Friday, July 29, 2016

Blogging Goals - August 2016

Half the year is over with? Goodness. Time flies. We have an female-elected Democratic presidential nominee? It's about damn time.


Chosen July blogging goals have been achieved. I didn't make that big of a dent to the stack on my nightstand but progress was made. Like working out, every bit of improvement is progress. 

I have been putting an incredible amount of effort in my business, Dirty Water. Now I have chosen to make an even riskier investment. Remember that post of moving to San Francisco? That is now on hold. I needed to secure one piece of the business so we can continue to grow. It was an obstacle that I decided to make a thing of the past.

Blogging goals for July include creating more posts about the restaurant industry in San Francisco and all of our offerings. I am pretty well rounded but I want to be more knowledgeable on food, cooking, locally sourced ingredients, wine, liquor, cocktails, events, venues, event planning and marketing. Did I forget beer? 

Mother Earth Beer Pairing Dinner menu
Ashley Routson's book that my Brewer leant me is still on my nightstand, a constant reminder that I didn't do enough for me to attack my July blogging goals. I think it's time to pick it up and read 20 minutes a day. I used to do monthly beer logs here. I cut my liquid calorie intake down a lot because I need to lose weight and want to win that $20,000 from the #MyNextLevel. I have been tasting our wines by the glass to know what they taste like. After all, it is my business.  I shall do the same with our rotating 52 beer taps. Just a taste! Please stay tuned for more beer posts.

Let's drink to that!


I did finish Whisk(e)y Distilled and did pick up The Beer Guide but I didn't make that
significant dent in it. However, I did post an August Beer Log AND I reached 1,600 followers on Twitter (@bappletree). I am under 2,000 hits to reach 100,000 hits on my blog and will do it in my birthday month of September. Watch me!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Who Loves Free Coffee?

You just can't go wrong with free. Am I right? Or am I right? Yesterday, July 27th, First Republic Bank treated everyone to any of Blue Bottle Coffee's offerings at the Mid-Market location in the Twitter building during two different times of the day. I love First Republic Bank, especially for their friendly customer service and their soft, delicious complimentary cookies. And now, free coffee?!? Why, thank you!

I haven't had Blue Bottle Coffee since before DW opened when small cartons of cold coffee was handed out when the just opened. I rarely drink coffee and this was a treat to participate in an event, support FRB, try one of their offerings and have something to blog about. It's a win-win situation.

I heard about it via Twitter as I follow my bankers and am all about supporting companies and people that support me and my business. I reTweeted it from my personal and business account and alerted my staff to take advantage of the offer. I also SnapChatted from the event (bappletree). 

I grabbed my Office Manager, Cristen, and waited in line for my free coffee. We saw TJ, a banker at our local branch, and he gave me a great recommendation. I ordered the New Orleans with cold brew. It was tasty and I finished every drop, even when the ice melted.

Thanks again, FRB. I love being a high-profile client with you. We hope more people are now in the know of your brand, offerings and location.

Follow them on Twitter @firstrepublic

Why? Because my bankers are better than yours.

Hematite Earrings & Chain Necklace by Stella & Dot

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PokemonGo, No, OK...

What's the big fuss? I never watched the Pokemon cartoon and my PS2 is sitting in my room collecting dust with Tomb Raider in the drive. Let's face it, Lara Croft is a hot, bad ass chick. Girl power! Though a fun game, I would assume it has been a good two years since I have turned it on.

Pokemon Go was a constant headline with people being attacked and phones ripped out of their hands (CBS) because they weren't paying attention to their surroundings. No, I wasn't going to be one of 'those people.'

I continued to hear my staff talk about it, see it all over Facebook like my cousin driving my nephew around town trying to catch Pokemons and even friends in their twenties playing it while I am driving around San Francisco. What was the point of the game? I didn't understand it. Then again, I'm not a gamer or a 'nerd' as my friend described himself. I use apps that earn me gift cards for Hyatt or Target like ShopKick or mPlaces respectively (5 Apps I Use Before I Get Out of Bed).

