies!

As a Stella & Dot Stylist, it's my job. I make money off of my selfies because I take pictures of how I wear the jewelry I'm selling via social media and possibly during live trunk shows. It's easy. Even with cute dogs. That is Gizmo. My long time buddy, now 14.

I have a few friends that are Roman Fields reps and tomorrow, for every selfie posted via Twitter with no makeup and use the '#RFgonaked' hashtag, one dollar will go to BuildOn. I'm down. Post a pic, unfiltered and give yourself some self love promo of you all natural. You'll be happily surprised how many compliments you'll get. Own it. You're beautiful.

Will you participate? Have fun with it! We do!

Monday, June 19, 2017

#StillInIt 2017 - Week 8

Week 8 of 8 of the's fitness challenge with Dymatize. Again, I made very little progress. I stopped drinking with the exception of maybe three days, I switched up my workouts and made it a point to get up early to make it happen and I feel like I ate better. But still, not that much progress. What's up with that? Frustrating.

Abs, Back & Cardio

Arms & Cardio

I started a new part time job and I had to drive into work. I would get up at the same time but I didn't hit the gym.

Being tired from working a double on Thursday, I took the day off. I had planned to take After pics the next morning.

Abs, Legs and Cardio
With After pics not showing any progress, I pushed even farther at the gym. It felt good.

Chest and Cardio
I felt those booty moves from the day before and felt I deserved a fun evening with a friend.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Raising Funds to Find a Cure


My friend, Carmelita, will be participating in her FOURTH Team Challenge Half Marathon in Napa, California on July 16th with monies funding to find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis. Last year, she raised over $5,000. This year, her goal is to reach $6,000 and she is 48% there!

Carmelita is a rather new friend of mine but we immediately hit it off when I met her at a Veuve Clicquot event at Dirty Water where she won a magnum! Since then, we have donated a gift certificate to a golf tournament benefiting children, she has attended other Women Wednesday events and other fun events around the city. We became Facebook and Instagram friends and this woman does it all. She's a professional, constantly traveling and enjoying life and doing good for this world. It's an honor to have met her and I would like to support her efforts. Read more about her story here:

I am donating 10% of sales from her online Stella & Dot trunk show. Please make your purchase by July 2, 2017. We have items on sale, you can earn Dot Dollars with purchases of $50 or more by June 19th and there are specials to take advantage of when you spend $50 or more. Please shop here:

Thank you for your consideration and cheers to Carmelita!

Bond Bar for Women Wednesday

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Three times here and always a good time. The first time was having a birthday luncheon out on the patio with Bevo after a long walk on the beach. The second time was after hiking Purisima Trail with friends. And this last time was with my sister for her birthday weekend. 

What should we get? 


My friend John of Mujicians Brewing Company always gets all the beer at a brewery to try them all! Why choose just three? Why choose beers you think you'll like? Tasting beer is just as fun as wine tasting. With so many breweries popping up, I assure you, they're not all Bud Lights (thank God). Some won't taste like you think they would. I enjoy being shocked with a unique scent and an unexpected flavor or color. I am no expert on the topic but I can tell you you'll have fun if you get 'All The Beer!'

I told Nelson that this should be addition to his food truck.

My sister, Melyssa, has never experienced this and we received a tray of all the local beers on tap. The Filipino in her thought we had to finish them all. Nope, just finish what you like. We took beer menu, wrote down what we thought we tasted and put in order which were our favorites.

The results:
Our favorite - HMB's Apricot & Passion Fruit Belgian Blonde. 5.5% ABV. 20 IBU.

Melyssa's #2 - HMB's Kolsch. 5.1% ABV. 21 IBU.
My #2 - HMB's Calf-eine Coffee Milk Stout. 7% ABV. 23 IBU.

Melyssa's #3 - HMB's Calf-eine Coffee Milk Stout. 7% ABV. 23 IBU.
My #3 - HMB's Daily Ritual Coffee Blonde. 5% ABV. 16 IBUs. Because it was soooo weird!

Other notes were that the Honey Ale was like nothing. It was the Bud Light on the tray. The Honk If You're Heffy from El Granada, CA was 5.4% ABV and a Bavarian wheat beer. It smelled of rotting oranges and the finish was not pleasing. Sorry, Honky beer on the tray.

