Love Games 2 - BGC Season 6 Finale

I can't believe how much TV I have been watching! I just finished up The Bad Girls Club Season 6 last night and have episode 2 of Love Games 2 to watch tonight, along with a sole episode of Dancing with the Stars and the premiere of The Voice with my favorite singer of all-time, Christina Aguilera.

Let's start off with the BGC. As already stated, I've been a fan since Season 3 with Sarah Michaels and Amber Meade, which I later followed to watch the first season of Love Games. Last season, Season 5, took place in Miami where many of them ended up exactly what Perez Hilton referred to as "a bunch of quitters." Many left before the season ended without the network/show asking them to leave. I don't know what is in their contract but I thought that was pretty lame. Of course this all could be creative editing, but Morgan went out with a bang in the second episode, Cat thought she was too classy for the show though ended up in jail after the show, Kayleigh couldn't hang (but got her punch in at the reunion), Danielle broke her promise to Erica that she wouldn't leave and Kristen (my favorite) lost Lee-Lee's (Lea) love for her. By all means, Ladies, do what you need to do. I just thought the cast would stick it out all the way to the end. However the end was also pretty bad and I wouldn't wish it upon the victim, Christina, who was attacked by Ashley, Lea and Erica (?) in the limo. That wasn't even cool. But Christina made it to the reunion and survived and overcome the most.

For season 6, they're back in Los Angeles with girls from New Jersey, Chicago, Arizona and Kentucky and the season really surrounded around Nikki and Char. This season probably was the most physical of all seasons I've seen and I thought that once you throw a punch, you're out of the house. That didn't seem to be the case. I was under the impression that this show was about growing and learning that problems aren't solved by physical altercations. But then again, they probably allowed it for ratings. However, Kori did surprise me for being a Barbie and be able to throw down with the other small cutie, Ashley. Blondes are growing on me. I think Kori was the prettiest of this season. Nikki was my favorite in the beginning because she was funny and sporty. Char reminded me of Gabrielle Union, pretty, a Mama Bear but a beast when trying to claim and re-claim Pride Rock. Jessica was funny and seemed like she'd make a great friend. Kentucky did hold her own and but I think she really is a good girl. Sydney was cool, spunky but couldn't hang in there. Jade was just too young and couldn't handle her alcohol and left early on. Wilmarie couldn't either with her wetting accidents but I think she surpasses Kori and Nikki in terms fighting abilities. "What's a Wilmarie? I'm a Wilmarie, B*tch!" while up in Jennifer's face. And OMG, Jennifer. I know I'm not the prettiest girl but Dear, Lord.

This season wasn't as exciting to me. I did have it recorded every week but I wasn't watching every single second. The yelling between two people from different floors got old, who's following who was just boring. Season 7 is being filmed now in New Orleans, I believe, and I really hope they have girls that can stick it out throughout the whole taping and actually try to grow from this experience. We need role models to tell the young girls watching, that think they're bad asses, that you can change for the better. I don't recall hearing "I learned..." at all from Season 4, Brandi from Season 5 seemed to be the only one that learned something but I do have to give it to Char and Kori to admitting how they were and wanting to move away from it. I wish all the girls luck, love, wealth and to use this experience for good. (Kudos to Tiffany of S3!)

And then there's...

Ah, man. They're at it again. This season's cast include Amber from Season 3, Natalie from Season 4 and Lea from Season 5. Natalie Nunn is from the Bay Area and is probably the most successful and well-known of the BGC alumni. Lea is the tatted gal from Miami that seemed to hate all the fighting in her house at first and then became the one that liked to start it when the house got boring. I'd say she's the most stylish and one very hard to miss. Amber was MIA for awhile and wasn't even on Twitter much but I think she's the one that's truly on the show to find love. I wish all the girls happiness but I just can't picture what I'm heading for, marriage and babies, for Natalie and Lea just yet. I think they still have a lot of trouble to cause.

After one episode, I can't really recall many of the bachelors though they're all over Twitter. Matthew is the guy that was already on the chopping block even though he cooked and cleaned for the girls. Mr. Snooki is totally trying to bank on him dating Snooki from Jersey Shore. I just don't believe he's there looking for love. One African American called Amber out on her "You're good looking for a black guy" comment. Good for him.

The rules are different from Season 1 and I'm not sure if it's an improvement. But the previews are showing the physicality continues between the girls and PG-13 rating is needed. It's going to get interesting.

What did you think about BGC - Season 6?
Who do you think is going to win Love Games - Season 2?


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