#TravelTuesday - Swarm Challenges

I love the new Swarm challenges to be entered to win trips. I believe these started about a month ago. It's really easy to enter. If you're a Swarm user, fulfill their requirements to enter the week's challenge and enter to win vacations. We all can use a vacation. According to studies, as in the statistic from July's Women's Health magazine, 40% of Americans have unused vacation days. Uhm, can I have them?

Earlier challenges included a trip to Italy. I am going back in October and I sure wouldn't pass up another opportunity to go again soon, even if I have to pay taxes on it because the value of the trip would be considered income. I absolutely love it there. All you had to do was check into restaurants and bars a few times by a certain deadline. Check! I did it. I also go one of my new lunch Managers to sign up. Now he can tell when I get to work. Like at 6:50 am for this One Busy Bee!

This week's challenge is to get your booty moving and check into a gym at least twice between July 11th and July 17th to enter to win a $5,000 relaxing weekend. I just had a 90-minute massage at Massage Envy in Castro Valley this past Saturday and I already could use another one. This will also be easy to enter if you're participating in the 8-werk #MyNextLevel bodybuilding.com challenge. Consider it done! If you win, send me a postcard!

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