Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding / Event Vendor: Boomies Cupcakes

Cupcakes are HUGE nowadays. Some couples order cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. As favors for the last wedding I did, the couple packaged cupcakes for their guests to take home with them. And I can't deny that my mouth waters at the very thought of the show, Cupcake now. Here is a local vendor I Yelped about:

Mmmmm. I came across Boomies after I found a coupon on the counter and the rest of the ads at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe just down the street from the Farmers Market that happens on Thursdays (unless it rains.)

I held onto the coupon, Tweeted to see if they would honor the expired coupon and they said they would. But the two times I was going to go to the market to redeem the coupon the market was cancelled. BUT I finally was able to take part and try several of her flavors.

The strawberry one was made from the strawberry vendor also at the farmers market. It was very sweet. People LOVE red velvet cake but I think it's way too cream cheesy, but her's was lighter and much better than any others I've tasted before. I didn't try the lemon one as I've never been a sweet lemon lover in dessert. My absolute favorite is the Kona Kahlua cupcake and I took two back to the office with me. One for me, and one for one of my clerks.

I am thinking about ordering from her for an upcoming birthday party...

I apologize for no photo of the cupcake I purchased. I devoured it.

Please tell Boumy Funes how you found out about her!

Boomies Cupcakes & Sweet Delights
Emeryville, California

Prep for Your Wedding Day with BioLean! Like Me!

EVERY bride wants to lose weight and/or look their best on their wedding day. It's just a given. Whether it's the slight squishiness here that only she would notice or wanting to lose 10-15 pounds or more, a Bride always wants to improve something she has an issue with by her wedding day. I am absolutely no different. I have been on BioLean for 9 months and do not plan on discontinuing even beyond my big day just shy from a year from now. I found my dress and have always had a weak back due to car accidents so I hate working out to strengthen my back. But I want it stronger by my wedding day and BioLean (and exercise) will help to keep the rest of the junk where it needs to be. You'll read by my other posts saying that BioLean has also kept me healthy (not a day of sickness) for the past nine months and I used to be ALWAYS sick.

I will NOT go without my BioLean.

BRIDES!!! Get on it today to give you energy, maintain your metabolism and burn up those toxins in your body. These supplements are safe to use, are listed in the Physician's Desk Reference and they WORK! See earlier testimonials on this blog and follow me on Twitter!

5% of your entire purchase thru BeeMWellness by July 17, 2011 will go towards Team in this year's AIDS Walk San Francisco.

BRIDES - Tell me. What do you want to improve by your wedding day?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Games 2 - BGC Season 6 Finale

I can't believe how much TV I have been watching! I just finished up The Bad Girls Club Season 6 last night and have episode 2 of Love Games 2 to watch tonight, along with a sole episode of Dancing with the Stars and the premiere of The Voice with my favorite singer of all-time, Christina Aguilera.

Let's start off with the BGC. As already stated, I've been a fan since Season 3 with Sarah Michaels and Amber Meade, which I later followed to watch the first season of Love Games. Last season, Season 5, took place in Miami where many of them ended up exactly what Perez Hilton referred to as "a bunch of quitters." Many left before the season ended without the network/show asking them to leave. I don't know what is in their contract but I thought that was pretty lame. Of course this all could be creative editing, but Morgan went out with a bang in the second episode, Cat thought she was too classy for the show though ended up in jail after the show, Kayleigh couldn't hang (but got her punch in at the reunion), Danielle broke her promise to Erica that she wouldn't leave and Kristen (my favorite) lost Lee-Lee's (Lea) love for her. By all means, Ladies, do what you need to do. I just thought the cast would stick it out all the way to the end. However the end was also pretty bad and I wouldn't wish it upon the victim, Christina, who was attacked by Ashley, Lea and Erica (?) in the limo. That wasn't even cool. But Christina made it to the reunion and survived and overcome the most.

For season 6, they're back in Los Angeles with girls from New Jersey, Chicago, Arizona and Kentucky and the season really surrounded around Nikki and Char. This season probably was the most physical of all seasons I've seen and I thought that once you throw a punch, you're out of the house. That didn't seem to be the case. I was under the impression that this show was about growing and learning that problems aren't solved by physical altercations. But then again, they probably allowed it for ratings. However, Kori did surprise me for being a Barbie and be able to throw down with the other small cutie, Ashley. Blondes are growing on me. I think Kori was the prettiest of this season. Nikki was my favorite in the beginning because she was funny and sporty. Char reminded me of Gabrielle Union, pretty, a Mama Bear but a beast when trying to claim and re-claim Pride Rock. Jessica was funny and seemed like she'd make a great friend. Kentucky did hold her own and but I think she really is a good girl. Sydney was cool, spunky but couldn't hang in there. Jade was just too young and couldn't handle her alcohol and left early on. Wilmarie couldn't either with her wetting accidents but I think she surpasses Kori and Nikki in terms fighting abilities. "What's a Wilmarie? I'm a Wilmarie, B*tch!" while up in Jennifer's face. And OMG, Jennifer. I know I'm not the prettiest girl but Dear, Lord.