With my car packed, the topic of PokemonGo continued.  One attempted to sign up for the app and it was so busy that she was asked to try again in an hour. Amazing. I thought the app couldn't support its demand or it was a way to gather people's information to alert them when there is an opening. Either way, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I downloaded the app and customized my profile. Without research or a lot of help, I thought I'd try to figure it out on my own but was warned that it drains your battery. I played around with it a bit, including stopping by my local Starbucks which was a PokeStop and collected items I didn't know what to do with. After one day, I didn't open the app again.

Today, I participated in a TapHunter webinar on the Top 10 Restaurant & Bar Trends. Low and behold, number 10 was PokemonGo. Bars and restaurants are taking advantage of the many participating users with offering discounts and participating in bar crawls for PokeStops and Gyms. I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more.

As soon as I arrived at DW, I saw May, one of my Bartenders, and she helped me understand the game. She told me that she had users at the bar that planned to stay for one drink as they charged their phones with our USB ports found underneath our bar top. One of the items you can collect and add to your Backpack are Incense Lures. When you use one of these items, 'a mysterious fragrance lures wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes.' May mentioned that she plays the game too and used an Incense lure at the restaurant to attract more Pokemons as they drank and ate, AND charged their phones. Not bad of an experience, right?

I also learned from May the backstory of Pokemon, who else is playing at the restaurant and many tips. I then spoke to many of my coworkers about it, friends that came to the bar and even Tweeted my first scheduled Incense Lure drop at 6:30 PM tonight. Follow me on Twitter for more info (@bappletree)

Outside my office, there's a PokeStop on Market Street at the Cyclist Meter. I can gather more items every five minutes. I reached Level 7 just today.

I would love for DW to become a PokeStop or a Gym (which I haven't had the experience of quite yet.) I sent in a request. Follow instructions HERE, thanks to

To further take advantage of the popular app and community of users, I had to explain what I've learned to my business partner. He laughed a little, didn't want to learn more but trusted me with trying something new. We will soon be offering a special for PokemonGo users. Stay tuned!

I am having a bit of fun with it. People I have spoken to about it just today alone had the same thoughts about it BUT I got one friend to download it today. I took my first screenshot with a Pokemon in the restaurant as we have been tagged in a photo or two on Instagram of Pokemon sightings at DW.

Two things that I really like about it so far is that the PokeStops help you explore your surroundings. For instance, the PokeStop at the corner of Market and 10th Street at NEMA gives you information about the artwork. I would never have known that tidbit. The other thing I really like about the app is that it gets gamer outside and moving. We have too many obese, lazy people in America that sit home and watch television or play video games all day. This gets them out, learning about their own neighborhoods and burning calories. I am all for that. So, yes, OK, I'm a PokemonGo player. I have a lot to learn so don't ask me for tips quite yet. Let's just have fun.

Please be safe playing the game. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Find this on Market Street in front of the Twitter Building.
***UPDATE 9/12/16***
I stopped playing once my Pokedex filled up and I had to pay to get 50 more spaces. I thought, 'Oh, that's how they get you.' I wasn't going to spend money on just playing a game that I don't earn anything from and it drains the hell out of my battery.

Then, I went to my family reunion and my cousin shed some light that I could trade in the extra Pokemons to the Professor and get the candy and clean up my Pokedex. Right there at that table, I started playing again.

I have even played it while on Maui. I am taking Bevo out on longer walks to get some eggs to hatch, catch Pokemon and level up. He deserves longer walks and it's a way to get some sort of activity in. I am currently at Level 17. What about you?

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Cannery Cafe - Hayward, California

A day off after a 14-hour day deserved a treat. My body naturally wanted to get up after 6.5 hours of sleep and I had to go to the gym due to the #MyNextLevel challenge. I had a hard time actually getting out of the car but couldn't let me team down. I eventually got out of my car, took my Women's Health magazine with Actres, Cameron Diaz, on the cover and did what I could on the stationary bike. I sadly logged in 35 minutes on my Bodyspace account. The whole time, I just wanted breakfast. I thought I should go have breakfast at a new place. I considered going to Denica's Cafe in Castro Valley but I wanted to blog about something in Hayward. I decided to go to The Cannery Cafe again. I see their A-frame sign out front and it's on my way home from the dreadful gym that morning.

The cafe is part of the Hayward Museum of History and Culture. It used to be a Mexican restaurant and night club. I remember having a drink at the bar one day and met a writer for the local college newspaper and other locals. The building has its own private parking lot and is located across the street from Big 5 Sporting Goods and the renamed Ramos Furniture store.

