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Olinda Organic Farms - Coffee

My dear friend and fellow Los Lonely Boys La Onda Street Team member owns Olinda Organic Farms on Maui, Hawaii with her husband. She provided me a sample late last month on her NorCal visit. And today I am sharing it with my office and asked for their feedback.

It is 100% Maui coffee, medium/dark roast, 20% organically grown and 80% Maui estate grown.
For more info, call 808-572-8306. Of course, tell Martha and Rob that Bernadette sent you!

9/20/2013 I was sent some packets for the goodie bags Onda By The Bay usually give to the Los Lonely Boys to show our appreciation for always coming to the Bay Area with a handful of shows. Due to Henry's fall, he is still in pain and had to cancel the show in Carmel. I gave out the samples to a couple of the owners of my dog walking clients. Here's one feedback.

I'm glad I can help get the word out for my friends.

My 13th AIDS Walk San Francisco

Greetings! This will be my 13th consecutive AIDS Walk San Francisco. I walk in a continued effort to keep my friends and loved ones AIDS-FREE!

Please sponsor me in any amount, plus it is tax-deductible. However, your participation and walking with me will make a bigger impact. Get some exercise, take a couple hours out of your weekend, show you care and help spread the word. If you cannot donate, walk with me or hit Share, Like, or ReTweet my link, please promise me that you'll BE SAFE! Practice safe sex and get tested. It's not worth it.

Please make your donation via this webpage, or send me a check made payable to "AWSF". Contact me for my mailing address.

It's not much, but for every $10 you donate, you'll be entered to win a $25 Stella & Dot gift certificate. Possibly other prizes as well.

Current # of Entries: 2
Thank you for supporting AIDS Walk San Francisco. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

My friend, Crystal, and I at AWSF 2012

Kauai - Day 3

Thursday. I slept in til about 8 am and was able to see my nephew and my cousin before they both started their day.  I was looking thru her many Kauai travel books she has left for me in Sol's room the night before and thought I'd do some exploring: hiking, shopping or event planning research. I decided to go with a hike. The views from the boat of the Na Pali coastline the day before were so amazing that I wanted to get a closer look and touch them. We got pretty close against the wall of cliffs in the boat but the captain had completely control even with the strong winds.

I decided on the Nu'alolo trail that was 3.8 miles one way. The book also pointed out that there was a Lolo Vista for an additional half of mile out. It said that it was mostly downhill on the way out and you can cut across another path for a much less strenuous incline on the way back. I didn't have time to do the four different trails so I decided to go to Lolo Vista and turnaround.  Shanti asked t…

Kauai - Day 2

Today started off pretty early. My body woke up at 2 AM, thinking it was time to go to the gym. I permanently snoozed that today.  I went back to bed until I was awoken by a wonderful text at about 6:10 am here, but 9:10 in the morning at home. Well, no use in going back to bed if I had 20 minutes left to sleep. I also woke to find I was bitten in my sleep near my rear. Oh, that's going to be sexy. The bite I received the afternoon before was getting worse. I swell up to have an ugly raised section when bit by a bug. It's not pretty.

My cousin and I were planning on going on a boat tour with Holo Holo Charters for an 8 am departure. But we had to eat breakfast and take my nephew to daycare too. I was excited to have waffles with blueberries this morning. I have been craving it and had not-so-great versions since the start of this new addiction with my nephew. And then we were on our way. It was breezy today and I'm glad my cousin lent me a sweater that matched a white Expr…

Kauai - Day 1

It was tough to go to sleep last night without my pup, and to wake up in the middle of the morning knowing he's not there. He's staying with a friend and I'm hoping he's behaving.

I did some last minute packing, put on my traveling outfit consisting of my 49ers hat and a shirt, then my roommate took me to the airport.  That outfit was the same thing I wore to Miami and folks were lovin' it. As soon as I got into the security line, an employee asked, "You do know you're in Raider country right?" "I know but I gotta represent!" After getting scanned, the female agent asked if that was my hat coming out of x-ray. Yes. "Nice." Women know what's up! NINERS!
The flight was long and it was rough landing in Miami. Sitting next to a larger than seat man was frustrating with his arm rest takeover, coughing and itching himself. It reminded me of being on tour busses while in Europe. But I landed in Maui and recalled that I haven't bee…

Hawaii Bound

Tomorrow morning, I will be on my first Hawaiian Airlines flight to the beautiful island of Kauai. It was planned to be a celebratory event but friends convinced me that it still is. I am putting distance between me and a part of my past. Hell, I'm putting a large part of the Pacific Ocean in between. When all is said and done, another celebratory event will need to take place. Oh the Planner's mind doesn't stop planning...

I'm here with my pup at the Berkeley Marina listening to the mild waves, having the sun glisten off the Bay water and taking in the view of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and San Francisco skyline.
I love home and will miss my pup, seeing my hilarious friend, Megan, almost everyday and my loved ones of course, but I look forward to being surrounded with serenity, beauty and family, the Herreras. I'll be with my first cousin, Shanti, and my bright and beautiful nephew, Sol. 
My very good friend, Christy, says that everything that is…

Love With All Your Heart Today

Today, at 11:32 AM, a good guy passed away at such a young age, leaving behind his wife, loved ones and friends. I met him within a year's time thru one of my best friends. He was around while having a fun night of drinking and an interesting cab ride with a detour to a Jack in the Box, a 49ers Super Bowl and have been to his house for Halloween and football games. He always made me feel welcome in his home, had an incredible sense of humor that was right up my alley and was called my friend's favorite of her boyfriend's friends. He just made you smile.
My friend told me of his illness on Tuesday. Today is Sunday. I don't know exact details but it is so crazy how quickly someone's world can abruptly change and end. It reminded me of my grandfather's last days. The day before he passed, I left him in the hospital in good spirits, had witnessed him eating his biggest meal in over a week and smiling. I arrived the next day to see him weaker and breathing heavy. H…