My sister ended up going with a pint of our favorite, the fruity Belgian Blonde. Sadly, she couldn't finish it and I did. It's good!

Frank, our Server, was awesome and attentive. He also delivered a pretzel with melted cheese, two crab sandwiches and  my Jameson just like I like it.

After the flight of beer, I wanted a picture in my Kauai Island Brewing Company sweatshirt near their sign. Clearly, the beer and whiskey has kicked in. 

Take 2


Cheers! And remember, order ALL THE BEER!

Mervyn's Demo - Hayward, CA

I have lived in Hayward for almost 15 years and this long-time vacant orange  building is being demolished. Condos and retail space will take its place.

What kind of retail shops would you like to see here? Being a foodie, I would like unique restaurants.

Below are photos taken the week of June 12, 2017. I hope to post more updates. Follow the blog by following my Facebook page or entering your email address below to the right.

Re-Post Love

It's always nice to get notifications when your photos are re-posted on Instagram. To do so on IG takes a lot more effort than hitting the ReTweet button on Twitter so a special thanks for the IG love. I definitely appreciate and love the Twitter retweets, don't get me wrong! I just started a list of those users that have retweeted me in appreciation. Check out my lists!

But to focus on Instagram where I finally reached my first 1,000 followers on my main account, shout out to The Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Gillythebugg and Manila Bowl who have reposted pics from each of my accounts! Please show them some love too!

Now with 298 likes

Posted because I'd want Bevo returned to me!

 I do re-post IG posts myself, check them out on my main account (bappletree) for @gardenshf @hyattsfo and @emarqana. I am currently working on a wedding at the Gardens at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek, Ca, I am a new Banquet Server at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA near the San Francisco International Airport to get an idea of banquets from the hotel perspective. And being inspired by my friend, Rob Arias and Owner of The E'ville Eye blog, I am trying to get more involved and support my city of Hayward. I have been a resident there of 15 years. I should and could do more!

If you have a moment, re-post, reTweet, share, Like and invite friends to an event, like a page or even show some old fashioned love by word of mouth, we small businesses and bloggers would much appreciate it!

And I love these kind of follows - DANNY WOOD of New Kids on the Block. Awesome. Wuv u!

My Instagram Accounts

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Boston Post - June 2017


Yes, I know I haven't shared some posts of Bevo the Boston Terrier in awhile but here you go! If you're looking to get a dog, Boston Terriers are awesome. Bevo is approaching nine years old and he still has the energy of a young pup. His facial expressions are awesome and he's what I have the joy of coming home to. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I get ready for work in the mirror, I check to see what he's up to, especially when it's very quite. I turned around to see him sitting like this and it made me laugh.

My 26-pound added weight for squats at home.

He couldn't wait to lay his belly on the cold concrete right outside our door after a long walk.

Bevo is not a fan of me watching sports, especially during football season. His ears were back during the games of the NBA Finals. Congratulations, Warriors!

He loves selfies. 
Part of the Starburst Earrings by Stella & Dot shown below.

The Boston Post - February 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Lovin' -- Shopping Soriee Sunday - June 25th, Hayward, CA

Come fall in love this Summer with some of your favorite brands at this INVITE ONLY event in Downtown Hayward. We will have Stella & Dot, Lularoe and Rodan and Fields! Enjoy complimentary glasses of wine and bites while you shop and learn about these growing companies with a view of the San Francisco Bay.

Sunday, June 25th
11 AM - 4 PM
Downtown Hayward
RSVP via email for exact location

STELLA & DOT, Independent Stylist, Bernadette Manzano
S&D is a line of jewelry, handbags and accessories with a mission to give every woman the means to style her life. Shop our celebrity-adored products, learn how to earn free jewelry by booking and hosting a trunk show and/or the benefits of being a Stylist like Bernadette. Half of the line is under $50 and Bernadette has plenty of samples to sell at a great discount.

Can't make it? Shop here -

LULAROE, Fashion Retailer, Kim Mau-Amaya
LuLaRoe has something for all women and the clothes are so well-made and comfortable. But, the best thing about LuLaRoe clothing is, they make you feel beautiful when you are wearing it! LuLaRoe; where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth!