The cafe had a good amount of patrons and it is an order at the counter, they give you a number kind of deal. I reviewed their breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. I wanted an omelette and went with their daily scramble which consisted of broccoli (my fave!), peppers, yellow squash and cheese. It came with potatoes and fruit. I added a side of crispy bacon and a water. The cashier asked how my day was. Tired was my response. A cook came out to speak with her regarding a ticket. She explained that the order was one over easy egg and one poached. Like most cooks, I would guess that he thought special requests are so much fun! I hope you sense the sarcasm. I took my number and found a small table in the corner near the window and the open cooler that housed desserts in plastic tins and bottles of juices. It was next to a table of three adults and three children. It was typical of the kid to repeatedly call out for his mother's attention.

Typically tables would be stocked appropriately for incoming guests but I noticed that my tin bucket of napkins and utensils didn't have a fork which was essential for my order. I left my magazine on the table to mark the table claimed and found another tin on a vacant table for my fork. A woman that ordered coffee was looking for a spoon and came to my table and asked if she can look in my tin for one. No luck. Eventually a young guy with shorts and tattoos plopped his basket of utensils on my table to restock the tin while I was reading my magazine. He didn't make any excuses or ask how I was. He restocked and left. I was quite taken aback. When the woman with three children left, a single lady sat and waited for her food to arrive. The Server Assistant also ran food and delivered a tower of French fries. When it was slightly shoved onto the table, a fry went flying, hit the table and fell to the floor. Again, no apologies, nor did he pick it up. Goodness. Then I remembered this was a different kind of restaurant. No need to make a fuss.

My plates arrived and I was so ready to eat. The eggs were cooked well and I loved the broccoli in it. I tasted the potatoes and they were soft. I added ketchup and Tobasco as I said in My Authentic Nature's Feature Friday on me. The watermelon slices were thin but perfect for the summer. My crispy bacon was definitely crispy. My favorite part of the meal was the potatoes. I would have liked some crispiness to them but I devoured it all regardless. I took the remaining pieces of bacon home to Bevo. He enjoyed them.

There are signs asking guests to bus your own tables. I did so and stacked my dishes in a way no one else did. I am clearly in the industry. At the station there was a bucket labeled Utensils and Plates, as well a waste baskets for the landfill and compost. We all still get this wrong. The Cafe was no different.

I will be back to try the other items on their menu. They do Sunday Suppers, have sandwiches, salads and specials. Beer in bottles included the North Coast Brewing Co.'s Pranqster beer we carried and Heretic Brewing Company on tap. Wine is also offered but I didn't review the list.

On my way out, I browsed the books available for purchase. One day, I'll get around to learning more about my neighborhood. I have not had the chance to browse the museum but did pick up a pamphlet on being a member. It was only $40 and I feel I should be more involved in my community. After all, I have lived here for over 10 years. To exploring more of Hayward!

What do you think?

***Update 9/12/16 ***

I cam back to the Cannery Cafe after a work out and decided to take advantage of my benefits as a Hayward Area Historical Society member. I hadn't opened my packet yet that must have contained my membership card and the gent at the front desk told me I would still get my discount if I mentioned his name.

It was busy for a Saturday afternoon and I was just in time to hear the live band's last song. I didn't catch their names but the crowd enjoyed it.

I went with the daily scramble that came with delicious, crispy potatoes and fruit. The scramble had broccoli in it again. My favorite!

The tables had these cool paper flowers for decorations. I was amazed at how sturdy and how well kept they were. I would imagine that guests would be touching them and getting them greasy but they looked really good. They are made by an Oakland woman named Lisa and you can find her items at Paper Stems. If you take a look at her Instagram, you'll see that she has created photo opp walls, had them on wedding cakes and even in retail windows. Well done! I was impressed. This Event Planner is now more knowledgeable on a vendor here in the Bay Area. 


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Greece - Check!