This season wasn't as exciting to me. I did have it recorded every week but I wasn't watching every single second. The yelling between two people from different floors got old, who's following who was just boring. Season 7 is being filmed now in New Orleans, I believe, and I really hope they have girls that can stick it out throughout the whole taping and actually try to grow from this experience. We need role models to tell the young girls watching, that think they're bad asses, that you can change for the better. I don't recall hearing "I learned..." at all from Season 4, Brandi from Season 5 seemed to be the only one that learned something but I do have to give it to Char and Kori to admitting how they were and wanting to move away from it. I wish all the girls luck, love, wealth and to use this experience for good. (Kudos to Tiffany of S3!)

And then there's...

Ah, man. They're at it again. This season's cast include Amber from Season 3, Natalie from Season 4 and Lea from Season 5. Natalie Nunn is from the Bay Area and is probably the most successful and well-known of the BGC alumni. Lea is the tatted gal from Miami that seemed to hate all the fighting in her house at first and then became the one that liked to start it when the house got boring. I'd say she's the most stylish and one very hard to miss. Amber was MIA for awhile and wasn't even on Twitter much but I think she's the one that's truly on the show to find love. I wish all the girls happiness but I just can't picture what I'm heading for, marriage and babies, for Natalie and Lea just yet. I think they still have a lot of trouble to cause.

After one episode, I can't really recall many of the bachelors though they're all over Twitter. Matthew is the guy that was already on the chopping block even though he cooked and cleaned for the girls. Mr. Snooki is totally trying to bank on him dating Snooki from Jersey Shore. I just don't believe he's there looking for love. One African American called Amber out on her "You're good looking for a black guy" comment. Good for him.

The rules are different from Season 1 and I'm not sure if it's an improvement. But the previews are showing the physicality continues between the girls and PG-13 rating is needed. It's going to get interesting.

What did you think about BGC - Season 6?
Who do you think is going to win Love Games - Season 2?

Prince William & Kate Middleton - April 29, 2011

Who will be watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this coming Friday? I am going to have to have the press covered recorded on my DVR. William's parents' wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, was quite an event and as an Event Planner, I do not want to miss seeing this.

On my way into the office this morning, Charles Osgood of CBS News (740 AM) mentioned the fact that an event like this instills the idea in young women of a marrying age that things need to be perfect...possibly at all cost. I have no doubt in my mind that Will and Kate's wedding will be flawless. I couldn't imagine the US spending the country's dollars on the wedding of Malia Ann or Natasha Obama. Could you? In reality and in this economy, an absolute dream wedding just seems a tad bit out of reach for your everyday bride of any age. I think a dream wedding with some modifications is attainable but the bride has to be open-minded. Look, watch, admire but who says you need ALL the bells and whistles and armed guards? Perhaps indulge in a few things. It will still be a beautiful and memorable day.

What wedding detail did you/will you splurge on?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Bridal Fair as a Bride-to-Be + Wedding Dress Found!

On Saturday, April 16th, I was headed to the bridal fair at The Ranch at Little Hills in San Ramon with two girlfriends. My Maid and Matron of Honor didn't come but I already assured them that I wouldn't need much from them. They are both pregnant and due around the same time so they're going to have their hands full. Some brides expect their bridal party to be with them for every event. I don't need that. I was to meet up with my friends, Julia and Brittany. I usually go to events like these to meet vendors and to network for my Event Planning services. It's a good place to gather information, see how they interact with possible clients, their portfolio without having to schedule a meeting or waste too much of their time when I'm doing research... and the complimentary food, wine and champagne is always nice. My friend, Jenny, usually accompanies me. That day, she couldn't because she was singing the National Anthem for the San Jose Giants. I'm glad to hear that it went well.