Not able to make it? Shop here:

RODAN AND FIELDS, Level 2 Executive Consultant, Dianne Roca
Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields puts the power of dermatology-inspired skincare in your hands, using a highly effective social commerce business model. Rodan & Fields is the number one skincare company in the U.S. as announced in March 2017 and has been the the fastest-growing for the past 6 years.

Unable to attend? Not a problem! Shop virtually:
Business Opportunity:
Contact Dianne Roy Roca on Facebook for discounts!! 

WIN! Just for coming by, you will be entered to win prizes! See Bernadette upon arrival. When you make a purchase, you'll get a second entry from the rep.

a $25 Stella & Dot gift card
TWO one-size leggings from Lularoe
TWO Tall and Curvy pairs of leggings from Lularoe

RSVP via email with your name, phone number & how you heard about the event to get location and more information.

#StillinIt 2017 - Week 7

Oh, Man, the long weekend of activities made this week very challenging. Week 7 of 8 of this #StillinIt fitness challenge with and Dymatize is not one to be very proud of. Weigh-in on Sunday showed no progress from seven weeks ago but I feel good and am strong. I am looking for more definition and those numbers to move but they aren't budging! My roommate and former personal trainer says that I should be creating a food log. That was one of my goals but I never got in the rhythm. My girlfriend that really got me going on this fitness challenge with her aspirations of entering a fitness competition says she's finding it harder to see changes. She blames age. I think so too because I think I'm pushing myself! I guess I need to push harder.

With Week 8 being the final week of this challenge, I have already made a commitment to keep at this training post-challenge timeline. Summer is here! Who's with me?!?!

Recovering from an amazing night with being front row for the Total Package Tour with BoyzIIMen, Paula Abdul and New Kids on the Block. It was amazing! I made it a cheat day and I was so sore from the day before.


Still exhausted from the weekend and knowing I'm not making any changes in those numbers, I thought I needed to up my cardio. I took Bevo for a long walk and jogged as much as he would allow me. He's one of those dogs that likes to sniff everything. I am constantly saying, 'C'mon, Beeves, c'mon!'

I did enjoy another drink or two via Hooch for #WomenWednesday at Bond Bar in the Mission. No dinner, had an Acai Bowl protein style and almond butter from Project Juice. Delicious!

I attempted to jog again with the Beeves and he was doing well for two days in a row. And I had to do it in my NKOTB shirt. Still high from the concert!

Jogged again and did some squats, fire hydrants and planks with bands from Fit & Thick.

Former Roomie and I went to our first CycleBar class in Berkeley, CA. I chose that place as my fashion designer friend, Sherry Koyama, was going to be there and her clothing line, Harumi K. I will post a new shirt I bought with a slight open back, which means I need to work more on that lower back! Am I right? The CycleBar class was fun and the introductory class was only $10. You sign up online, choose a username to see how you rank in the class on the board, they give you shoes so you can clip into the bike, the instructor tells you what to do, the music is pumping, the lights dim and illuminate and it's a really fun experience. I had a good time and though I remained at the bottom of the leaderboard majority of the class, I think I had a good workout. I thought my right quad was going to burst but I survived. I do recommend it but normally the classes would be $27 individually, or you can buy packs of classes. The more you buy, the more of a discount you get. Unfortunately, the Berkeley location is the closest to me in Hayward. There is a Groupon for 4 classes for $38 but I can't use it as I'd have to be a new customer.

Great workout but felt I need to push even harder after taking measurements this morning. Not fun when you don't see the results you want when you step on that scale. But folks say it's not about the numbers, but how your clothes fit. And they're fitting a lot better! But there's still room to MAJOR improvement. And I want it!

Week 8 goals: - hit the gym hard, maybe even double up the work outs, hit that lower abs, top the Workweek Hustle Challenge via Fitbit and eat better. Will probably do another detox cleanse by Project Juice on Friday before After Pictures and weigh-on on Saturday the 17th. That night I'm going to my niece's birthday party in Davis and have a concert that evening. Photos and weigh-in on Sunday morning will not be a good idea. It'll be sabotage!

Stay tuned for Week 8 recap!

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