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Blogging Goals - August 2016

Half the year is over with? Goodness. Time flies. We have an female-elected Democratic presidential nominee? It's about damn time.

Chosen July blogging goals have been achieved. I didn't make that big of a dent to the stack on my nightstand but progress was made. Like working out, every bit of improvement is progress. 
I have been putting an incredible amount of effort in my business, Dirty Water. Now I have chosen to make an even riskier investment. Remember that post of moving to San Francisco? That is now on hold. I needed to secure one piece of the business so we can continue to grow. It was an obstacle that I decided to make a thing of the past.
Blogging goals for July include creating more posts about the restaurant industry in San Francisco and all of our offerings. I am pretty well rounded but I want to be more knowledgeable on food, cooking, locally sourced ingredients, wine, liquor, cocktails, events, venues, event planning and marketing. Did I forget beer?…

Who Loves Free Coffee?

You just can't go wrong with free. Am I right? Or am I right? Yesterday, July 27th, First Republic Bank treated everyone to any of Blue Bottle Coffee's offerings at the Mid-Market location in the Twitter building during two different times of the day. I love First Republic Bank, especially for their friendly customer service and their soft, delicious complimentary cookies. And now, free coffee?!? Why, thank you!

I haven't had Blue Bottle Coffee since before DW opened when small cartons of cold coffee was handed out when the just opened. I rarely drink coffee and this was a treat to participate in an event, support FRB, try one of their offerings and have something to blog about. It's a win-win situation.
I heard about it via Twitter as I follow my bankers and am all about supporting companies and people that support me and my business. I reTweeted it from my personal and business account and alerted my staff to take advantage of the offer. I also SnapChatted from the e…

PokemonGo, No, OK...

What's the big fuss? I never watched the Pokemon cartoon and my PS2 is sitting in my room collecting dust with Tomb Raider in the drive. Let's face it, Lara Croft is a hot, bad ass chick. Girl power! Though a fun game, I would assume it has been a good two years since I have turned it on.

Pokemon Go was a constant headline with people being attacked and phones ripped out of their hands (CBS) because they weren't paying attention to their surroundings. No, I wasn't going to be one of 'those people.'

I continued to hear my staff talk about it, see it all over Facebook like my cousin driving my nephew around town trying to catch Pokemons and even friends in their twenties playing it while I am driving around San Francisco. What was the point of the game? I didn't understand it. Then again, I'm not a gamer or a 'nerd' as my friend described himself. I use apps that earn me gift cards for Hyatt or Target like ShopKick or mPlaces respectively (5 Apps…

The Cannery Cafe - Hayward, California

A day off after a 14-hour day deserved a treat. My body naturally wanted to get up after 6.5 hours of sleep and I had to go to the gym due to the #MyNextLevel challenge. I had a hard time actually getting out of the car but couldn't let me team down. I eventually got out of my car, took my Women's Health magazine with Actres, Cameron Diaz, on the cover and did what I could on the stationary bike. I sadly logged in 35 minutes on my Bodyspace account. The whole time, I just wanted breakfast. I thought I should go have breakfast at a new place. I considered going to Denica's Cafe in Castro Valley but I wanted to blog about something in Hayward. I decided to go to The Cannery Cafe again. I see their A-frame sign out front and it's on my way home from the dreadful gym that morning.

The cafe is part of the Hayward Museum of History and Culture. It used to be a Mexican restaurant and night club. I remember having a drink at the bar one day and met a writer for the local colleg…

Greece - Check!

Ever since the 5th grade, I have been in love with Greek Mythology and have always wanted to go the Acropolis and standing on the grounds where Grecian Gods once stood, where beautiful Greceian Goddesses and nymphs captivated the hears of man, and where they believed int he almighty Zeus, Poseidon and Athena.  Greece was one of six countries on our two week itinerary in Europe. I was happy to go with my Cugino, my Cousin Ron. The ship had technical difficulties and we were traveling at a slower pace, so we had to bypass Rhodes, Greece, but we didn't miss Athens. If we did, I'd want my entire trip refunded because it meant so much to visit there. I felt bad for the economic troubles that was occurring there with the riots. However the riots only happen Monday thru Friday. We arrived on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, so we lucked out. Traveling through town, it wasn't the cleanest. Graffiti was everywhere. Trash and they had many strip clubs. It was the first city we visited…

Gym Etiquette

Ooooh, if I could I tell your momma....

I am a constant work in progress so I am at the gym often and have been at it for years now. It's a lifestyle. Some believe their momma is still going to clean up after their sweaty a$$. News flash, you're a grown up now. Clean up after yourself and be respectful of your surroundings.

1) Wipe down the machines after your set - You just up'd your personal record on that last rep. Congratulations! *Ahem* A personal record I'd like you to break is your track record for being disgusting. Please wipe your sweat off the machine for the next person. It's so gross. I don't need your bodily fluids absorbed into my CaliMuscle or Shredz tank. This means wipe down the seat, the back, the knob to select your weight and the bars. It takes two seconds and your other gym friends would appreciate it.
2) Put your toys away - Remember where you got that dumbbell, plate, ball and bar? Well guess what? It's not going to walk itself back t…

Women Wednesday - South American Wine

On August 3rd from 5-8pm at Dirty Water, we continue with our monthly Women Wednesday event. Tara, our Wine Director and Sommelier, has recently returned from Argentina and Chile. She says part of being a Sommelier is telling stories. Since DW has opened, the rest of us have wished her a fabulous trip with envy to expenses paid (minus the airfare) trips to France and now South America. Some days she'll come into work a bit exhausted and her reasoning is 'so much wine.' Poor Tara, right?

Well she deserves it. At such a young age of 26, she is now studying for her Advanced Sommelier exam. Go get 'em, Tara.
Please join us for Women Wednesday with a special South American wine flight and meet Tara's recent travel companion and owner of Copa Fina Wine Imports, Shelbi Herring. One dollar of each purchased goes to La Raza Community Resource Center, a non-profit with programs such as a Mother's Support Group. It provides a 'safe place for communal support amongst w…

Sexy In Her Skin - Boudoir with Angie Capri

No matter what color your skin is, how much you weigh or how old you are, every woman is beautiful and sexy. Angie Capri helps you remember that.

Angie Capri in Concord, California is a photographer with wedding and now boudoir experience. I met her at a shopping event with other small businesses and entrepreneurs in Antioch, California many years ago when I was putting much more effort in my Stella & Dot business. Her photos were beautiful and I have followed her work on social media since then.
She sent out an email looking for models to test her new skills and tips she learned from a workshop on boudoir photography. I haven't had a shoot since working with Dylan and Jasmin HERE. It was fun. Every lady loves getting all dolled up and a chance to feel beautiful so why not? I applied and scheduled a shoot for July 18th.
Angie is very well organized and provides you all the information you need with time to think about it and prepare. She communicates well and during the shoot, …