After traveling on a part of Bollinger Canyon Road that I never have before, I spotted white flags, ranch like fences and a gravel lot to my left. This must be the place. I parked and noticed that I had absolutely no cell phone coverage. It actually was going in and out a bit but majority of the time, I couldn't connect with Brittany, who was lost and she didn't end up making it to the fair. Julia did and she also did not get service. I'm glad she found it. But note to brides with AT&T coverage, you won't have service.

I thought the grounds were nice but I imagined it to much larger. From the parking lot, you have a walkway across a little creek, then slightly up hill to a reception desk where we were handed information in a blue report folder, four vendors up to the right, and immediately to the left is the ceremony space with a deck and chairs on some lawn. Further up and to the left is the reception area partially covered by a white tent. There, in the sun, we picked up two complimentary glasses of wine. Very nice. We tried the cake samples from a vendor I did not get a card from and a list of vendors that were present was not provided in the folder. The vendor was so kind to point out which flavor was which. Julia enjoyed the red velvet cake but I thought it was way too cream cheesy for my taste. You just can't go wrong with chocolate.

We also chatted with Party Booths for a bit. These photo booths and staging areas like it's prom are really popular nowadays. This one had props (which most of them should have without an extra add-on fee, IMO) and Julia threw on a green boa and I had the Minnie Mouse bridal veil on. We should have lined up different props for each photo but we weren't thinking.

The rep stated they've been in the industry for longer than others and suggests to "not go with a company that just started." They start at $645 for 2 hrs and can go up to $1,345 depending on options you've selected. I think it would be fun to have one at my wedding but that's not going to happen as we're most likely not moving in the direction of a full on reception or a big wedding party. But the photos of friends and family from weddings with these booths are a hit on Facebook.

We didn't stay too long at this fair. It was one of the smaller ones I have been to and not too many vendors. We were hoping to catch Brittany before she headed back home to the peninsula. We also decided to go look for wedding dresses just for fun. We waited to meet up with Brittany and were searching on our phones (thank god we have service!) for local boutiques. When we did, it pulled up a photo of the exact dress in an ad I pulled out of a magazine a year or two ago. I remember that I was sitting on the couch with DB in our condo and said "OOoooohhhh." I showed it to him and he said he liked it. I then tore the ad from the magazine and had it sitting on my nightstand for quite some time. Probably up to the time we started packing to move to Brentwood. We eventually connected with Brittany and I drove us to a shop in Danville, CA. Low and behold, Julia pulled a dress she thought was pretty. OMG! It's my dress!!! I got really excited that I was actually laying my eyes on it and I couldn't wait to try it on. We pulled other ones to try on but I couldn't wait to try THAT one on!

I did, Julia laced me up perfectly with her Renaissance Faire skills and I stepped out of the dressing room, onto the raised platform and couldn't stop smiling. I found my dress!! It was the one I've wanted, the first one to try on and the one they had in store fit absolutely perfectly. AND it wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg...well, not both of them, at least. I definitely felt like I was going to be Monica from Friends and wanting to clean my house in it. Julia handed me a bouquet and a veil and I finally felt like a bride! I really didn't want to take it off.

I tried on three more dresses to be open minded, since I was there and for the experience. The second was a bit more simple but I wanted a bit of a WOW factor. The third came in second place but not a super close second place. It was definitely princess-y and I loved the bodice. If was I was getting married at the Kohl Mansion, I would opt for something like that. Fourth was a frilly dress that I didn't even bother Julia with lacing me up for. I'm in love with #1.

Thanks to Julia and Brittany for sharing this experience with me. It was so much fun and I can't wait to wear it in a year, minus one day.

What do you like and dislike about bridal fairs?
How many dresses did you try on before falling in love with your gown?

My 11th AIDS Walk San Francisco - Sponsor Me!

It's that time again! I am trying to fundraise for my 11th Aids Walk San Francisco taking place on Sunday, July 17, 2011.

As you may know, I'm working on with reality star, Sarah Michaels, to help promote health and wellness. AIDS is an incurable disease that hasn't effected a single close friend or family member and I want to keep it that way. If I don't want them to get AIDS, I certainly do not want another form of illness to take them from this beautiful world. and I want to support, educate and raise funds to put an end to AIDS.

Please join Team for a 10K walk in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on July 17, 2011 by clicking the logo above, then "My Team Page." If you cannot make the walk, please make your tax-deductible donation today. You may also find the Facebook event page for Team here!

Sarah Michaels will not be able to join us for the walk but she'll be sending out any team member an autographed photo that raises at least $50! As a team member, you will also receive some of samples just for walking with us!

Thanks for your support.

