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The hashtag comes from Fit & Thick and the beautiful Nicole Mejia that I follow on Instagram. I use it when I'm feeling motivated and determined. Let's be real, this #250KChallenge thru isn't going so well with one week left but I'm trying. I have had successes, a poor diet with lots of whiskey but I have managed to still work out at least five days a week. Not bad. I just wish the progress was noticeable. I write this after reading a part of the Spring 2017 issue of On Investing from Charles Schwab late last night. Friday night party animal, right here!

Two headers caught my attention that I shared via Snapchat (bappletree) and my Instagram Story.

"Start saving and investing today."

I posted the above Instagram with caption:
"On my late night date with Chuck (reading Charles Schwab on #Investing mag, that is) after prepping to do my taxes, I thought I'd share this. I have/had so many students on my staff and those not so g…

St. Patrick's Day 2017

My best friend is Irish. My boyfriend is Irish. And Jameson is pretty much my liquid boyfriend lately. This Catholic is all for celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year.

The day started with what to wear - the color of shamrocks of course! I put on my Banana Republic button up and paired it with the retired Contessa Jade necklace by Stella & Dot. I received many compliments on the necklace. I remember the time I sold the same necklace off my neck at the bar The Wishing Crab of in Brentwood, CA.

Then it was time to work. The long day started with a lunch private party, then working an addition eight hours for a late dinner of 60 guests of Italianos! Italians eat late so it was understandable. A break was needed in between. Located one block over, Alta CA is open. Court Court and I headed over there to get a bite before we fed the next group.

Court had the Barbera and I tried their Flawless cocktail with mezcal, tequila, blood orange, vanilla, pecan, nonino and Galliano. It was s…

Chances Are... 2017

It's that time again. I want that vacation home! Safeway's Monopoly game is on and I know of more friends playing along as well. Nelson is playing too! You know, that guy that threw a bunch of them away last year! GAH! (Chances are...) After learning that I play, he used to give me all of his game tickets. Not anymore. Will, my roommate, is my main contributor. I look over to where my game board is and more and more tickets appear. I asked him what he would do with his share of the $1 million.

"Pay bills."

And he's not alone.  I would like to say that I am not coming into work. I do love my job but I probably wouldn't work as hard as I do. I would buy myself my Hawaii home and start my new life.

I am missing just a few pieces from each prize but aren't we all!

So far quite a few winners have been announced via their app which is a major improvement. When I first started playing a few weeks ago, the biggest prize that was won was a 1 in 50 $20,000 college …

Davis, Ca - Good Friends, a Monsieur & Ice Cream

Davis is a cute college town just before you hit California's capital of Sacramento. One of my best friends, Matron of Honor and friend from middle school has moved back this 100-year-old town. I haven't seen Tara, her husband or my niece in over a year. Life happens but it's so wonderful to have remained friends these 24 years. When I put it that way, that's a very long time.

Tara offered to come down my way or meet half way but I haven't seen their new house and I know it's more difficult to move around with a child. I made the drive up there and remembered how I used to spontaneously drive up to her house from Pacheco, CA when I was having a bad day, that one Halloween clubbing downtown and even coming out there for my first country bar when I was dating my Marine. Good times. I was happy to make the drive to make more memories with her.

I found their new house and it was a different side of town than where they usually are. Streets were quiet, parks were ap…

Odd Job - San Francisco, CA

It takes a lot for me to want to walk far from work to get a drink. I have access to everything you could ask for and I could often ask someone to bring it to me if I wanted. But, I should leave my office and workplace every so often. It'd be good for me. By this blog and the thousands of pictures that are my phone just waiting to be added here tells me I'm not that deprived. I was happy to try somewhere near the office and go with a few on my staff. Odd Job is located at 1337 Mission Street between 9th and 10th Street, just like DW. It is so convenient, we went twice in three days.

The first time, we went to Odd Job was with some ladies after their shift. We went to SRO (Standing Room Only) which will be on your left after you get carded at the door. The room has two tall cocktail tables, a small bar, a chandelier, drapery on the ceiling, glassware that you would think to find at Goodwill or an antique shop in the mountains and a liquors I have never heard of before. Aaron, t…

San Jose - Sharks & Old Wagon Saloon & Grill

A day off? Whiskey? Sports? Girl time? Sounds kind of awesome.

My spontaneous travel partner, Christina, is a big San Jose Sharks fan and she had extra tickets. We went to the Sharks and Predators game at 1 PM with kicking it off at the Old Wagon Saloon and Grill at the San Pedro Market Square. Parking is conveniently located across the street and the restaurant is walking distance to The Shark Tank or SAP Center. Sit at the bar, at a table or on the patio. I just had a shot of Jameson on the rocks while the girls had a Bloody Mary and a house cocktail that was too sweet and is better as a double.

Christina got great seats at the game with access to restaurants with actual white, cloth napkins and servers at your seats. I had the Prime Rib sandwich, pretzel with warm cheese, a Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas IPA. The sandwich was actually pretty good, the pretzel was too salty and the beers were eventually completely consumed.

I forgot how fun hockey games can be. The game was entertainin…

Hoochie Mamas

You know the song. I have found my Hooch girlfriend, Julia, and we are now out and about 'hooching it up' with our free drink app. Get to know these faces!

Hooch is an app with a monthly membership of $9.99 that earns you a free drink at a participating restaurant once a day. It pays for itself in one visit as the three drink options you may choose from has a value of $12 or more.
How to use it? Download the app, search for local participating restaurants and plan your visit. Decide on which of the three cocktails you would like to order and show the bartender. And they will present you with your drink! Easy! Please don't forget to tip your bartender for these drinks. 

It gets even better! When you sign up using my code, you'll get your first month for $5 and I get a free month. Invite friends and you will earn free months as well. You can earn a maximum of six months for free.
It's has been fun trying new spots and having some social time with my Hoochie Mama. And…