Ever since the 5th grade, I have been in love with Greek Mythology and have always wanted to go the Acropolis and standing on the grounds where Grecian Gods once stood, where beautiful Greceian Goddesses and nymphs captivated the hears of man, and where they believed int he almighty Zeus, Poseidon and Athena.  Greece was one of six countries on our two week itinerary in Europe. I was happy to go with my Cugino, my Cousin Ron. The ship had technical difficulties and we were traveling at a slower pace, so we had to bypass Rhodes, Greece, but we didn't miss Athens. If we did, I'd want my entire trip refunded because it meant so much to visit there. I felt bad for the economic troubles that was occurring there with the riots. However the riots only happen Monday thru Friday. We arrived on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, so we lucked out. Traveling through town, it wasn't the cleanest. Graffiti was everywhere. Trash and they had many strip clubs. It was the first city we visited in Europe that we encountered them. The city was prepping for a marathon that was taking place the next day.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Acropolis. I only wish we had a better tour guide that made it fun and you wanted to stick with it. We basically left her and our group behind. Of course, I did my research before coming but took photos of the informational plaques as back up.

I love the detail and the fact how long these structures have stood.

After the Acropolis, we sat in so much traffic and decided to go on and explore Athens by ourselves. We had lunch at a restaurant called In Town and sat outside under trees with lanterns and met a friendly server, Julia. She said it was her dream to come to California. We are now friends on Facebook. It would be lovely to see her again. The food was great with the stuffed calamari being devoured. It was nice to sit outside with some live music.We shopped and took the bus back to the ship. Along the way, we had a companion escort us there. In Greece, even at the Acropolis, dogs wandered around. When we got to the port, our dog friend met up with her other companions.

I have been craving Greek food lately. Court Court and I went to a Greek restaurant a couple of times after our cardio boxing class at Boxing4Health in Oakland called Ikaros. The grilled octopus was amazing! Of course we had to have the gyro meat. I have to go back soon.

After an adventure, Cristen and I ended up at Orexi in West Portal of San Francisco after a failed attempt to attend a fundraising event due to a lack of parking in the Mission. Silly me. The restaurant has been around for four years and the inside was not what we expected when we walked in. It was very modern, very busy, had a long communal table in the narrow restaurant and beehive octagons on the wall. Honey used in the restaurant is sourced by bees of the owners as well. It reminded me of Jardinere and how they have beehives on the rooftop. We asked if we could sit at the bar. We're in the industry so need for a formal table. I like interacting with the bartender anyways.

We sat at the counter, were presented with menus by one do the owners and greeted by the good looking bartender, Nick. He mentioned the specials and offered us tastes of Greek wine. So much for not drinking! I only wanted Greek wine and ordered the rose with grilled octopus and the kabob platter. Nick had us taste other wines and didn't mind the silly and shocking girl talk we were having. It was funny to see him smile via his profile. We clearly didn't care if people heard us talk about work and dating. It was a great night. We also met the other owner as we were devouring the dessert. I invited both Nick and John to DW. We hope they come by some time.

Was sent to Court Court vis Snapchat. We'd always get the grilled octopus.

My Greek cravings continued. I stayed home one day this past week and didn't feel well. I ordered a few things via Eat24 and wanted to try something new. An opportunity to create more blog content? Yes, please! I selected Pita Love Grill in Hayward and ordered the Gyros Pita Sandwich, Chicken Kabob Plate, an extra order Tsaziki and baklava. Hey, when I don't feel good, the diet goes out the window. Delivery didn't take the hour and a half the app estimated it for and thank goodness. I enjoyed the sandwich and added more sauce. I wish the pita was a bit softer but perhaps it wasn't as fresh with it being delivery. I had one of the two pieces of baklava as a treat and was too full to have more than a bite of the chicken kabob. The day or so after, I did enjoy the hummus. It was flavorful. I'm glad they are available via Eat24. Now if only they would get some Thai restaurants on the app.

But back to Greece, Santorini has been on my list to visit since my father sent me a post card from there when I was in high school. It is absolutely stunning. It was going to be a honeymoon stop but that marriage wasn't meant to be, thank the Gods. One day, I will go back.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gym Etiquette

Ooooh, if I could I tell your momma....

I am a constant work in progress so I am at the gym often and have been at it for years now. It's a lifestyle. Some believe their momma is still going to clean up after their sweaty a$$. News flash, you're a grown up now. Clean up after yourself and be respectful of your surroundings.

