Who Loves Free Coffee?

You just can't go wrong with free. Am I right? Or am I right? Yesterday, July 27th, First Republic Bank treated everyone to any of Blue Bottle Coffee's offerings at the Mid-Market location in the Twitter building during two different times of the day. I love First Republic Bank, especially for their friendly customer service and their soft, delicious complimentary cookies. And now, free coffee?!? Why, thank you!

I haven't had Blue Bottle Coffee since before DW opened when small cartons of cold coffee was handed out when the just opened. I rarely drink coffee and this was a treat to participate in an event, support FRB, try one of their offerings and have something to blog about. It's a win-win situation.

I heard about it via Twitter as I follow my bankers and am all about supporting companies and people that support me and my business. I reTweeted it from my personal and business account and alerted my staff to take advantage of the offer. I also SnapChatted from the event (bappletree). 

I grabbed my Office Manager, Cristen, and waited in line for my free coffee. We saw TJ, a banker at our local branch, and he gave me a great recommendation. I ordered the New Orleans with cold brew. It was tasty and I finished every drop, even when the ice melted.

Thanks again, FRB. I love being a high-profile client with you. We hope more people are now in the know of your brand, offerings and location.

Follow them on Twitter @firstrepublic

Why? Because my bankers are better than yours.

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