***For any orders made to by the day of the walk, July 17, 2011, I will donate an additional 5% of your grand total to the cause.***

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LLB Concerts #46 & #47

What an incredible weekend! I went to four concerts in three days for the Los Lonely Boys, got to hang out with them before or after three of them but the most amazing thing was that they came to the Listening Party that Laurie J. and So Cal La Onda worked so hard on. I mean, who really gets to sit down and have a meal with them??? I really felt like we were a family (on many different levels) and I think this weekend confirmed in many members’ minds that the Boys really do appreciate each and every one of us of La Onda because they took the time to give each one of us a hug, look us in the eye, and basically say ‘thank you’ with such sincerity and a smile. Not that this would happen but if I couldn’t make another concert, I would have definitely ended my streak of 49 concerts on a Mt. Everest-like high.

After the previous weekend’s engagement/housewarming party, I had to get ready for another fun-filled four days with my other favorite Boys and La Onda. OBTB was planning on participating in having a Listening Party on Saturday, March 26th, but three weeks before we had to make decision as a group on how we’d like to move forward as the Boys saved 40 spots for La Onda to be present at a private concert in LA. Uhm, yeah!!! How cool is that? I wasn’t planning on attending any of the LA shows, though extremely tempted, but I don’t think DB would appreciate me taking days off to go see the Boys when we just bought a house, had renovations to make and wedding plans to save for. And he’s always been a little irked that I’d take days off to go to concerts but not spend it with him. Valid point. BUT! I had a Virgin America credit I needed to use by 3/29/11, the same day the new album dropped. And what do you know, the Boys were going to play a CD release show at Waterloo Records in Austin. Interesting. Virgin America flies to Texas. I’ve always wanted to go. It ended up not making sense financially but it did relatively make financial sense to fly to LA instead for this concert that the Boys request our presence at. They asked for us. How could we say no? So Tasina and I got together to talk about it over dinner. Not many folks of OBTB were on board pushing for this listening party that I was working on getting a venue for. Margie was working on the design of the swag and I played Treasurer and gave my printer-contact more business to print our post cards. We did do some work but not a lot for this party that we didn’t know we were going to move forward with. So we tried to have an emergency conference call while we’re in our booth at The Olive Garden (which I remember JoJo saying years ago that their home town, San Angelo now has one.) But that conference call didn’t work out so we ended up talking to each member individually. Some didn’t know what was this listening party was all about or if they could even attend. I decided to take the lead on this marketing listening party with Margie’s help because as an Event Planner and Marketer, this is what I do. And Tasina is always, always on the go so I thought I’d relieve her of some stress. I understand that life happens and I’m not mad about it but Margie and I were the only ones that were gung ho about the event. I thought it was really cool. So we eventually decided to not reject the Boys’ invitation, cancel our Listening Party (and the venue I booked for it) and head South for a concert at the Grammy Museum on Friday, SoCal Onda’s listening party and the private show at La Cita in downtown LA. Next step: Permission. I asked for the green light from the fiancé to leave him and my puppy (though 2.5 years old now) for four days and he basically just pushed me out the door. He knows it’s my thing and he said GO! Suh-weet.

I participated in the conference calls with the seven different regions and a Playing In Traffic representative about the listening parties but since they were taking place mid-afternoon, I was at work and may have missed a few key points. Nonetheless, OBTB wasn’t having a listening party. SoCal La Onda was kind enough to invite us to theirs. Nine of us from Northern California made it to the Grammy Museum, and 13 of us made to the listening party and the La Cita show. In addition to getting access to the streaming Rockpango CD on Saturday between 4PM-6PM, each region were to receive a piñata and swag made by the rest of the nation and because Margie was leaving on Thursday, the package arrived on Friday and we didn’t get to open ours. But that’s OK. OBTB stood back to let SoCal La Onda enjoy their package during the party. After all, we were the guests. We did pay for our own meals and some sent money to help out with SoCal La Onda’s swag. But in terms of working with PIT and working together across the nation, that was pretty cool. If I could work for PIT, LoneyTone Records or Kevin (wink wink), that’d be beyond cool. Can I telecommute? How wonderful would be to for your job promoting something you love?

So arrangement were set. I’d find out if I got into the KFOG concert on Thursday. Then drive to San Jose, get tickets, and stand in line. I was to fly out of SFO the next day, arrive at LAX, spend some time with Roo, my former clerk at the law office, go to the Grammy Museum, room with Margie, possibly meet up with Amber Meade of the Bad Girls Club for brunch on Saturday, then the listening party, then La Cita, maybe party in Hollywood, sleep for a little and then drive back home on Sunday morning with Tasina, my OndaRoadMate. Sounds exhausting. It was but it was also so much fun.

