The Cannery Cafe - Hayward, California

A day off after a 14-hour day deserved a treat. My body naturally wanted to get up after 6.5 hours of sleep and I had to go to the gym due to the #MyNextLevel challenge. I had a hard time actually getting out of the car but couldn't let me team down. I eventually got out of my car, took my Women's Health magazine with Actres, Cameron Diaz, on the cover and did what I could on the stationary bike. I sadly logged in 35 minutes on my Bodyspace account. The whole time, I just wanted breakfast. I thought I should go have breakfast at a new place. I considered going to Denica's Cafe in Castro Valley but I wanted to blog about something in Hayward. I decided to go to The Cannery Cafe again. I see their A-frame sign out front and it's on my way home from the dreadful gym that morning.

The cafe is part of the Hayward Museum of History and Culture. It used to be a Mexican restaurant and night club. I remember having a drink at the bar one day and met a writer for the local college newspaper and other locals. The building has its own private parking lot and is located across the street from Big 5 Sporting Goods and the renamed Ramos Furniture store.

The cafe had a good amount of patrons and it is an order at the counter, they give you a number kind of deal. I reviewed their breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. I wanted an omelette and went with their daily scramble which consisted of broccoli (my fave!), peppers, yellow squash and cheese. It came with potatoes and fruit. I added a side of crispy bacon and a water. The cashier asked how my day was. Tired was my response. A cook came out to speak with her regarding a ticket. She explained that the order was one over easy egg and one poached. Like most cooks, I would guess that he thought special requests are so much fun! I hope you sense the sarcasm. I took my number and found a small table in the corner near the window and the open cooler that housed desserts in plastic tins and bottles of juices. It was next to a table of three adults and three children. It was typical of the kid to repeatedly call out for his mother's attention.

Typically tables would be stocked appropriately for incoming guests but I noticed that my tin bucket of napkins and utensils didn't have a fork which was essential for my order. I left my magazine on the table to mark the table claimed and found another tin on a vacant table for my fork. A woman that ordered coffee was looking for a spoon and came to my table and asked if she can look in my tin for one. No luck. Eventually a young guy with shorts and tattoos plopped his basket of utensils on my table to restock the tin while I was reading my magazine. He didn't make any excuses or ask how I was. He restocked and left. I was quite taken aback. When the woman with three children left, a single lady sat and waited for her food to arrive. The Server Assistant also ran food and delivered a tower of French fries. When it was slightly shoved onto the table, a fry went flying, hit the table and fell to the floor. Again, no apologies, nor did he pick it up. Goodness. Then I remembered this was a different kind of restaurant. No need to make a fuss.

My plates arrived and I was so ready to eat. The eggs were cooked well and I loved the broccoli in it. I tasted the potatoes and they were soft. I added ketchup and Tobasco as I said in My Authentic Nature's Feature Friday on me. The watermelon slices were thin but perfect for the summer. My crispy bacon was definitely crispy. My favorite part of the meal was the potatoes. I would have liked some crispiness to them but I devoured it all regardless. I took the remaining pieces of bacon home to Bevo. He enjoyed them.

There are signs asking guests to bus your own tables. I did so and stacked my dishes in a way no one else did. I am clearly in the industry. At the station there was a bucket labeled Utensils and Plates, as well a waste baskets for the landfill and compost. We all still get this wrong. The Cafe was no different.

I will be back to try the other items on their menu. They do Sunday Suppers, have sandwiches, salads and specials. Beer in bottles included the North Coast Brewing Co.'s Pranqster beer we carried and Heretic Brewing Company on tap. Wine is also offered but I didn't review the list.

On my way out, I browsed the books available for purchase. One day, I'll get around to learning more about my neighborhood. I have not had the chance to browse the museum but did pick up a pamphlet on being a member. It was only $40 and I feel I should be more involved in my community. After all, I have lived here for over 10 years. To exploring more of Hayward!

What do you think?

***Update 9/12/16 ***

I cam back to the Cannery Cafe after a work out and decided to take advantage of my benefits as a Hayward Area Historical Society member. I hadn't opened my packet yet that must have contained my membership card and the gent at the front desk told me I would still get my discount if I mentioned his name.

It was busy for a Saturday afternoon and I was just in time to hear the live band's last song. I didn't catch their names but the crowd enjoyed it.

I went with the daily scramble that came with delicious, crispy potatoes and fruit. The scramble had broccoli in it again. My favorite!

The tables had these cool paper flowers for decorations. I was amazed at how sturdy and how well kept they were. I would imagine that guests would be touching them and getting them greasy but they looked really good. They are made by an Oakland woman named Lisa and you can find her items at Paper Stems. If you take a look at her Instagram, you'll see that she has created photo opp walls, had them on wedding cakes and even in retail windows. Well done! I was impressed. This Event Planner is now more knowledgeable on a vendor here in the Bay Area. 



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