1) Wipe down the machines after your set - You just up'd your personal record on that last rep. Congratulations! *Ahem* A personal record I'd like you to break is your track record for being disgusting. Please wipe your sweat off the machine for the next person. It's so gross. I don't need your bodily fluids absorbed into my CaliMuscle or Shredz tank. This means wipe down the seat, the back, the knob to select your weight and the bars. It takes two seconds and your other gym friends would appreciate it.

2) Put your toys away - Remember where you got that dumbbell, plate, ball and bar? Well guess what? It's not going to walk itself back to where you found them. Oh, you think someone else is going to use them? You mean, in the exact spot where you used them? I don't think so. Put them back where you found them. 

3) Why you gotta yell? - I don't give two hoots about how much you lift, what you thought about the last Real Housewives of wherever episode and I certainly don't care what girl is lookin' hot up in here. Well, of course, unless it's me with all my hot messness. Now shut up. Why do you gotta yell? You are two three feet away from each other. The decibels are unnecessary and I could hear you through Adriana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman.'' And its interfering with my road to sexiness. Seriously. Save it for the dive bar over a beer as you ruin what you just accomplished in the gym, Run your mouth there.

4) Laziness - So you got your a$$ out of bed and decided to hit the gym...but you also decided to park illegally on striped pavement because it's the closest 'spot' to the gym entrance. Can you be any more lazy? You're about to sweat in this gym, presumably, but you don't want to be a good citizen of this town and park where you're not supposed to just to be close to the entrance. It doesn't make sense. Park farther away and add those extra steps to your log. 

5) Don't bathe in your perfume or cologne before the gym - By all means, if you're naturally a stinker, I think we'd appreciate deodorant instead of you covering up the fact you haven't showered today with the strong scents of Victoria's Secret body sprays or the cologne bottle in your glove compartment. Want to get noticed at the gym? This will have a negative effect with making people's eyes water from the overwhelming scent. I sneeze uncontrollably when my sense is overstimulated. And not in a good way. Please don't do this, at the gym, at the office and for god's sake, not on a date. That's automatic disqualification. Less is more.

6) No staring! - There are some beautiful bods in the gym and they've worked hard to get there. Didn't your momma tell you that it's rude to stare? Yeah, I get it. Those glutes are on point but please don't make us all feel uncomfortable. Focus on you. The gym is not a place to pick up on the other sex. Mind your business before you hurt yourself. 

7) Proper attire - There are signs for some of these above but proper gym attire is requested. Extra clothing can get caught in the machines and cause injury. There's one guy at my gym that wears jeans and rather loosely. Poor thing doesn't know how to properly lift weights but kudos to him for being here every time I am. He was doing some sort of arm curls on a machine and he had his booty crack exposed. I just had to move and leave the area entirely. Please don't scare the members.

No environment is perfect but come on! I am glad to see these folks in the gym and not being part of the statistic that we are an overweight nation. These folks are actually doing something good to live a healthy lifestyle. Like me, there's always room for improvement.

I hit the gym before work and the guy that works the front desk is appreciative of me. He gets annoyed when he has to pick up after people. He sees me constantly going to the paper dispenser and use the spray bottle to wipe down my machines. "You're one of my good members," he says. That's right! 

Now what about you? Are you one of them? Or are you a good member? Don't be one of 'those' cause if I could call your momma... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Women Wednesday - South American Wine

On August 3rd from 5-8pm at Dirty Water, we continue with our monthly Women Wednesday event. Tara, our Wine Director and Sommelier, has recently returned from Argentina and Chile. She says part of being a Sommelier is telling stories. Since DW has opened, the rest of us have wished her a fabulous trip with envy to expenses paid (minus the airfare) trips to France and now South America. Some days she'll come into work a bit exhausted and her reasoning is 'so much wine.' Poor Tara, right?

Well she deserves it. At such a young age of 26, she is now studying for her Advanced Sommelier exam. Go get 'em, Tara.

Please join us for Women Wednesday with a special South American wine flight and meet Tara's recent travel companion and owner of Copa Fina Wine Imports, Shelbi Herring. One dollar of each purchased goes to La Raza Community Resource Center, a non-profit with programs such as a Mother's Support Group. It provides a 'safe place for communal support amongst women int he Latin community' and 'they learn that help comes in emotional and social forms, and that seeking and providing such support, by way of camaraderie is not only beneficial, but uniquely empowering.'