First up was the KFOG show in the studio in downtown San Francisco. What a treat it was to be here for this. I left my house at 10 AM and arrived at noon. It was raining heavy and even sideways! No joke. Tasina and Martha, who was in from Hawaii, was racing thru the same traffic I was in on the Bay Bridge and Tasina said that Martha Andretti was behind the wheel. I asked her is she was making a left turn. They didn’t get it.

I was the first one in the waiting area and many other people arrived as well. Tasina and Martha finally made it and we handed out post cards, had small talk with folks to see if they were going to make it to the San Jose event and many folks weren’t. Not like us, Die-Hards. We were eventually let in the door, directed down a long hallway and I could already smell their cologne in the air and already hear Ringo say “Lakota!” How sweet. I waited for Martha so I thought she’s come a long way so she could go in before me but she motioned to get my butt in gear and get inside. Lakota gave each of them a hug. Henry said my name, I waved and smiled excitingly, I didn’t go over for a hug as there speakers in front of them, wires, microphones,… knowing me, I might have ungracefully ruined the whole event. And I didn’t want the radio stations security to step in, which they didn’t. I gave Ringo the same greeting, then JoJo, hesitated and he said it was ok to come get a little love. So I did. Inside I’m doing the happy dance. I turned around and it appears front row wasn’t taken. Shocker. So I grabbed a seat next to Tasina. There was a spot next to me that was open but a guy was setting up a video camera in front of it.

Webster kicked off the show, did a little interview and the Boys were making him and all of us laugh. I love when they (and artists in general) have a chance to speak and say something to get to know who they are. Yes, we’re here because of their music but it’s the people behind the music that makes it even more intriguing. They were asked a few questions from the audience and they really got to speak. They always have me cracking up. JoJo explains what Rockpango means and his brothers were impressed that he knows the ‘derivative’ of the term… which they joke about further and carried onto the next day at The Grammy Museum show that only Tasina, Martha and I knew about. They talked about their Stacy Adam shoes that they designed that will be coming out this year, etc. I did record most of the interview but not sure if KFOG will allow posting it. I would like to be invited back.

I was at the same event in 2008 when they were just releasing Forgiven and I again sat in front. Can’t complain with that, right? The 2008 show was the first time I heard the title track, Forgiven, and it really made my eyes water. I just mouthed to JoJo, “it’s beautiful.” I’m sure he can see the tears in my eyes. And it happened again this time around with ‘Road to Nowhere’. I’ve never heard this track before and Tasina, who was sitting right next to me, leaned over and whispered “Have you heard this before?” We both haven’t but when our eyes met I knew I had to quickly look away or those tears will fall. I guess I had to do the same when I met JoJo’s eyes. The song is so beautiful and I immediately raised my left arm as in ‘representin’ when they sing “Wound up in San Francisco Bayyyyy” We made it into the song! Aww yeahhhh.
Los Lonely Boys - "Road to Nowhere" from KFOG Radio 104.5/97.7 on Vimeo.

They sang Heaven, Rockpango and their new single Fly Away.
Los Lonely Boys - "Fly Away" from KFOG Radio 104.5/97.7 on Vimeo.

Then we were allowed to take photos with the Boys. Tasina, Martha and I stood back as other people got together in big groups to take photos with the Boys. SEE! We’re not stingy. We want other fans to be able to get close to them, to fall in love with them. They’re friggin’ awesome. This photo is when Ringo says, “Great, they’re bending their knees and I’m standing straight up!”

When it died down, we asked for just the three of us with the Boys and this is how it came out.

From my seat and in between taking photos, I asked JoJo what the next single was going to be. He seriously looked at me and said, “There isn’t going to be one.” Oh. OK. Being the gullible person I am, I didn’t realize that he was joking. OK, man, it’s your deal, do as you wish. But if it were me, I also wouldn’t mention what was the next single as I’d really want “Fly Away” to take off… no pun intended.

