Hoochie Mamas

You know the song. I have found my Hooch girlfriend, Julia, and we are now out and about 'hooching it up' with our free drink app. Get to know these faces!

Hooch is an app with a monthly membership of $9.99 that earns you a free drink at a participating restaurant once a day. It pays for itself in one visit as the three drink options you may choose from has a value of $12 or more.

How to use it? Download the app, search for local participating restaurants and plan your visit. Decide on which of the three cocktails you would like to order and show the bartender. And they will present you with your drink! Easy! Please don't forget to tip your bartender for these drinks. 

It gets even better! When you sign up using my code, you'll get your first month for $5 and I get a free month. Invite friends and you will earn free months as well. You can earn a maximum of six months for free.

It's has been fun trying new spots and having some social time with my Hoochie Mama. And I'm adding to my clicque of hoochies.

Here is the list of participating restaurants we dined at:

One improvement needed is the location feature. Some restaurants appear closer than they really are.

I would love for East Bay and more parts of world would participate. Please inquire! I'd visit you AND tip your bartenders! Believe it or not, some guests get their free drink and do not tip. Shameful!

Places I've Hooch'd:
San Francisco
Dirty Water
Noir Lounge
Bond Bar

SOON! In September!


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