Hawaii Bound

Tomorrow morning, I will be on my first Hawaiian Airlines flight to the beautiful island of Kauai. It was planned to be a celebratory event but friends convinced me that it still is. I am putting distance between me and a part of my past. Hell, I'm putting a large part of the Pacific Ocean in between. When all is said and done, another celebratory event will need to take place. Oh the Planner's mind doesn't stop planning...

I'm here with my pup at the Berkeley Marina listening to the mild waves, having the sun glisten off the Bay water and taking in the view of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and San Francisco skyline.

I love home and will miss my pup, seeing my hilarious friend, Megan, almost everyday and my loved ones of course, but I look forward to being surrounded with serenity, beauty and family, the Herreras. I'll be with my first cousin, Shanti, and my bright and beautiful nephew, Sol. 

My very good friend, Christy, says that everything that is happening to me and everything I am doing for myself needs to happen before I truly settle down. My biological clock is ticking loud and clear but all that is meant to be will be and she thinks I need these experiences. This, coming from a woman pregnant with her second child and always has my best interest in mind. I should and I do trust in her. Again, she is my rock.

And so I go. Leaving. On a jet plane...
With jewelry and bikinis ready to go.

Stay tuned for more on this Hawaiian adventure to moving on.



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