I made my way around to properly say hello to each of the Boys. First was Henry, I just stood by as he was signing autographs (our Rockpango cards) and he signed mine. Oh, OK. I’ll take an autograph. I usually don’t really ask them to sign anything as I’m so thankful just to be in the same room with them. Of course, Henry smiled and said hello back. I moved toward Ringo, I put my left arm around his shoulder and said hello as he signed away as well. He looked at me and softly said ‘Hello, Bernadette’ with a smile. So sweet. I made eye contact with JoJo and he said something to me but I couldn’t hear exactly what and he put his hand out so I put my card in his hand think he’s offering to sign my card. Again, I think I misunderstood. Yes, I’ve seen them so many times but you never know how much time you have with them and you never really know what to say exactly besides small talk because you may be holding up the line, thinking they have to move on, or that they don’t want to talk about what you want to talk about… or perhaps I’m just over thinking things. I have had the pleasure of having discussions with them and I wish I could have more, but they’re in high demand and on the road and they gotta go… They gotta do their thing: making music and making people happy. JoJo is the most approachable only because he’s outside the bus often but this trip, all three of them were extremely approachable. Very cool.

Tasina, Martha and I chatted a little bit with JoJo. I was saying how they and their promotions team did a great job at keeping the songs under wraps. We usually know all the songs and the lyrics by the time the album comes out and this was definitely not the case. I posted a comment on their Facebook site saying just that and JoJo said he saw it and he reads all of my posts. Awwww. FINALLY! A way to talk to them whenever I wanted to. YAY! But in reality, like Twitter, you just can’t read every post! But perhaps with 220 days out of the year on the road, you have some time to. Regardless, I am truly honored. From there he mentioned my default picture with ‘the dog. Is that in front of your house?’ “No, but we did buy a house.” “What, are you married now?” I didn’t exactly say yes, I just pulled out my hand from my coat pocket and showed him my engagement ring. “Wow! Congratulations!” and he gave me a big hug, wonderfully engulfed in leather and cologne. He said he was happy for me and that he (DB) is a very lucky man. So, so very sweet. I just stood there, bashful, not knowing what to say.

I pointed to the tall, older gentleman standing by the door and asked if that was Mike. JoJo confirmed it was and said he was a cool dude. I didn’t realize until the weekend was over that that was the same guy we interacted with for the first time at Cache Creek last summer. I came across a video on YouTube of Glenn, they’re former Road Manager and my buddy, on how the internet and mobile devices play such an important role with his job. I said no disrespect to Mike, but thanks to Glenn for all his hard work in taking care of our Boys and that we miss you. Other La Onda members commented as well. He was so good to us.

Eventually they had to go. And we did too! We had to travel south in this crazy weather to San Jose where we had to get in line to get free tickets and then stand in another line to get in. We said our good-byes and “See you tonight!”s, got our hugs, and walked out. We caught Henry on the way out and gave him a hug, ‘love you, guys,’ “love you” in return and Henry, Mr. Cool, complimented me on my coat and my hat. Awesome. And JoJo was taking a photo of some poster of three cholos with his iPhone in the hallway and gave him a quick drive-by hug. We had to get moving…

I jumped in my car in a neighboring parking garage and noticed that I carried their cologne into my car. Thank goodness they wear good cologne. I crossed the Bay Bridge out of habit to the east bay and headed for San Jose State University where I was originally going to go to school and major in Advertising if I hadn’t landed a job in the field already at the age of 19. The roads were extremely wet and the visibility was ridonkulous. I now have to have wear my glasses at night and while driving in the rain. It’s part of getting older. I should’ve eaten more carrots!

My iPhone was dying and decided to turn it off in case of an emergency. I thought I had a car charger in my car but it was no where to be found. I found my way to SJSU, parked, got lost on campus in my boots that were already killing me. I found the hall it was going to be held and YES, no line! A student there asked me if I was here for the concert and directed me towards another building around the corner to get in line for free tickets. Ugh, more walking. On the way over there I ran in Maritza and her family. I lead them to where we were supposed to go and the line wrapped around the room. Wow! I’ve never had to wait in this long of a line before… only because I got to the line early enough. But hey, the KFOG and one-on-one interaction was well-worth it. We got in line and I helped Maritza put her tour stickers on the post cards and we handed them out: our job as the Street Team. People gladly took them. As we walked down the line street teaming, I noticed Laura and Emil were already there! Good for them! Then we saw that Ellen came in and hugs went around. So good to see Ellen. I haven’t seen her since our mini-OBTB-Holiday dinner at Eddie Papa’s in Pleasanton. She’s been sick and her father-in-law has been very ill in Las Vegas so it’s a possibility she won’t make it down to LA that weekend. We later found out that he passed and she definitely didn’t make to LA. So sad. AND, Maria Q. was supposed to come to the KFOG show but she also had a family emergency. If you don’t know, Maria is a brilliant event photographer and has taken photos of the Boys and her other love, Ozomatli. She was home in San Jose and up late excitedly prepping all of her gear for the upcoming shows when she heard her father fall or was in pain. She ran to his side, called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. She says that if she wasn’t prepping for these Los Lonely Boys concerts she may have been asleep and wouldn’t have saved her father. She says the Boys have saved her father’s life. How wonderful that they touch each one of our lives in such a crazy way. It’s sad that we were missing our Ellen and our Maria but they were where they needed to be.

