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Stella & Dot Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day Weekend SALE is on! Get an extra 25% off our sale items including Limited Edition and designs by Alice Temperley. Get a jump start on holiday gifts! The Swallow Studs are now only $7.13! Down from $19.
Shop now thru Mon., 9/2 10pm. Shop at
Which pieces are you interested in?
Enjoy the long weekend and please be safe out there!

Warrior Dash 2013

Sponsor me in my first Warrior Dash!!! I am no runner but I am going to do this with my Lagade family - Team 'We R Pamily.' Please make your tax-deductible donation benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at  Visit my fundraising page for more information.

Raising $50 could help provide infant care supplies for 10 babies.Raising $70 could help provide a wagon for patients to travel the halls of St. Jude.Raising $100 could help provide toys to fill play areas.Raising $250 could help provide two chest X-rays.Raising $500 could help provide domestic airfare for a member of a St. Jude family.Raising $1,000 could help provide one day of chemotherapy for a leukemia patient.Raising $5,000 could help provide an above-knee prosthesis.
I am also going to donate my entire commission to the sale of every Stella & Dot Valor Necklace ($39) and Earrings ($24) towards my goal. These pieces look like shields, perfect for us Warriors! 


What Next?

It is August 20th, 2013 and I have nothing really major on my calendar until probably December where I am thinking about going to Okinawa to visit my cousin who is stationed there. I have a couple of Stella & Dot trunk shows scheduled (book yours!) and am excited for the Niners v. Colts on my actual birthday on September 22nd. I have 11 seats and family and loved ones are in attendance. Last year's birthday festivities included a Niners' game as well. I think I'll make it a tradition. GO NINERS!

This year has definitely been busy. With it more than half over, I think I have accomplished quite a bit. Just before the end of 2012, I decided to make a major change in my life and put my happiness first. Sadly, shortly after, my grandfather passed away. I was there in the hospital room with my father when Lolo took his last breath. I have only had my heart broken one other time in my life; this was the second. The loss of him reminded me that life is short.  I'm not one …

My Cousin's First Dance Medley

My family and I went out to Nashville, Tennessee last week for our baby cousin’s wedding. Check out their first dance. LOVE it!

Venue: The Cannary Ballroom

Dashboard the Series - Starring Megan Zerga

My good friend, Megan Zerga, plays Kara. "Dashboard is about three girls sharing one dorm in college. Kara is a fangirl and speaks geek and web and 1337 while everyone around her just smiles and nods. Ariel is the new girl in town, raised in a small suburban town and curious about everything in this new fast paced society she's found herself in. Epi is a dorm RA by day and a dominatrix... well, not by night because she chooses when she wants to be a dominatrix, not the time of day. And then there's the worst - the Mystery Guy. What does that even mean? You'll have to tune in to find out!" View the preview below.

Want more? Help keep filming going by:

Pledging $20 or more
shout-out on twitter + thank you on website + mp3 of intro song + Dashboard sticker + pdf scripts of episodes that are out (you'll get it weekly) + 5 pins

Pledging $35 or more
shout-out on twitter + thank you on website + mp3 of intro song + Dashboard sticker + pdf scripts of episodes that are …