In addition to a dollar going to a non-profit, you will earn an entry to win a $60 gift certificate to OneLuv Skin Studio in San Francisco.

For more information, visit the Facebook Event page.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sexy In Her Skin - Boudoir with Angie Capri

No matter what color your skin is, how much you weigh or how old you are, every woman is beautiful and sexy. Angie Capri helps you remember that.

Angie Capri in Concord, California is a photographer with wedding and now boudoir experience. I met her at a shopping event with other small businesses and entrepreneurs in Antioch, California many years ago when I was putting much more effort in my Stella & Dot business. Her photos were beautiful and I have followed her work on social media since then.

She sent out an email looking for models to test her new skills and tips she learned from a workshop on boudoir photography. I haven't had a shoot since working with Dylan and Jasmin HERE. It was fun. Every lady loves getting all dolled up and a chance to feel beautiful so why not? I applied and scheduled a shoot for July 18th.

Angie is very well organized and provides you all the information you need with time to think about it and prepare. She communicates well and during the shoot, her enthusiasm makes you want to hold that uncomfortable post just a tad bid longer. I was sore the next day for sure.

My hair and make up was done by The Makeup Movement LLC in Dublin, California. Annie Lim and Angie have worked as a team for years and they now have 11 photo shoots scheduled together to build their portfolios. I left Annie's town home feeling beautiful and glamourous. I'm sure you will too.

I am so impressed with these businesswomen and their set-ups. The front living space of Annie's town home was her work space with a director's chair for makeup application and using natural light from her large front window.  Then a swivel chair for hair and a vanity and a Nespresso machine that officially makes you friends with George Clooney and Danny DeVito. I don't know make up so I had no idea what brands like Lura were about. Annie sure did and had a lot of different brushes, powders, compacts and hair products. What caught my eye was the bling in the corner of headbands and headpieces that is very in in the bridal world. She placed on on me!

Angie's work space is near the drive-in and an area with an office, bathroom and a studio with tinted windows. She assured me that we'll see anyone approaching before they see me in my 'unmentionables,' as a long-time guy friend also refers chonies to. She has purchased unique furniture from thrift stores and has an old tub she got from a family member that was planning on throwing it away. I have some awesome shots in these tubs in my Jimmy Choo's and a sexy garter from the South.

I brought four pairs of shoes, four hats, my mask from Venice, many of my roommate's ties, newly purchased lingerie from Victoria's Secret, Macy's by Heidi Klum, DKNY and Lily of France, plus my girlfriend's Army camos but we didn't use them. Tip for shoots when you are using your own wardrobe - more is better! Having a lot to choose from is better than not having the right gear. It was fun to see Angie's creative mind at work as she tossed my bras and panties around and paired them with the hats, jewelry and heels. Her giggle is quite adorable.

We had so much fun that I was there for four hours. I think I want to do more shoots! Angie showed me some pics during the session and I was amazed at how awesome they looked. I was self conscious about my not-so-toned tummy but most of them looked really great. I can't wait to share them soon.

If you would like to work with Angie or Annie, please contact them! You won't regret it. These pictures are proof and will remind you that you are sexy and beautiful just the way you are. It reminded me that on days I feel like I'm getting older or my pants are feeling a bit tight, through someone else's eyes, I am beautiful and I should think the same thing and love myself. I'm not perfect but nor are the touched up models in magazines or filter Instagram images. Remember that. The more I can love who I am and appreciate the reflection in mirror, the more confidence I have and people will see it. I hope I motivate others to have the courage to also love themselves. 

Here are some really old photos from previous shoots when I was younger. I didn't start doing shoots because I thought I was beautiful. I just wasn't afraid of the camera. Today, that's still very true.

Cannot wait to get Angie's photos!

My first photo shoot in San Francisco with

Along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Apparently there's a painting of my legs somewhere in Los Angeles.

My first shoot with a mask. I still have that top & choker.

I still love those kind of wedges.

I believe this was taken at Santa Clara University.

I still have this dress.

I still have this top.
My sister & I - a present for my father. 

Doing extra work in San Francisco. Funny story with this one.