The concert at SJSU was a free concert benefitting Mexican Heritage Bellas Artes De San Jose. I totally forgot to go to the ATM so I only had $6 on me so I gave it to the organization and only took one ticket hoping someone else can use it. It was wet out and my feet were still killin’ me! But I didn’t let it stop me and I led the way to the venue so we can get our spot in line. My phone was still off so I have no idea where Tasina and Martha were. We found the venue and there were about 8 people in front of us. Strange that there were about 50+ people in front of us in line for the ticket distribution but only 8 in line to a free concert? I stood there for awhile with Laura and Emil and here is Tasina knocking on the front door’s window and waving at me. WHAT?! How’d you get in? Good thing she was OK. Stupid phone. Back in line, someone brought over two Subway foot-longs and I really didn’t have anything to eat besides that half bagel I ran out the door with. Tempted for another BLT I had the week before, Laura held our place in line and Emil and I followed the nice gal’s directions to the food court to get something to eat. My feet would have to endure more pain to satisfy my hunger but boy were they bitchin’! We found the Subway, ordered, and I sat there in the cafeteria like room thinking I do not miss college. On our way out, I saw broken down cardboard boxes and I grabbed two for us to sit on while we ate back in line but I was the only one that partook of its dryness. My feet said ‘thank you.’ We had about an hour and a half until the doors opened. My foot-long was devoured and my umbrella had to shield me from the light rain. My gloves were on and I rocked back and forth to sorta keep the blood flowing because it was a bit chilly. Emil was taking it like a man and just chatting it up in the sprinkles with a woman about art and photography.

Eventually the doors were opened and Martha, Tasina and Laura had already saved us front row seats on JoJo’s side. I love having good friends. So I finally got to warm up and sit and chat. I looked around the beautiful venue and was again amazed that the seats weren’t filling up. I turned on my phone to check in with the fiancé and to see if I had any texts. Mela did and wanted to come. I didn’t know she was going to make it because she got off work at 6 pm. Emil still had an extra ticket and so I told her to hurry. I took a photo of the campus map of where we were with my finger pointing to where she needs to go. She lives in San Jose so she knows downtown very well.

She made it there in a jiffy and looked so professional in her Wells Fargo banking attire. As mentioned in my previous post, Mela and I have been friends for quite awhile now and this would be her second LLB concert. Her first one was when I asked if she spontaneously wanted to go to LA and see the Boys perform at Jimmy Kimmel back in 2006. She’s a fun girl and is down for pretty much anything so we had our first road trip! Here we are standing in front of Jimmy Kimmel’s building on Hollywood Blvd.

We stayed with my talented friend, Lauren Tarantino, in Hollywood and had a blast. Mela arrived at the venue and we got to catch up. Tasina told us that the venue was going to allow people to stand up and dance in front of the stage. I dragged Mela up with Tasina and I and how funny that my feet weren’t hurting as I stood and danced throughout the whole set. I don’t have the whole set list but they did sing Road to Nowhere, Rockpango, Roses (which is Laura’s favorite) and of course Heaven. This was also the first time we heard "Love in My Veins" and it was great! Tasina yelled out "This is my new favorite!" It's definitely one of my favorite tracks on Rockpango. After Road to Nowhere, JoJo apologized for the slow love stuff and that ‘sometimes the sad stuff happens!’ Very true. I’m dancing away, singing along, trying to get Mela to shake her butt, she’s laughing at me because I know all of the words (except to the new songs) and she’s lovin’ watching the older lady in front of us in a reggae beanie just rockin’ out! Then there was a tall, heavy-set drunken Latino that just couldn’t hold his liquor near us, shoving and reeking of B.O. and booze. Not sexy whatsoever. Perhaps he didn’t get the memo. Maritza arrived with her family and friends and I introduced her to Mela and we danced the night away. I turned around to check out the rest of the venue to see if people were on their feet and yup, the venue was packed now!

The Boys threw out their guitar picks and Ringo gently tossed out drumsticks and off they went. I said good-bye to Mela, to give my regards to Felix and thanked her for coming.

Later on Facebook, her friend said she would have gone to the concert if she knew she was going. Sorry she missed out! Then as usual, we had to take a group photo at the stage. Security was very nice to let us linger for a bit. Then, we had to Street Team again and pass out swag. Tasina was on top of it and I was only able to get about 20 people to go home with a post card.

There was a tall, friendly Latino (not drunk this time) who took a post card then kind of followed me and asked me to take a photo with him. I can’t remember his name for the life of me but I obliged. SURE! “But we have to hold up these post cards.” I thanked him for coming, that it was nice to meet him and to buy the album! Then I had to say goodbye to OBTB as I had a long drive home just to sleep and then get up at 5 AM to start my travels to The City of Angels.

I always reflect on my solo ride home on how it just never gets old for me to go to these concerts. To travel in crazy weather, to meet up with friends that I mostly just see around concert time, standing in line for hours, taking time off work to be here. But I love it. Seeing them, hearing their music live, singing along, and just knowing that they know I am and WE are there, that they want us to be there is so amazing. It’s ‘my thing.’ Some people scrapbook, some people travel to gun shows, some jump off cliffs – I go to Los Lonely Boys concerts. My license plate frame says it all: I’d Rather Be at a Los Lonely Boys Concert. Thanks, Martha, for getting me that. DB got me the matching “LNLY BYS” license plate that we get to pay an extra $100 for every year. I guess I kinda got sad on my way home because they and their music has been a part of my life for six years now, through the many stages, jobs, boys… They’ve always been around even though I see them maybe 5 times a year. I doubt that number will decrease as life happens, but who knows. The thought of it makes me sad, of missing out on seeing them when they’re so close.. just so many memories I wish I could relive, developing and growing friendships and unexplainable emotions like being so in love you can't get enough and you just envelope yourself with it all. I don't want it to end. BUT, I tend to worry about the what ifs prematurely and I’ll face it when that time comes… For now, onward to go home and sleep for five hours.

To be continued...

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

No, no, no. He's not mine! My very good friend, Christy, has finally announced on Facebook (where everyone knows everyone else's business) that she is 6 months pregnant and that it's a boy! Look at that face!!

I have known for a long while and it was killing me not to say anything to anyone! I'm kind of honored that she actually found out while house-sitting/babysitting my little Bevo when DB and I were in Vegas. I had her over for dinner while DB was coaching, prepared to make her my delicious lemon herb chicken over rice and while I was pulling ingredients out of the fridge, she says "I have something to show you." I turn around and she's holding up her iPhone with a black and white photo, which made me do a double take and realize it was a sonogram. I squint, move my eyes up to her eyes, back to the iPhone, back up to her eyes repeating "What is that?!? What is that?!?" I guess the correct question would be 'WHO'S is that?!?" She just smiles, lowers her head a little bit, probably anticipating my reaction. I think I told her to "Shut up!" and then my eyes started to water and hugged her for a long time. I couldn't believe she had a person growing in her belly at that very moment. WOW!

So I'm already being called Auntie Bernie and I love it! I've seen her a few times since then and it's so great to see her progressing in her pregnancy. I didn't notice she was showing until we had an Indian food birthday luncheon in February and I helped her pack a few things up as she was moving out of her Walnut Creek apartment and closer to work on the peninsula. We were taking the elevator down to the garage of her building and I caught a profile of her tummy, and yup, there was the bump. She looked so damn cute. Ahhh. Watery eyes, stop it!

I saw her recently to have dinner again, you guessed it, Indian food, and I HAD to get Squirt some good jamming music while he's chillin' in the safest place in the world. So I went to Wal-Mart to get him the new album, Rockpango, by my favorite band, The Los Lonely Boys but they didn't have it but found it at Rasputin. I also got him some 49ers bibs (ah yeahhhh, too bad we suck.), a onesie that said "Squirmy" (that's as close to Squirt as they got) and a pack of diapers. Here is my first gift and message to Squirt.

This is the song I think should be his lullaby because he is 'right on time' as I mention in the card. I know he's going to make her world so amazing.

Next, I'll be working with a few of her friends to plan her June baby shower. Stay tuned!

I had the pleasure to hang out with my nephew, Brent, yesterday and I can't believe how much he has grown. Almost five years old now and so, so wonderful, smart, respectful and such the jokester like my sis and I. He locked me in the bathroom with him because he didn't want me to leave and smothered me with hugs and kisses before I left. My cousin, Shanti, will also have an island baby boy in Hawaii. She's due in June. Little boys are the best! Please, please, please give me a BOY someday.